Monday, 22 December 2014


Hon. Seriake Dickson
Governor of Bayelsa State
Christians in Bayelsa Stste have expressed concern over the manner in
which the affairs of the Christian Faith had been treated with levity by the Seriake Dickson administration from inception.
Clergymen and Christian faithfuls who spoke to Golden Pen Newspapers on strict conditions of anonymity said it was not expected of the Dickson administration to delay in the very important Christian exercise, of Pilgrimages to the HolyLand Israel to participate in the annual Spiritual Exercise of Praying for the Nation and the State and her leaders.
The delay of the take-off of Bayelsans Pilgrims gives the impression that the State Governor who is a Christian leader had not given due attention to enable Bayelsan Pilgrims to join other Nigerians and people all over the world to pray at the Holy sites.
The delay they say may not be unconnected with the laxity and the incompetence of the Advisers who fail to imtimate the Governor the reality on ground and importance of Pilgrimage exercises in Christendome and the reason why Bayelsa should be at the forefront especially now that Dr. Jonathan who is a Christian is the President of our Country, Nigeria.
They urged the Advisers to rise up to the Challenges and meet with the Governor to act without delay with a view to taking away the looming disgrace against Bayelsa on the situation of abandoning intending Pilgrims after all the processes to their take-off including screening by all relevant Agencies were completed, should the exercise fail.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson who succeeded, Chief Timipre Sylva as governor of Bayelsa State was being rated high as a performing governor in terms of infrastructural development, Education, Peace and Security amongst others, but that observers have noted, is not all that the governor was expected to do for the people of the State in governance.
Hon.Seriake Dickson who was celebrated at inception by Christian Leaders in the state because of his Christian background feel that the Governor may have turned away his face from his Christian brethren on affairs related to Christian Pilgrimages.
Clergymen and the laity in the State agreed that, Governor Dickson was giving too much attention to Politics by sponsoring many social activities, while, playing down on the very important Christian Pilgrimage, which is not a ceremony, but a Spiritual exercise that benefits both the State and the Country.
The governor, according to the Christians should have been the first in the list to sponsore Pilgrims to the Holy Land Israel, for Bayelsans to join other Christians accross the Country as part of Nigerian  Delegation to pray for Bayelsa State and our Country, Nigeria; especially now that Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian leader, who is a son of the soil is the President of Nigeria.
The Christian family in the state believes that Governor Dickson being an astute Christian will not truncate the 2014 Pilgrimage or any other Pilgrimages in the State. But the worry is that, Christians in other states including Moslem led states in the Country
 were seen in the forefront in their droves going to the Holy Land Israel, while Bayelsa which aught to be the number one does not know when to start the journey.
The Christian family used the medium to call on the State Government to consider Christian Pilgrimages as priority area in her annual budgets, so as to avoid such unnecessary delays in the future; while calling on their governor and Christian brother, Brother Seriake Dickson to use his good offices to effect timely departure of the 2014 batch of Bayelsan Christian Pilgrims to the Holy Land Israel.

Sunday, 23 November 2014


It is funny and unbelievable to see that the politics of Nigeria has become a predicament.
That is why we continue to hear and witness the ugly incidences of inter and intra party wranglings on almost weekly or daily basis. Politicians in Nigeria seem to have lost focus to why they were elected to occupy the high offices.
If tjey have forgotten, they need to be reminded that they were elected to serve Nigeria and not just their political parties; neither were they elected to bring the nation to another civil war or internal feud, but Prosperity of the nation and the people. But this has not been the case. 
It was sad to see last week that, Honorable members of the National Assembly were locked out by the police giviving the honorables the only option to jump the fence to get to their Offices. Police took over the complex and caused the unprecedented havoc,by shooting tear gas and disconforted them. Some of the honorables had to visit their doctors for medical attention. That was last week. It ended up with the honorables  going all out to an animpeachment move against President Jonathan, with all these, one can say the political future of Nigeria is full of obstacles.
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Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Elder Evans  Iyoyo
These were the words of Elder Evans Iyoyo when his two sons went to him to seek his approval to join the Nigerian Army to fight in the Nigerian Civil War in 1967.
Mr Israel Iyoyo his first son and his third son, Rowland met their father as they took a bold step paddling from Nembe to a fishing settlement called Tweny.
Elder Iyoyo a trade marchant who had a cargo boat that he used to go round oil locations and fishing settlements was that day in his cargo boat when he received his two sons his as his guest.
Otonye Evans now Chief Evans Tubonah the Publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper and immediate younger brother to Rowland was also there to hear their father speak.
It was Israel who first told their father their intention to join the Nigerian Army, and Rowland also supported that position.
After a few minute in silent thought Elder Evans Iyoyo had this to say:-
"That you have decided to join the Nigerian Army to defentd our mother land is a good idea and I support it. But I want to warn that as you go ensure that you don't use your uniform and or gun to intimidate people or deprive them of their property or rape women, don't return to me, die; but if you don't do these things then return safe,I am your father."
By this, I don't mean that if there is cold and there is a blanket to cover, you should not use it to cover yourself, but don't loot and don't innocent and helpless civilians."
These were the words of Evans Iyoyo to his two sons. They went to the Nigerian Army fought the civil war and returned alive.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014


As Nigeria celebrates her 54th Independence, Bayelsa is also celebrating her 18th Anniversary of her creation, but contrary to the usual funfare on such great occasion, the Bayelsa State Government silently made it low keyed.
No reason was given for the sad outlook of the state today, when Bayelsans went about where looking for where the state government was going to host guests for the celebrations.
There was no official statement on the unusual development, but it is hoped that a day may be set aside to mark the historic occasion.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


Chief  O.G. Evans Tubonah
Founder/President World Prosperity Organization

This is the best of times to think in one thought and to work in one direction for the peace and goodness of mankind. This is the message in the mouth of the Founder/President of the World Prosperity Organization, Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubona who had made a clarion call on humanity all over the world to change our ways to PROSPERITY.
In other words, we mankind should re-examine self and pull out from the stronghold of poverty in all phases of life. Poverty in this context does not mean only or just the common lack of money or the lack of basic needs in life, but rather include the most worrisome and dangerous aspects that have to do with spiritual values; such as godliness, morality, sobriety, love and kindness amongst other values.
The position of World Prosperity Organization according to its Founder/Prisident, Chief Evans Tubonah hinges on the foundation of the word of God as to say that true and lasting prosperity must come from God who owns everything, and that is where those whose vision end with earthly wealth and pleasures alone lose out having nothing in the worlds of soul and spirit.
The Message therefore is that we accept what Jesus teaches in the book of Matthew Chapter 6:33 reads: "But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and everything shall be added unto you." This is a prosperty truth we should not ignore, Chief Tubonah emphasizes.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Henry Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State
Communities in Bayelsa State have been enjoined to co-operate with the Joint Task Force, against criminal activities in the creeks and waterways of the Niger Delta.
The Task Force codenamed, Operation Pulo Field, is aimed at stepping down the tide against criminal activities of kidnapping, sea piracy, oil bunkering, operation of refineries, oil theft, oil pipeline vandalization etc.
This is coming at the heels of a raid carried out by the JTF on some kidnappers right in their den in the creeks of Lobia Community in the Southern/Ijaw Local Government area of the state.
Our Correspondent reported that the JTF, following a tip-off swoop on the camps of some operators of illegal refineries who engaged them in a gun battles that dispersed the suspects, some of them with bullet wounds.

In a statement, by Lt. Col. Mustapha Anka, the Media Co-orditor, quoted, tge JTF Commander, Ma. Gen. Emmanuel Atewe as that more successes will be made where the communities comes in partnership with security operatives to stop the ugly trend.

