Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Gen. M. Buhari
One would not want to go the direction of historians who hardly miss dates and events concerning prominent people and nations. Otherwise the activities of Buhari a former military dictator whose administration was overthrown by reasons of maladministration and incompetence could have been openly condemned. In our dear country Nigeria from Independence to date, the nation had been blessed with countless Military Officers who were more brilliant than Buhari in the Military and also performed better than him in countless ways in office as Military Head of State.
Amongst the Military officers that were privileged to lead Nigeria, General Buhari was the worst none performer Head of State, who also disappointed his fellow officers and was so disgracefully thrown out of office, thank God it was a bloodless coup. And it is like the parable of the dancer or performing artist who does not see his back, Mr. Buhari had been going around Nigeria that he must be made President or there will be no more Nigeria. This attitude of Buhari played our in the 2011 presidential election, which he lost to President Jonathan. The fact is that Buhari is not more than the least man in Nigeria and should stop parading himself as a leader of this nation, because he is the most disqualified Presidential aspirant who had been like replay in a football match.
In fact the All Progressive Congress as a political Party cannot make a head way with Buhari as its Presidential flag bearer and none in that party without manifesto is to be compared with the God fearing, kind hearted, patriotic and development oriented Goodluck Jonathan. Buahari and his political spent horses should find other jobs to do and leave the political space for selfless nationalists , Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his likes. 

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