Saturday, 7 June 2014


Chief Evans Tubonah
It is as if Nigeria is just beginning to practice democracy. This looks more like the truth because there seems to be no display of experience in the Nigerian polity.
If you think that those whose hairs have turned gray have experience, then you may be moving closer to what is called mistake. That is not all, you will be on the dangerous path of making a greater mistake if you want to rest your mind on those who held almost all the political positions in life and thinks that they are vastly experienced in leadership.
The worst and ofcourse most fatalistic mistake you may fall into, is to trust a power seeking or power hungry politician who changes like a cameleon. In Nigeria you hardly identify a politician whose integrity is unshakable. Right now in Nigeria, you cannot find so easily men and women who have not prostituted. PDP, APC, ANPP, LP APGA etc. have all lost integrity. What Nigeria Needs now is to retrace her way to integrity in politics.

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