Friday, 1 August 2014


Report about the kidnap of Chief Benson Adigio Eseni an uncle to the immediate past governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva at his home, coastal town, Okpoama in the Brass Local Government Area of the State was a shocker to many in and outside the state.
This was because of the age of the Chief who is an octogenarian, a retired military officer of 86 who is neither a politician nor a vocal critic of political events in the state or country.
It was in the wee hours of Monday the 28th of July 2014, that the old man was reportedly whisked away by yet to be identified gunmen to a waiting speedboat who drove off in top speed to an unknown destination.
Community sources through telephone calls told Golden Pen that the purpose of the kidnap could not be ascertained as at the point of information, because the kidnappers came heavily armed with A.K 47 rifles with which they scared the people away by shooting into the air, a source in the community had explained..
The victim who is the father of Mr. Austin Adigio, the former Personal Assistant to the former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva was not the only one kidnapped during the period
The kidnappers did not operate in the coastal town, Okpoma alone, but also in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, where another octogenarian, a 90yr. old woman, the mother of Senator Emmanuel Paulkar,Florentina Emmanuel was kidnapped from her house at Opolo community in the heart of Yenagoa.
Police in Yenagoa told Journalists that four persons had been arrested in connection with the kidnap of the 90 year old Florentina Emmanuel, while the whereabouts of the kidnappers of Chief Adigio Eseni is yet unknown.
It would be recalled that a cousin of President Jonathan, Chief Inengite Nitabai was abducted at his home town Otueke  by unknown gunmen in   February this year. These stories of kidnappings, armed robbery, sea piracy etc. according to sources had posed a great challenge to the three tiers of government.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


The dwindling economy in Bayelsa State is right now raising dust in the state capital, Yenagoa and its environ talking about the development and the economic well being of the people of the state.

Dickson's election as Governor was celebrated, because a sitting governor was forced out of office to make way for his coming to power, having this in mind, at his inauguration ceremony, he made pledges to justify the confidence reposed in him.
And that was why he announced his administration as that of "RESTORATION", an administration, which according to him was to restore the lost glory of the state. He took off on that promising note and started with what he called monthly transparency briefings. He cajoled Bayelsans to support his self acclaimed Transparency government, as he began the process by assembling his political appointees, appointment seekers and other arrangee or paid supporters to take centre stage at such gatherings that sidelined even the press.
Governor Dickson was never done on his address or speeches on transparency without lashing on his predecessor, Chief Timipre Sylva, as haven borrowed money, which he proudly told Bayelsans his administration was paying. He also said that in a bid to save money for the future, his administration had open a savings bank account for the state and announced that some billions of naira was already paid into the said account.
Bayelsans were elated with assurances of a brighter future in the flegling state, contracts were awarded, renovation works were also awarded, but how many genuine Bayelsan contractors benefitted had been a question on the table of the Restoration government.
Quite surprising when the whole system was hijacked with politicians and members of their families and friends becoming contractors, while the genuine contrators were abandonrd.
Civil Servants in the state suffered greatly under the Restoration government led by, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson as a result of continous revalidation of workers, aimed at putting away others to pu in their people. Such were some of the causes of uproar in the pool of unemployed graduates in the state which led to a face-off between government and graduates of the Ijaw state.
But while Bayelsans are sidelined denied employment and opportunities the governor goes out to favour foreigners. He carted away billions of naira from the coffers of the state to open offices in South/Africa and in London in the name of investors. A woophing amount of N10 billion at the first instance and another undisclosed amount is reportedly added to thatamount.
Governor Dickson and his so called restoration government went forward, this time all the way to Spain to commit the State to another loan of 66million euros, which amounts to billions of naira in the name of building a marine school in Okpoama where he took away a College of Education to his place Sagbama.
Now he has gone to the loyalists state House of Assembly to approve borrowing of the sum of #40billlion in the name of Airport project in the state, but this time Bayelsans are watching the Governor and his Assembly surrogates whether it will be business as usual or EFCC and other investigators invited to the state by a frowning opposition.

Monday, 7 July 2014


When President Jonathan called on the nation to go for a National Conference, no one thought that it was going to take this dimension of addressing the vexed issue of creation of states. It is not only states creation that is achieved, but Golden Pen see that as a landslide achievement, because no civilian administration had succeeded creating a state.
The Kutigi led National confetence shall be remembered for this bold initiative. The word from Golden Pen is: CONGRATULATON AND KEEP IT UP!

Saturday, 7 June 2014


Chief Evans Tubonah
It is as if Nigeria is just beginning to practice democracy. This looks more like the truth because there seems to be no display of experience in the Nigerian polity.
If you think that those whose hairs have turned gray have experience, then you may be moving closer to what is called mistake. That is not all, you will be on the dangerous path of making a greater mistake if you want to rest your mind on those who held almost all the political positions in life and thinks that they are vastly experienced in leadership.
The worst and ofcourse most fatalistic mistake you may fall into, is to trust a power seeking or power hungry politician who changes like a cameleon. In Nigeria you hardly identify a politician whose integrity is unshakable. Right now in Nigeria, you cannot find so easily men and women who have not prostituted. PDP, APC, ANPP, LP APGA etc. have all lost integrity. What Nigeria Needs now is to retrace her way to integrity in politics.

Monday, 19 May 2014


The planned protess by a group  which gave its name as "Free Chibok Girls" to the seat of power in Abuja to meet with Dr. Jonathan  on the the kidnapped Chibok students as very unreasonable and pointless, because what Jonathan is not a secret in view of the fact that the Chibok kidnap issue had attracted international attention and armies from the US, Britain and others are in the country to free the girl victims to the boko haram insurgence.
The clear explanation of the planned protest is telegraphic of the organizers bid to announce themselves for what could be described as seeking cheap popularity. Public opinion on the issue faulted the protest organizers to go to the Villa for any reason; if at all they must protest, the appropriate should have bee the Brono State Government House to hear first hand information from the governor who himself is the Chief Security Officer of the state. They also have the option to go to boko haram to register their protest there.Public opinion had emphasized that the National Security should carefully look at the  baseless intentions of the protest and disallow or stop it from holding.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Nigerian nation is tired of waiting for the Federal Government to make stringent effort to fish out the big wigs of the North, sponsors of the terrorist group,  Boko Haram who have killed, maimed and destroyed thousands of souls.
How can Nigeria relax and watch at this diaboli perpetrated by some of our gold spoon nationalists from the North fingered as being behind the Boko Haram insurgency.
It is not the place of individuals to take such challenges as to confront those allegedly mentioned by members of the terrorist group to security operatives during interogations.
What truly will bring about peace in the country is not just fighting the foot soldiers but to stop those putting the fire.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


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There were strong indications in Bayelsa State that the peace and security achieved by the Contriman Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson in his two years old administration had suffered a major set back in Nembe Local Government Area.
This was as a result of a scuffle between two Okada Unions of Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri who were said to have had a sharp misunderstanding and confrontation over which group should ply the Nembe road under construction and which should not.
The scuffle that ensued was said to have taken the security forces unawares as some persons were said to have from the Ogbolomabiri Okada Union attacked their counterparts of Bassambiri who were embarking on a wooden bridge  project to Bassambiri.
The destruction of the bridge was said to have ignited a reprissal attack from the Bassambiri Okada Union which also destroyed the Ogbolomabiri side of the wooden landing portion of unity bridge.
Tension mounted according to reports and the two sides cast stones at each other until, thanks to the JTF which went all out to stop the callous and meaningless crisis. Some were said to entered into severe attacks and a man supposed dead was not yet found unconfirmed sources have said until Thursday.
And Local sources reported Yesterday, that some un-identified men were at the T-junction of Nembe road stopping vehicles and asking after Bassambiri people. The report according to our investigation forced a serving Commissioner from the area to storm government house to report the ugly incident. This if not nipped in the bud may undermine the peace and security which the Hon. Dickson administration had achieved, observers have said.


