Monday, 19 May 2014


The planned protess by a group  which gave its name as "Free Chibok Girls" to the seat of power in Abuja to meet with Dr. Jonathan  on the the kidnapped Chibok students as very unreasonable and pointless, because what Jonathan is not a secret in view of the fact that the Chibok kidnap issue had attracted international attention and armies from the US, Britain and others are in the country to free the girl victims to the boko haram insurgence.
The clear explanation of the planned protest is telegraphic of the organizers bid to announce themselves for what could be described as seeking cheap popularity. Public opinion on the issue faulted the protest organizers to go to the Villa for any reason; if at all they must protest, the appropriate should have bee the Brono State Government House to hear first hand information from the governor who himself is the Chief Security Officer of the state. They also have the option to go to boko haram to register their protest there.Public opinion had emphasized that the National Security should carefully look at the  baseless intentions of the protest and disallow or stop it from holding.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Nigerian nation is tired of waiting for the Federal Government to make stringent effort to fish out the big wigs of the North, sponsors of the terrorist group,  Boko Haram who have killed, maimed and destroyed thousands of souls.
How can Nigeria relax and watch at this diaboli perpetrated by some of our gold spoon nationalists from the North fingered as being behind the Boko Haram insurgency.
It is not the place of individuals to take such challenges as to confront those allegedly mentioned by members of the terrorist group to security operatives during interogations.
What truly will bring about peace in the country is not just fighting the foot soldiers but to stop those putting the fire.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


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There were strong indications in Bayelsa State that the peace and security achieved by the Contriman Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson in his two years old administration had suffered a major set back in Nembe Local Government Area.
This was as a result of a scuffle between two Okada Unions of Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri who were said to have had a sharp misunderstanding and confrontation over which group should ply the Nembe road under construction and which should not.
The scuffle that ensued was said to have taken the security forces unawares as some persons were said to have from the Ogbolomabiri Okada Union attacked their counterparts of Bassambiri who were embarking on a wooden bridge  project to Bassambiri.
The destruction of the bridge was said to have ignited a reprissal attack from the Bassambiri Okada Union which also destroyed the Ogbolomabiri side of the wooden landing portion of unity bridge.
Tension mounted according to reports and the two sides cast stones at each other until, thanks to the JTF which went all out to stop the callous and meaningless crisis. Some were said to entered into severe attacks and a man supposed dead was not yet found unconfirmed sources have said until Thursday.
And Local sources reported Yesterday, that some un-identified men were at the T-junction of Nembe road stopping vehicles and asking after Bassambiri people. The report according to our investigation forced a serving Commissioner from the area to storm government house to report the ugly incident. This if not nipped in the bud may undermine the peace and security which the Hon. Dickson administration had achieved, observers have said.


Nigeria's politics had been so unpredictable that whatever done is like part of the game. It is quite unbelievable that most democratic structures put in place existed just in names as operators of the system continue to behave outside the norms egal entities that aught to operate within the framework of the law sometimes
suffer as if the law was dead.
Political historians cannot dispute the facts in Nigeria's democracy that the nation had not been known to have practiced a unitary government or a single party system since she became a nation in 1960. It is interesting to note that Nigeria had practiced multi party politics which gave politicians and the citizens the ample opportunity to make choice of both parties and candidates based on the manifestoes of such parties and the eligibility of candidates.
One cannot but go into the political era in the l990s and 1980s under the NPN Government there were five sound political parties which operated in the nooks and crannies of the country to the ward level.
It was indeed a very sound and reasonable political order whereby all the political parties were allowed to constitute their executives committees, nationwide. the parties that exited include: the National Party of Nigeria (NPN), The Nigerian Peoples Party (NPP), The Great Nigerian Peoples Party (GNPP), The Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) and The Peoples Redemption Party (PRP). No matter how poor these partirs were of membership or resources did not matter, they all existed and not hypocritically or pretensively.
Even at our first experiment into  Military democracy, under General Ibrahim as President the country in her democracy ended up with a two party system at all levels. The Military took a bold step and two party secretariats for the two parties, the National Republican Convention (NRC) and Social Democratic Party (SDP). and these parties all operated as equals for a vibrant and all inclusive politics at all levels.
It is sad to note that what is going on in Nigeria today, especially in Bayelsa State is the direct opposit of what obtains in a normal political order or under a multiple political party arrangement.
In a multi-party system the beauty of democracy is found in the election of party officials at all levels which gave automatic employment to the citizens and which gave them the opportunities to organize or attend party conventions at all levels, from the grassroot to the national. Beut today, multi-party in our constitution is just like a mere play. And this had adversely affected our 4th Republic Democracy in the ares of employment and economic prosperity in the country especially in Bayelsa which is driftingg to a one party system to the detriment of the citizenry. They say it must be PDP so as to elect President Jonathan in 20 15, but in multi-party too people can still come together and vote any candidate of their choice and where Jonathan is needed he can be re-elected. The INEC boss, Jega should try and make the multi-party democracy enshrined in our constitution to work.


Rt. Hon. Seriake Dickson, Governor of Bayelsa State
Report from the Nembe axis of Nembe Local Government Area has it that, the Okada riders face-off between Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri, Wednesday had taken a new dimention as some yet to be identified youngmen were said to have ambushed themselves at a point called T-junction of the Nembe road under construction asking of Bassambiri persons in every vehicle that was coming from or going to Emakalakala.
The situation had provoked suspicion as to what is in the offing in the two Nembe brotherly communities.
According to the report, Wednesday, the Nembe road under construction had attracted motor bike operators, popularly called Okada riders to ply the road, lifting commuters to and from Nembe/Emakalakala, the problem identified by Bassambiri based Okada riders
 was that they needed to build a wooden bridge to Bassambiri to lift and to drop commuters direct instead of to pass through neighbouring Ogbolomabiri.
While the said project was being executed by the Bassambiri Okada men those of Ogbolomabiri were said to have taken offense and had staged an attack against them, used a motor saw to cut down the bridge which culminated in a reprissal that generated tension between the two communities. It was reported that it took the intervention of the Joint Task Force (JTF) to bring sanity and peace in the land.
The Thursday episode came as a surprise when there was no further crisis at the home level. An eye witness who spoke to Golden pen In confidence narrated her ordeal and expressed  concern over the incident, while calling on government to intervern immediatly.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


   Peace is a prosperity secret and that is why every right thinking person thinks of peace as the number one priority in any society, and to be precise, Nembe as a people. No matter what you say, Nembe is the will of God and nobody can change the will of God there. He decided to put the people there on the two side: called one side Bassambiri and the other side Ogbolomabiri, a little river seperating them was not meant to divide them from the people of Nembe that they are.
But it is quite sad that Nembe people whose fore fathers were the first to embrace Christianity and western civilization, who taught others the great lessions of peace and progress to other ethnic nationalities had been on the news at different times; especially news about violence, self destruction and fractricidal wars. That had been a disgraceful outing. How can we as Nembe people explain this show of shame of daily quarels and fight between two brotherly communities, Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri. Whatever way one looks at it, one cannot find any reason under the heavens for them to fight wars or to destroy themselves and or property when they know that only in peace will they prosper.
The news that Okada riders in Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri clashed and destroyed property and also went ahead to pelt or cast stones at one another shows that there is something wrong with the Nembe man. This should not be the legacy we leave behind our children.
Here is not to aportion blame but to frankly state in a very strong terms that the State government should not relent on the oars, but take a bold initiative and call the people to order in ernest and give them peace.
From the desk of the Publisher, Chief Evans Tubonah