Monday, 28 April 2014


It is like Bayelsa callrd the Gloryof lands by her founding fathers is a place where righteousness, justice and fairness had been put under the carpet. So many things have  that do not portray the state in positive light , but yhose who are at the saddle feel that  whatever they do is the right thing to do.
The embarrassing wrongful outing of our self acclaimed RESTORSTION governmrnt was the appointment of delegates to the ongoing National Confrence. The unbelievable wrongful and indefensibly lopsided appointment of delegates was done in the Nembe Local Government Area where all the four delegates selected comes from Nembe  Ogbolomabiri community.
They include HRM Edmund Daukoru, Senator Nimi Barigha Amange, Chief Lionel Jonathan-Omo and Mrs Remi Kuku. This gives the impression that the government and that of the federal did not take into cognisance the fact that there are many autonomous communities in the LGA, such as the Nembe Bassambiri which also has a first class King, HRM King R.M.Iwowari JP OON Mein vii, we also have the Agrisaba Odioma ,Okoroba Okoroma autonomous communities.
This is not right, it is not fair, it is simply oppressive, wicked and ungodly. It is the shame of a state which aught to do everything with the fear of God. The above mentioned autonomous communities are all left out without representation.

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