Nigeria's politics had been so unpredictable that whatever done is like part of the game. It is quite unbelievable that most democratic structures put in place existed just in names as operators of the system continue to behave outside the norms egal entities that aught to operate within the framework of the law sometimes
suffer as if the law was dead.
Political historians cannot dispute the facts in Nigeria's democracy that the nation had not been known to have practiced a unitary government or a single party system since she became a nation in 1960. It is interesting to note that Nigeria had practiced multi party politics which gave politicians and the citizens the ample opportunity to make choice of both parties and candidates based on the manifestoes of such parties and the eligibility of candidates.
One cannot but go into the political era in the l990s and 1980s under the NPN Government there were five sound political parties which operated in the nooks and crannies of the country to the ward level.
It was indeed a very sound and reasonable political order whereby all the political parties were allowed to constitute their executives committees, nationwide. the parties that exited include: the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), The Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP), The Great Nigerian Peoples Party (GNPP), The Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP). No matter how poor these partirs were of membership or resources did not matter, they all existed and not hypocritically or pretensively.
Even at our first experiment into  Military democracy, under General Ibrahim as President the country in her democracy ended up with a two party system at all levels. The Military took a bold step and two party secretariats for the two parties, the National Republican Convention (NRC) and Social Democratic Party (SDP). and these parties all operated as equals for a vibrant and all inclusive politics at all levels.
It is sad to note that what is going on in Nigeria today, especially in Bayelsa State is the direct opposit of what obtains in a normal political order or under a multiple political party arrangement.
In a multi-party system the beauty of democracy is found in the election of party officials at all levels which gave automatic employment to the citizens and which gave them the opportunities to organize or attend party conventions at all levels, from the grassroot to the national. Beut today, multi-party in our constitution is just like a mere play. And this had adversely affected our 4th Republic Democracy in the ares of employment and economic prosperity in the country especially in Bayelsa which is driftingg to a one party system to the detriment of the citizenry. They say it must be PDP so as to elect President Jonathan in 20 15, but in multi-party too people can still come together and vote any candidate of their choice and where Jonathan is needed he can be re-elected. The INEC boss, Jega should try and make the multi-party democracy enshrined in our constitution to work.


Rt. Hon. Seriake Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State
Report from the Nembe axis of Nembe Local Government Area has it that, the Okada riders face-off between Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri, Wednesday had taken a new dimention as some yet to be identified youngmen were said to have ambushed themselves at a point called T-junction of the Nembe road under construction asking of Bassambiri persons in every vehicle that was coming from or going to Emakalakala.
The situation had provoked suspicion as to what is in the offing in the two Nembe brotherly communities.
According to the report, Wednesday, the Nembe road under construction had attracted motor bike operators, popularly called Okada riders to ply the road, lifting commuters to and from Nembe/Emakalakala, the problem identified by Bassambiri based Okada riders
 was that they needed to build a wooden bridge to Bassambiri to lift and to drop commuters direct instead of to pass through neighbouring Ogbolomabiri.
While the said project was being executed by the Bassambiri Okada men those of Ogbolomabiri were said to have taken offense and had staged an attack against them, used a motor saw to cut down the bridge which culminated in a reprissal that generated tension between the two communities. It was reported that it took the intervention of the Joint Task Force (JTF) to bring sanity and peace in the land.
The Thursday episode came as a surprise when there was no further crisis at the home level. An eye witness who spoke to Golden pen In confidence narrated her ordeal and expressed  concern over the incident, while calling on government to intervern immediatly.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


   Peace is a prosperity secret and that is why every right thinking person thinks of peace as the number one priority in any society, and to be precise, Nembe as a people. No matter what you say, Nembe is the will of God and nobody can change the will of God there. He decided to put the people there on the two side: called one side Bassambiri and the other side Ogbolomabiri, a little river seperating them was not meant to divide them from the people of Nembe that they are.
But it is quite sad that Nembe people whose fore fathers were the first to embrace Christianity and western civilization, who taught others the great lessions of peace and progress to other ethnic nationalities had been on the news at different times; especially news about violence, self destruction and fractricidal wars. That had been a disgraceful outing. How can we as Nembe people explain this show of shame of daily quarels and fight between two brotherly communities, Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri. Whatever way one looks at it, one cannot find any reason under the heavens for them to fight wars or to destroy themselves and or property when they know that only in peace will they prosper.
The news that Okada riders in Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri clashed and destroyed property and also went ahead to pelt or cast stones at one another shows that there is something wrong with the Nembe man. This should not be the legacy we leave behind our children.
Here is not to aportion blame but to frankly state in a very strong terms that the State government should not relent on the oars, but take a bold initiative and call the people to order in ernest and give them peace.
From the desk of the Publisher, Chief Evans Tubonah

Monday, 28 April 2014


The long expectected inauguration Volunteer is on at the Government House banquet  hall. The governor of the state Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson was said to have said that the measure was to provide employment of youths in the state. Over 20 thousand youth were said to have gathered outside the gate while a few were allowed to enter the princint of the hall.
As Dickson goes on with the Volunteer project opinion leaders in the state observed that the Governor made a u turn on what he earlier condemned on assumpsion of office, that it was unnecessary that past administration erred in constituting a vuluntreer body.

Mr. Miebi Tombra a public affairs analyst have expressed his reservations that the move may not be unconnected with the governor's plan to succed himself in 2016 as governor of Bayelsa State  using the  volunteers.
The governor widely condemned his predecessors for having a similar body and today he is inaugurating what he condemned makes the matter incomprehensive, Mr. Tombra said, while arguing that provision of employment could not be the reason for constituting the body the government should take a bold step bi lifting the ban on employment in th state.


It is like Bayelsa callrd the Gloryof lands by her founding fathers is a place where righteousness, justice and fairness had been put under the carpet. So many things have  that do not portray the state in positive light , but yhose who are at the saddle feel that  whatever they do is the right thing to do.
The embarrassing wrongful outing of our self acclaimed RESTORSTION governmrnt was the appointment of delegates to the ongoing National Confrence. The unbelievable wrongful and indefensibly lopsided appointment of delegates was done in the Nembe Local Government Area where all the four delegates selected comes from Nembe  Ogbolomabiri community.
They include HRM Edmund Daukoru, Senator Nimi Barigha Amange, Chief Lionel Jonathan-Omo and Mrs Remi Kuku. This gives the impression that the government and that of the federal did not take into cognisance the fact that there are many autonomous communities in the LGA, such as the Nembe Bassambiri which also has a first class King, HRM King R.M.Iwowari JP OON Mein vii, we also have the Agrisaba Odioma ,Okoroba Okoroma autonomous communities.
This is not right, it is not fair, it is simply oppressive, wicked and ungodly. It is the shame of a state which aught to do everything with the fear of God. The above mentioned autonomous communities are all left out without representation.

