Saturday, 18 January 2014


It was unbelievable when I saw the post by Tam David West, a Virolgist Professor of the kingdom of Kalabari of River State, which  came to public attention on the above subject matter. As one of the illustrious sons of Opu Nembe Kingdom in Bayelsa State, I, Chief O. G Evans Tubonah had observed that the posting was a total display of ignorant by the Prof. on the boundary dispute between the Nembe of Bayelsa and the Kalabari of Rivers State.

In a posting targeted at insulting the President of Nigeria and the people of Bayelsa, David  West wrote with a heading:"SOKU OIL WELLS TAM DAVID WEST WARNS JONATHAN". It is sad that David West was talking about a case that passed through due process of adjudication and finally decided by the Supreme Court of Nigeria in accordance to the findings of the National boundary Commission.
David West noised that he will "fight the president to any level...." and that he made the remark at the Rivers State Govrrnment House, when he and some Kalabari people according to him visited Mr. Rotimi Amaechi to pledge loyalty to him in person and to the government of Rivers State. But his ignorant talk  meant nothing to the people of Oluasiri, Nembe and the Government of Bayelsa State.
However, it is not out of place to inform and enlighten the former oil minister, David West that, neithser the people of Nembe nor Bayelsa State will covet what rightly belong to Kalabari or Rivers State. This is not a lie because the orientation of the people is embedded in divine principles, which may not permit them to take what belongs to others.
I, therefore want to urge,  David West and his group of fortune seekers to adhere strictly to what God said in the book of Proverb 22:28 reads:'-
"Remove not the ancient boundary which your fathers have set." The book of Deutronomy chapter 19:17 also reads:-
Do not remove your neighbour's boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess."
 Nembe as a people and Bayelsa as a State are very much aware of this everlasting Commandment of the Almighty and will never be attracted to take an inch of land of the Kalabari as a people and Rivers State as a government. We cannot and will not contend over what is not ours, because we know the consequencies of that as in the book of Deutronomy  Chapter 27:17 reads:-
"Cursed be anyone who remove their neighbours boundary stone."
We as a people don't want a curse from God because of the boundary between Nembe and Kalabari and will not, I repeat, will not take an inch of Kalabari land; neither will our people allow Kalabari or Rivers State to take an inch of Nembe land of Bayelsa State.Our highly respected Professor Tam David West should have picked his words carefully and speak with understanding the true picture in the path of righteousness, instead of calling Mr. President names, insulting him and the entire Ijaw nation, and threatening fire and brimestone against him.
What I want Governor Amaechi and Prof. David West to know is that God is watching, and will judge us accordingly on this matter and we must be very careful.

By Chief Otonye Godman Evans Tubonah

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  1. The Nembe and Bayelsa people are saying the River Sombrero is their Boundary with Kalabari forgetting that So many Kalabari towns like Abisse, Soku, Kula kingdom, Idama and numerous others are at the Western side of the river Sombrero . Are they saying those towns are Nembe towns or those towns should leave their ancestral homeland for Nembe people ? These towns and villages are cut in to Bayelsa from every Bayelsa Map.