Monday, 14 April 2014


Chief O.G Evans Tubonah
Founder/President World Prosperity Organization
Nigeria is a nation that has all potentials to be great, but the problem has been the attitutude of the citizens majority of  who are soaked in corruption, nepotism, clanishness, and anti national unity and prosperity
It has been conference upon conference since Independence and that had been good enough because every of the conferences held in the past played key roles in the course of the nation and the Abacha Constitutional Conference is a pointer to the fact that these conference did prosper this nation at their times and climes, and World Prosperity believes that the ongoing Nationnal Conference is another platform to re-direct, re-shape the destiny and re-position the nation by putting her in the fast lane of Prosperity.
World Prosperity wants Conference Delegates to shun personal interest and the interest of their individual families or States for the interext of the nation.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Former Central Bank Governor Of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido
Mr. Sanusi  Lamido's travail may not be unconnected to his ambission to be one of the tough men of the North in Nigeria whose concern is to ensure that they do their best to their people no matter the challenges ahead. Mr. Sanusi did not understand that his donations of millions upon millions of naira to the North in his position as the then Governor of Central bank had anything to do with sponsorship of Boko Haram, the cult group that had terrorized Nigeria to a terrible point. Besides, he was being lured into politics without knowing that he was going to hit the rocks by the PDP,APC political waves that divided the nation to two parallel lines of demarcation. It was not strange that he was booted out of office overnight and charged to court on allegations of corruption and financial impropriety, but be that as it may one the is clear, Mr. Sanusi is a wealthy man a wealthy person who could pay legal fees easily is notva little fish that could be put in the mouth at once to be eaten. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Bayelsa is one of the richest State with just 8 Local Government Areas in the Nigerian Federation. It is i  the oil and gas rich Niger Delta Region and Nembecis one of the Local Councils which is one of thae richest  oil and gas bearing areas.
It was reasoned that the State Government was going to avoid politicization in projects execution in especially priority areas such as water supply and electricity. It is sad to say that the people of Nembe seem to have been forgotten or delibrately denied these two basic amenities. If you go to the Bassambiri axis you will find a water tank project being executed by the Restoration government for the past two years, and the community had come to the elastic end of waiting and had come to the conclusion that they project may be abandoned if the the attention of the called into the matter.
The people have resorted to the most crude method of getting water, they dig wells to get water, shallow wells for that matter and it is most likely that if urgent attention is not given the State government may face challenges of battling epidemic from water borne diseases.
People fetch water from enywhere, from natural potholes, soak away pits etc. On electricity, there is no more life in the area. People sleep early every night because of the thick darkness that had taken the community hostage. No more business activities, hotels and stores are foced to close without sales. This had crumbled the economy in so much that calls have started coming to the state and local governments to pay priority attention to these endemic problems.

Saturday, 29 March 2014


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Friday, 7 March 2014


The People od Bayelsa state have come to reality that President Jonathan is no longer for them. This played out when the President paid an unofficial visit to the state to attend a burial station at Otueke in Ogbia Local Government Area of the state.
President Jonathan who was expected in Yenagoa in the early hours on Thursday kept him expected to the evening when he was said to have arrived government House. Some media men especially amongst publishers who wanted to cast a gimps of their brother, the President, but they were disappointed to their bones as there was no way they could see the President.
Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, according to a Publisher of one of the Yenagoa based newspapers who pleaded anonymity recalled how the indigenous Press supported the  political career  of the president right from the time he was deputy governor and governor in the State to date and wondered why they were being sidelined now. Our source who regretted the level of degradation
and deliberate exclusion of the Bayelsa State Indigenous Press in the scheme of things commented on the non accreditation of Bayelsa Journalists to participate in National events.
"When Dr. Jonathan became Vice President we thought we were very close to the Villa because of his elevation, but we were wrong to think so, because nothing happened in that direction. When he became President in fact we thought that now nothing could stop us, but that was also wrong. Some very important national program mes like the "Silver Jubilee for Nigeria Independence and the Centenary Celebration",which pulled Journalist from all over the Country and diaspora to Abuja, but Bayelsans, the President's people were denied accreditation", our source narrated.
He concluded that this kind of embarrassment had affected their zeal to cover presidential program-mes.


The Management of Golden Pen Newspaper Heartily CONGRATULATES, His Excellency, The Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonah [Rtd.]on the auspicious occasion of his 60th birthday.
Your Excellency, we are very grateful to be part of this great celebration of life, seeing that your journey in life has been that of humble beginning to stardom. As a Military Officer, you left behind indelible footprints as an Excellent Officer in the service of the nation.
Your Choice as the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State was a great blessing which fruit the people of the State have enjoyed in the past two years of your Leadership. Now, adding another year to your life shows that you are now more experienced, more visionary and more of every good thing than before.
Golden Pen Newspaper appreciates your Humility and Commitment to Excellence in Service to God to Bayelsa State and to humanity. CONGRATULATION YOUR EXCELLENCY!

Signed; Chief O.G.Evans Tubonah

Thursday, 27 February 2014


It is now a period of sober reflection for practicing journalists in Bayelsa State, now that the noble profession seems to be under the influence of some 'we don't care' personnel  in the media sector of the Chief Seriake Dickson  administration.
At the creation of Bayelsa State out of Rivers State, October 1st 1996 the bifurcation revealed that the Ijaws in Old Rivers benefited nothing as there was no infrastructure on ground, the only structures on ground were the NRC and SDP party secretariats that served, one as Government House and the other as  Command  Headquarters of the Police in the state.
It was like building from scratch, where key government officials like Permanent Secretaries, Directors and other key officers including judges, doctors,etc had no place even to sleep And was the time the State media also began, with great challenges ahead to inform, educate and enlighten the populace in line with their Constitutional role.
Kudos to the first elected governor of Bayelsa State, Chief D.S.P. Alamieseigha, who took the bull by the horn when he had a dialogue with the Press to partner government for progress, with emphasis that no nation develops effectively without the role of the Press.
Chief Alamieyeseigha was press friendly and his Media managers were proactive,took media practitioners along in governance to the extent that media practitioners: Publishers and Correspondent of accredited Newspapers were given Government House Identity cards to enable them attend Government House functions. In fact that time the State Government had a dream to encourage the indigenous press to attain national status, a dream that administration was pursuing, which Dr. Goodluck Jonathan continued, he released money for the establishment of the Bayelsa Independent Publishers Association [BIPA] Printing Press, to state Publishers from going to Port Harcourt to print their Newspapers
Chief Sylva came on board and also tried his best to relate with the Press by reasons of Press briefings which gave opportunity for Journalists to express themselves and to know the direction of government on any issue that bordered on the development of the state.This relationship between the State government and the Press opened up the State by way of exposure due engagements in state activities including tours.
During Chief Alamieyeseigha's tenure Press briefings was not exclusive to the governor but it was the policy of government for every ministry to also brief the press on monthly basis, and the government was liberal, having the knowledge that publicity was cost intensive.
During Alamieyeseigha and Goodluck Jonathan administrations sponsored Publishers and Correspondents to cover events outside the state in Abuja and outside the Country. The Commissioning of Izon Wari was a typical example. Sylva also sponsored the state media to cover major events within and outside Nigeria.
The irony of it is that since Dickson came, there has been no Press briefing, what is on, is Monthly Transparency briefing, where the governor announces the income and expenditure of state's funds, which is like the parliament of the state where the functions of the journalists is hijacked, consequently Bayelsa based journalists no longer ask questions.
One very sad development that is questionable, is that during such transparency briefings, the state government import journalists from outside to usurp the rights of those in the state, those they accommodate, feed, empowers and transport with state funds, while leaving those in the state to roast. And on the other hand the Dickson administration had sponsored no journalist to attend any national or international event. National Conventions, South/South Conventions and Conferences and now the Centenary Celebration in Abuja, no Bayelsan Journalist is sponsored or accredited to cover the historic event. 
This shows that the media managers of the administration have not briefed the governor enough of the importance of the benefit of carrying the state media along. The Information Commissioner, Deacon Markson Fefegha and the Chief Press Secretary should rise up and reposition the Bayelsa Press.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


The People of Bayelsa went agog with celebrations as the state government rolled out carpet and set the stage for an historic 2nd anniversary of Restoration Government which policy on public finance is Probity and Accountability.
Governor Dickson who from inception of his administration on February 14th Valentin's Day assured of rapid development in both infrastructural and human resources had consistently engaged the state on what he calls Monthly Transparency briefing.
Though the journey of the administration had not a smooth sail to Dickson in his first year in office due to the challenges of the flood that ravaged the state, which the government told Bayelsans affected the development of the state. But this year the Governor has come out with smiles on his 2nd anniversary in office with commissioning of projects executed so far.
It was however observed that the projects commissioned were lopsided,  favoring mainly the governor's home Town and Sagbama, his Local government Area and part of the state capital, Yenagoa.
To cover this secret of lopsided project execution of the Restoration government, media managers were said to have done abracadabra with some Journalist from outside  lodged in hotels, coming out with reports that were half truth.
Speaking to Golden Pen in Yenagoa, Mr.Lagos Timidi said that though the Governor, had tried to improve the state, most of the projects were done in his own area, leaving out most of the local government areas in the development process, which according to him need to be changed. Mr. Timidi further stated that Hon. Dickson is not the governor of only his LGA and the State capital and urged him to read the Bibles of Commander A.P Diete Spiff and Chief Melford Okilo on spread of amenities in governance.
Also commenting on the commissioned projects Mr. Inetimi David observed that most of the Local Government areas in the Riverine areas were not even visited not to talk of commissioning any project, and described the development as unprecedented. Hear him:-
"Since Bayelsa was created I had not seen a governor concentrating about 80% of the projects earmarked for development sited in his own area without minding consequences. When the governor embarked on his tour to LGAs it was sweet talks in every community with promises for all round development, but today most LGAs have nothing to show for their support to the admini

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Gen. M. Buhari
One would not want to go the direction of historians who hardly miss dates and events concerning prominent people and nations. Otherwise the activities of Buhari a former military dictator whose administration was overthrown by reasons of maladministration and incompetence could have been openly condemned. In our dear country Nigeria from Independence to date, the nation had been blessed with countless Military Officers who were more brilliant than Buhari in the Military and also performed better than him in countless ways in office as Military Head of State.
Amongst the Military officers that were privileged to lead Nigeria, General Buhari was the worst none performer Head of State, who also disappointed his fellow officers and was so disgracefully thrown out of office, thank God it was a bloodless coup. And it is like the parable of the dancer or performing artist who does not see his back, Mr. Buhari had been going around Nigeria that he must be made President or there will be no more Nigeria. This attitude of Buhari played our in the 2011 presidential election, which he lost to President Jonathan. The fact is that Buhari is not more than the least man in Nigeria and should stop parading himself as a leader of this nation, because he is the most disqualified Presidential aspirant who had been like replay in a football match.
In fact the All Progressive Congress as a political Party cannot make a head way with Buhari as its Presidential flag bearer and none in that party without manifesto is to be compared with the God fearing, kind hearted, patriotic and development oriented Goodluck Jonathan. Buahari and his political spent horses should find other jobs to do and leave the political space for selfless nationalists , Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his likes. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Mr. Joe Guiso and his dog wife
This may sound unbelievable, but it is not a lie, it is true that an Australian man has gone ahead to marry his beloved his wife
The man whose name was given as, Joe Guiso was said to have taken his 5 years old dog bride to a Cross bearing priest  to conduct an historic man/dog marriage in the broad day light, full glare of friends and family of the bridegroom. But the bride, family was not sufficiently represented probably because of lack of communication.
In the Colonial era when Africans were taken as slaves to countries like Australia some mischievous Australians and other white nations derided the slaves calling them derogatory names such as "black monkey" or persons from the swamp. But thank God there was no such a debasing story of man marrying a dog.
This Australian man Joe Guiso could not be the only one in man dog relationships in that country . It is very sad to hear of Gay and Lesbianism on one side and now another chapter of animal and man becoming husband and wife in Australia,  And as husband and wife, it is most likely that Joe Guiso and his beloved dog wife will raise a family of man and dog children to make the Australian nation greater than it is today. And as the Australian law allows  this, it is hoped that in the near future, most Australians may either be husbands or wives to every animal of choice, fish, reptile etc. What Australia should do is to build a community for the animal families. Let Australia also do the world a favour to list the men and women that are married to animals and don't allow them out of their country because of their special status.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


If there are a number of things Nigerians will have to count as major achievements of the Dr. Jonathan Presidency, I can say, putting his signature against the Gay or SAME SEX MARRIAGE  is unbeatable. He deserves commendation for being a worthy leader, for preserving the sanctity of the Nigerian people and the African people before God and the human race.  On this great achievement, Mr. President receive the biggest CONGRATULATION!


Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.
When Amaechi regained his lost mandate from Celestine Omehia by the grace of the supreme court, most of Nigeria's pro democracy activists at home and abroad including myself, Chief  Evans Tubonoh welcomed the change and Congratulated the Ikwerre born politician. And in fairness to him, he started well by putting paid to terrorism and cultism that parvaded the atmosphere in the state and for putting the state in the fast lane of development.
Amaechi who was two time Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly be came Chairman of the Nigeria Governor's Forum (NGF). His rise to the top of the ladder was also welcomed to the South-South, the Niger Delta, because it was reasoned that Governor Rotimi Amaechi was going to work in unity with President Jonathan to bring the expected dividends of democracy, but this is not the case.
Because of one's being outside politics, does not mean that politicians could dance naked in our streets and not called to order.
For some time now, the Governor of Rivrrs State, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has been dancing naked in the streets of not only his own State Rivers but everywhere he went.
Amaechi's stock in trade were his distorted comments and baseless accusations made against the person of Mr. President and the people of Bayelsa on the issue of Oluasiri/Soku oil fields.
Mr. Amaechi should have known even before he became governor that there was a boundary dispute between the Nembe of Bayelsa and the Kalabari of Rivers on some oil fields. He should have known too that in old Rivers State, many years before Bayelsa was created there was a crisis in which speed boats of Brass and Nembe were killed by Kalabari  including a Chief and two Radio Rivers Nembe News translators,  Mr. Teteiyai Wapa and Mrs Inara Omieh in the creeks near Nembe in an ambush.
Amaechi ought to know also that, in a reprissal attack, Nembe sacked, Ogboma community and other Kalabari villages including Diaba, which gave birth to the Justice Akiri Commission of Enquiry on the boundary dispute between the Nembe and Kalabari and which brought about the issue of saving monnies acruing from the disputed oil wells in an
 escrow accounts which is being refered to by Amaechi himself. And he could not claim ignoranance to the fact that, Governor Peter Odili his predecessor and Chief Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State were on, to resolve the matter before the National Boundary Commission, and only a fool could claim ignorance. Is Amaechi a fool?

Friday, 31 January 2014


Comrade Udengs Eradiri
The Executive Committee of the Ijaw Youth Council has been dissolved. The dissolution which was at the instance of some Ijaw elders who critically looked at the controversies that surrounded the Comrade Udengs Eradiri led Youth body of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality  which had been in crisis months ago.
Report has it that, foremost Ijaw leader, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clarke, presided at the meeting were other prominent Ijaw sons, Chief Tonye Graham Douglas and former NDDC top-shot, Timi Alaibe were in attendance. The meeting was said to have critically examined the unprecedented bad blood generated by the most controversial election of the IYC held in the Bayelsa State Capital Yenagoa on the 28th of October 2013.
It will be recalled that, that election, provoked a strong protest that took the aggrieved majority to a protest in the State capital, Yenagoa which spread like wildfire and engulfed Mbiama Town and  barricade of the East West road by the protesters.
The protest was midwifed by a groundswell allegations that there was the hand of the state government in the affairs of the Ijaw Youth body, which they said led to the emergence of four elected presidents of the IYC, with Udengs Eradiri been paraded as the recognized victor by the Restoration government led by Chief Seriake Dickson, while other contestants also paraded themselves as elected. Media report on the election has this to say:
 " Although the. Chairman of the Electoral Committee, Comrade Sunny Dilitolofari in a news conference after the election declared, comrade 'Udenz' Eradiri winner of the controversial presidential election, Comrade Elvis Donkemezuo, Comrade Jonathan Lokpobiri and Nengi Ikiba who also contested the election claimed to have been elected the president of the council."  
The election was widely condemned by both members of the body and the general public not only in Yenagoa but all over the world The media continued to give the true picture of what transpired, read this:
 "A member of the Electoral Committee of the just concluded Ijaw Youth Council,IYC, worldwide national convention  Nengi James, has distanced himself from the outcome of the poll, saying that it was faulty and didn't follow due process."
While that was happening, they went ahead with the news in defiance to the popular opinion of irregularities and upheld the imposition of the ousted Udengs Eradiri who allegedly had a strong backing by the brick house in Yenagoa.
And it was the tension generated from that election that made the President of the Ijaw National Congress Senator Tari Selibo [late] to visit Bayelsa State to meet with Governor Dickson to find answers to the boiling IYC before his sudden death in Yenagoa. That was also reported:
 "Sekibo and other members of the INC Exco were scheduled to meet Bayelsa state governor, Seriake Dickson at  3.00pm...over the lingering crisis that has 'continue' to trail the October 28 Ijaw Youth Council [IYC], elections.
The Ijaw National Congress is the Umbrella body of all Izon, and the IYC is the youth wing created out of the parent body which according to the principles of due process must conduct affairs in line with the ideals of Peace and Unity which were the pillars of the founding fathers of the Izon Ethnic Nationality.
The Ijaw leaders have announced that a caretaker Committee will soon be constituted to hold brief for the IYC that will work a new date for elections.

Thursday, 30 January 2014


Chief Seriake Dickson
The governor of Bcaayelsa State, Chief Henry Seriake Dickson has announced that his administration will not relent in her efforts at sponsoring Christian Pilgrimages to the Holy Land Israel.
Chief Dickson stated this, while addressing Clergy men and women in  the Bayelsa state capital, Yenagoa  who were in government House to felicitate with him, on the occasion of his 48th birthday.
According to him, his Restoration government was impressed with the Clergy for their continued support to the Federal and State governments through their tireless work of prayers.
The Governor used the medium to call on the people of the state to rally round the President, Dr, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, especially now that the nation was moving closer to the 2015 elections.
To this end, he said, Clergy men and women of the state across the eight local government areas will be sponsored to the Holy Land Israel this year. to pray for the peace  and progress of Bayelsa State and Nigeria in the 2014 Pilgrims exercise.
Earlier in his speech, the spokesman of the group and General Overseer of the Royal House of Grace, Apostle Zilly Aggrey, gave kodos to the governor for his development strides, and wish him and his wife more fruitful years ahead with assurances that the Clergy will continue to pray for the state and the Federal governments.  
It will be recalled  that last Year, 2013,  the governor, Chief Dickson told the Executive Secretary National Pilgrims Commission, Mr. John F. Kennedy Opara,  that his administration was going to withdraw from sponsoring  Pilgrimages, to the Holy Land,  He, however reluctantly sponsored an insignificant number of Pilgrims, despite the fact that, a Christian President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was the one to lead  a Nigerian Delegation to the Holy Land, yet the number of Bayelsan Pilgrims was the least across the nation.
Meanwhile, the governor has been appreciated for the laudable idea, but called upon to consider and include some Journalists and other professionals   who are Christians to partake in this year's Spiritual exercise.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Gov. S.S Dickson

The governor of Bayelsa, Hon. Seriake Dickson had celebrated his 58th birthday  in Yenagoa with a call on his perceived friends and well wishers not to send congratulatory messages in his honour.A press statement signed by the Chief Press Secretary to the govrrnor directed those who wanted to felicitate with Dickson to instead use their monies to provide for the poor on his behalf at the ophanages and every other welfare centres.

This pronouncement gave the Restoration governor the face of a leader who wants  to put smile on the faces of his peolpe 
This shows that Dickson may not have  been responsible for the ravaging poverty in the state, caused by the non revalidation and payment of genuine approvals inherited as liability from the immediate past administration is going to two years in the state treasury. From tbis compassionte heart we would love to see the governor looking in that direction to see that justice is done  to all.

Thursday, 23 January 2014


The relationship between the Federal Government and Nigeria had remained as that of master and slave. The Federal Government as master, continue to labour the Niger Delta of her soil, rivers and creeks by extracting crude oil and gas with all the means available without minding the pains and health condition of the region.
It was expected that, the ugly situation of neglect suffered by the Region was going to be a thing of the past , with Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. But this expectation had been like a "far cry in the wilderness" to this day.
People of the Region are lamenting neglect becsuse of the lopsided appointments that the Dr. Jonathan administration had done from inception whereby, the people of the Niger Delta Region were glaringly sidelined and or delibrately excluded from the scheme of things.
This situation is now a great concern to many people. Speaking to the Golden Pen in Yenagoa, Mr Justus Ikpobi, a public affairs analyst, spoke on the neglect of the Region by the Federal Government under the leadership of Dr. Jonathan; especially, Bayelsa State, the home state of Mr. President. Mr. Ikpobi noted with concern that importants projects, such as an International Airport started  by the late President, Alhaji Shehu Musa Yar'Adua has been a lukewarm, Federal Secretariat for Bayelsa which is the second popular Federal Government project in the state since Bayelsa was created is said to be under construction, some few offices of the federal government, like, the Nigeria Loacl Content Board, the Mobility Command Nigeria Air Force, the Nigerian Navy, Imigration and other few Federal offices in the state,  have no secretariat, but just percing around under the wings of the state government. Mr. Ikpobi observed with concern.
Mr Osare Okpovwe, of Delta State said his worry is that the Federal Government had not completed the East West Road, the only road that connect the Niger Delta to the rest of the country, and the world. He went further to say that what the people want President Jonathan to do right now, is to turn his face to the Niger Delta in the areas of infrastructural development, juicy political appointments , "before it is too late." he emphasized.l

Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Anbassador James Entwistle
The Federal Government of Nigeria led by Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has its own foundation deeply rooted in the Constitution of the Country, which is operated fully in accordance and in agreement with the will of the people. And every Nigerian know their natural rights against abuses of immorality.
The issue of Gay marriages or Same Sex marriages are an abomination to the people of Nigeria, which has no place in both their traditions and cultures. And this an area where they all speak in one voice unto this day.
His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan has done the right thing, he had spoken in our voices by signing the against the Gay or same sex marriages Act: in our God given, God blessed Country, Nigeria.
It is however unbelievable that some Countries have raised eyebrows to protest against the right of the Nigerian president to decide on any issue according to his heart in agreement with the Laws and Principles of God and the nation he represents. One cannot understand what our friends from outside wants Nigeria to be; for it is a bad sign that a visitor or a friend in someone's house begins to query the host, where and how he keeps his keys or how he runs the affairs of his family. And it is even a more serious thing, where such a visitor friend go to the extent of protesting the harmless decisions he takes in the family.
That is why when the news came that some Countries were protesting against Nigeria, I began to wonder, what is really happening, I asked myself. I did not believe that, respected Ambassadors of Countries serving in Nigeria will go so low to raise eye brows to say or protest that if Nigeria does not approve of same sex marriage they will do this or that gives the impression that some of them must have defiled themselves or are on a mission to defile Nigeria and by extension Africa.
When it came to my attention that the US Ambassador for Nigeria, His Excellency, Mr. James Entwistle had also spoken on the issue against the presidential signature against Gay, same sex marriages then I said this is no longer a little matter. I reasoned so because America today is seen as a shinning light that other nations aught to follow. Vanguard On-Line reported with very imposing Headline and the report  thus: "GAY-MARRIAGE LAW; US THREATENS TO SANCTION NIGERIA."
"Abuja-Leading western countries piled pressure on the federal government,..following President Jonathan's singing of the same sex prohibition Act 24. The latest country is the United States of America, whose Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr.James Entwistle threatened that the United State will scale down its support for HIV/AIDS and anti-malaria programmes in response in response to the Federal government's position on the right of gay rights issue." 
It baffled me to hear that it was the man representing President Barak  Obama in the White House of America that spoke and I begin to reason whether truly their Constitution allows same sex marriages and their men use  their rods to penetrate to abuse one another anus? And that is true, I further imagined, does it mean that some of our Ambassadors like that, or have have been abusing some men with their rods or allowing other men to abuse them inserting their rods into their anus? If not, what is behind their protest over Mr. President's signature against  same sex marriages in our Country?
Or is it another story of Balam and Balak, to conquer Nigeria, the People must be cursed and to be cursed the must first be abused? If not so why are other nations worried more the Nigerians, "weeping more than the bereaved.?
Nigeria is a nation owned and ruled by God and His Laws are in His Book the Holy Bible and the Nigerian Constitution respects the Laws of God, and one of the laws is against same sex marriages or Homosexuality
See Leviticus 18:22 reads:- "Thou Shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is an abomination.". 
The book of Leviticus also said in Chapter 20 :13 thus:- "If a man also lieth with mankind as he with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."
And in  Nigeria we must obey God rather than men, so please leave Nigeria alone.
By Chief O.G.Evans Tubonah


Monday, 20 January 2014


The political situation in Bayelsa, is that the former Governor of the State, Chief Timipre Sylva js believed to be the cause of everything that had happened to Bayelsa during his tenure of office and even now that he is not in office. The situation is so surprising that some seemingly responsible persons in the state often mention the name of Sylva where there was no evidence to believe he was the cause of what happened in their offices or families.

Pages of Newspapers almost on daily basis, come out with publications that must portray the former governor in a bad light. And anybody who had any issue with government in the state were attributed to being Sylva's men or women. Those who fail to be in the choral band of singing praises to high offices; but dare to raise their voices to offer suggestions to the Restoration administration were considered as opposition from Sylva.

From inception of the Dickson administration, during what the government calls transparency briefing, Sylva's name often  find  space either at the beginning of presentations, in the middle or at the end of it; especially in a derogatory way. His name must be mentioned on either  bank loans and or bond collected by the former governor, that were allegedly paid at source where the name Sylva must be mentioned emotionally and graphically presenting him like a prodigal person. They hardly talk about the Sylva administration, but just Sylva himself giving the impression that it was Sylva that did everything in Bayelsa State from the day he became governor to date.

When someone published information he had in the internet, in the publisher's Facebook, instead of addressing the matter in its own merit, the State government announced that it was Sylva's man that published. How Tonye Okio became Sylva's man presupposes that anyone who had dealings with him, the former governor, Chief Timipre Sylva,  becomes his own property or Sylva's person. This is glaringly absurd, and in fact, unimaginable.

The most recent Sylva news that was on the pages of Newspapers was that, Sylva was now in APC and was behind that party's move to have their state Secretariat opened in Yenagoa, the state capital. Because the Chairman of that party, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh was a former Special Adviser to the Sylva's administration, Sylva's name was quickly brought in to the scene to be abused and ridiculed.

The art work being done or being painted by some "artists" is that of making Sylva to look ugly and Dickson to look beautiful. Amongst all the former governors, none has been so persecuted like, Chief Sylva who was forced out of office by Politics, and hunted by privileged politicians in the corridors of power. The ridiculous aspect of it is that, the state government itself with its information management committee and avowed policy of stemming down rumors in the state, has been in the forefront of dishing out the Sylva has done this, Sylva has done that propaganda.

When the story of APC opening two secretariat came to public attention, the mystery of it was that, nobody actually knew who opened the office at the former PDP secretariat.  It was rather being speculated and of-course suspected that it must have been sponsored by some "midnight meetings political interest" or in other words "self seeking political investors" with clandestine motives to heat up the polity in the state, so as to discredit the incoming party, the APC in the state. And the name of  was also dragged in for mention as being behind one of the factions; especially, the Chief Perekeme Kpodoh led faction. 

Most Bayelsans have become disenchanted with the politics of name calling and character assassination against Chief Sylva, his name being dragged into the mud on matters he had no hands on. No day passes on without Chief Sylva been either reported in the pages of newspaper to have been responsible for one blameable event or the other that concerns Bayelsa in or outside the state. Pained by this situation, the former Chairman of the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties {CNPP}, in the State, Mr. Sunday Oputu has to come out to tell the world that Sylva was being falsely accused of what he does not know. Mr. Oputu's views was published in the Vanguard Newspaper of 21st January 2014, captioned; "Leave Sylva Out Of Bayelsa APC Crisis-ex-CNPP Chair" reads;

"Yenagoa-A former Chairman of Conference of Nigeria Political Parties , CNPP, in Bayelsa state, Mr. Sunday Oputu , weekend described as false; claims that those involved in the leadership crisis rocking the All Progressive Congress, APC, in the state have the mandate of the former governor, Chief Timipre Sylva."

"Frank Oputu a close friend of the former governor, said though those involved in the leadership tussle battle over the structure and leadership of the interim Committee of the APC served under the administration of Sylva, their actions and decisions to open parallel APC secretariat was a nullity as Sylva has not openly or officially applied for the membership of APC in the state" The Vanguard Reported. 

The truth is that Sunday Oputu is not the only one, displeased with those going about with the anti- Sylva propaganda in the state. What has been on since Sylva was forced out of office, almost every challenging situation was attributed to have been caused by him, when he was in office or even now. Anyone in government who fails to meet up certain challenges would say it was Sylva that caused his/her inability to meet that challenge.

The way things are happening, is like the former Governor, Chief Timipre Sylva is GOD who has the power to make things happen without being there. For instance a man dried his clothes outside and if the rain comes suddenly upon it, then instead of talking about the rain, he says, it was Sylva that caused it. A careless woman may leave her pot of soup on fire and if it got burnt, then instead of her blaming her carelessness, she turns to say must have been Sylva that caused her to forget her pot. If a politician fails to be popular then instead of talking about his/ unpopularity, he goes on to blame Sylva as the cause of his unpopularity. This is the position of our state and the Sylva stories.

Then this question becomes relevant or most appropriate: IS THE FORMER GOVERNOR OF BAYELSA STATE, CHIEF TIMIPRE SYLVA GOD? 


Saturday, 18 January 2014


It was unbelievable when I saw the post by Tam David West, a Virolgist Professor of the kingdom of Kalabari of River State, which  came to public attention on the above subject matter. As one of the illustrious sons of Opu Nembe Kingdom in Bayelsa State, I, Chief O. G Evans Tubonah had observed that the posting was a total display of ignorant by the Prof. on the boundary dispute between the Nembe of Bayelsa and the Kalabari of Rivers State.

In a posting targeted at insulting the President of Nigeria and the people of Bayelsa, David  West wrote with a heading:"SOKU OIL WELLS TAM DAVID WEST WARNS JONATHAN". It is sad that David West was talking about a case that passed through due process of adjudication and finally decided by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in accordance to the findings of the National boundary Commission.
David West noised that he will "fight the president to any level...." and that he made the remark at the Rivers State Govrrnment House, when he and some Kalabari people according to him visited Mr. Rotimi Amaechi to pledge loyalty to him in person and to the government of Rivers State. But his ignorant talk  meant nothing to the people of Oluasiri, Nembe and the Government of Bayelsa State.
However, it is not out of place to inform and enlighten the former oil minister, David West that, neithser the people of Nembe nor Bayelsa State will covet what rightly belong to Kalabari or Rivers State. This is not a lie because the orientation of the people is embedded in divine principles, which may not permit them to take what belongs to others.
I, therefore want to urge,  David West and his group of fortune seekers to adhere strictly to what God said in the book of Proverb 22:28 reads:'-
"Remove not the ancient boundary which your fathers have set." The book of Deutronomy chapter 19:17 also reads:-
Do not remove your neighbour's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess."
 Nembe as a people and Bayelsa as a State are very much aware of this everlasting Commandment of the Almighty and will never be attracted to take an inch of land of the Kalabari as a people and Rivers State as a government. We cannot and will not contend over what is not ours, because we know the consequencies of that as in the book of Deutronomy  Chapter 27:17 reads:-
"Cursed be anyone who remove their neighbours boundary stone."
We as a people don't want a curse from God because of the boundary between Nembe and Kalabari and will not, I repeat, will not take an inch of Kalabari land; neither will our people allow Kalabari or Rivers State to take an inch of Nembe land of Bayelsa State.Our highly respected Professor Tam David West should have picked his words carefully and speak with understanding the true picture in the path of righteousness, instead of calling Mr. President names, insulting him and the entire Ijaw nation, and threatening fire and brimestone against him.
What I want Governor Amaechi and Prof. David West to know is that God is watching, and will judge us accordingly on this matter and we must be very careful.

By Chief Otonye Godman Evans Tubonah


The Nigerian nation is as Independent as every other nation in the world, and that includes whatever name under the earth. That simply means that Nigeria is not under any country no matter how placed. She has a full right to decide on any issue or matter based on morality, sobriety and in agreement with the Will and the Laws of God.
The Nigerian President, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele  Azikiwe Jonathan [GCFR] had not represented the view of only his country men and women, by signing his signature against same sex marriage in the country,but also led the nation on the path of Righteousness by obeying the Law of God as in the book of Leviticus 18: 22 reads;-
This being so, President Jonathan who is a Christian leader had done the right thing by criminalizing the abominable act in the country. In fact this is not a play matter, because God who created man and woman said, it is an abominable act and so the Nigerian Government should not entertain laxity on this work of some Antichrist elements wanting to Sodomize Nigeria in particular and by extension Africa. What the Nigerian government should do is to be pro-active to ensure that every activist who wants to stick out his or her head to either condemn or oppose the President and Nigerians on this very right and Solomonic decision, should be identified and prosecuted without waste of time.
In fact Nigeria will be better without such abominable characters who are opposed to God's word against homosexuality which is also the law of this Country. Nigeria should ensure that those who want to go to jail for it, be taken to jail and those who want to die on the matter be also allowed to die and their blood be upon them, so that God's anger shall not be kindled against our God blessed Country, Nigeria, like Sodom an Gomorrah in the Bible.
This abominable act of Gay Marriage is not legalized anywhere in the world even in America that is why all former American Presidents   married women and men. The incumbent President of the America Barak Obama is also married to a woman, and could not fault Nigeria for maintaining her position as an Independent nation.
Beside, if America or any other nation chooses to make themselves, their societies or nations of beasts of no comparison, that is their business and not at all the business of Nigeria. 
Some fools were talking nonsense through the New Media, calling on Nations to sanction Nigeria, but that will not benefit them, what will benefit them most is to go to those countries where same marriages were legalized and naturalize there to practice their self abuse in homosexuality, and leave Nigeria alone.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


The Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa is now wearing a new look with the opening of the All Progressive Congress (APC) State Secretariat at Etegwe. Golden Pen gathered that members of the new party  have had secret meetings in Abuja and Port Harcourt to perfect strategies so as to move into the Local Government and the Ward levels as soon as the State Chapter is inaugurated.
Our source said that there were threats of stopping the new party from matching the soil of Bayelsa, in view of the fact that the Presidend, Dr. Jonathan hails from the state, but maintained that opening a registered party in any part of the country is a constitutional matter, emphasizing that nobody's personal interest is above the constitution. Our source pointed out that there will be no genuine democracy without political parties and assured that INEC will not conduct election where political parties are none existent and where there is no level playing field for all registered political parties to freely operate.
The interim leader of the party, Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, State Chaiman and interim State Secretary, Mr. Godwin Sidi are said to be working hard to put up a befitting programme to inaugurate the party in the state
There are strong indications that some floating politicians and unemployed youths in the state are ready to take chances with the new party; either to take party positions or to go for other elective positions and other priviledges that may entle their membership.
Contrary to insinuations, Bayelsa is peaceful as usual with the Restoration government, everyone is going about his/her business without hindrance as at press time.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


President Jonathan
The President of the Federal of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan had remained quiet over the forthcoming presidential election whether he will come out to seek a second term mandate or not in 2015.
The quietness of the Otueke born politician had been of serious concern to some political bigwigs like the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who wrote letters aimed at stopping Jonathan.
Though Obasanjo's letters were rated as treasonable, President Jonathan had simply replied the letter, point by point debunking or washing away the allegations as untrue.
What Nigerians did in the week of the "letter bomb" by the former Military Head of State, General Obasanjo was to tell the truth that he went to far to write such a wreck less letter to a sitting president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan just to win cheap popularity.
This wind of politics is blowing stronger and stronger everyday and some states have started wearing the
  presidential campain posters  of Dr. Jonathan, but the mystery of it all is that the president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan had not issued any statement on the 2015 presidential election, whether he will contest or not, and that had given a brain busting worry to the opposition. 

Saturday, 4 January 2014


Chief O G Evans Tubonah
Nigeria is a great Country, the largest black African nation in the world and a very beautiful at that but there are other beautiful  places in the world that are what visiting. Some don't like to embark on any journey or take a tour outside their environment.
But Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubonah love taking trips outside to have understanding of how people of other countries are getting on. In one of such trips Chief Tubonah who is the Publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper saw his journey to France to Spain, Portugal and Rome as very interesting, especially as tour guides were always ready to take him and others round to visit holy sights. The Fatima city experience in Portugal, that of Loudes in France and most especially, Rome and the Vatican city, where Chief Tubonah was amongst a Nigerian delegation that visited Pope Benedict 16th for a breakfast at the Papal square at the St. Peters Bassilica in the Vatican city. The journey was informative and educative for a number of reasons,which made it real that indeed 'travel is part of education'. One great experience what sharing with those who hope to make such a journey now or in the near future. It is the weather condition there that is a very tough challenge that should not be taken for granted.Chief Tubonah recalls that those who did not wear pull overs or sweaters to checkmate the harsh weather condition had their stories to tell. Another disturbing aspect was the diet or food there, Thank God, today there are African Restaurants in some cities to meet peoples need.
It is the path of wisdom not to take this lightly in any journey abroad to Europe, ensure that you don't fall victim or prey to cold and disease.