Wednesday, 19 February 2014


The People of Bayelsa went agog with celebrations as the state government rolled out carpet and set the stage for an historic 2nd anniversary of Restoration Government which policy on public finance is Probity and Accountability.
Governor Dickson who from inception of his administration on February 14th Valentin's Day assured of rapid development in both infrastructural and human resources had consistently engaged the state on what he calls Monthly Transparency briefing.
Though the journey of the administration had not a smooth sail to Dickson in his first year in office due to the challenges of the flood that ravaged the state, which the government told Bayelsans affected the development of the state. But this year the Governor has come out with smiles on his 2nd anniversary in office with commissioning of projects executed so far.
It was however observed that the projects commissioned were lopsided,  favoring mainly the governor's home Town and Sagbama, his Local government Area and part of the state capital, Yenagoa.
To cover this secret of lopsided project execution of the Restoration government, media managers were said to have done abracadabra with some Journalist from outside  lodged in hotels, coming out with reports that were half truth.
Speaking to Golden Pen in Yenagoa, Mr.Lagos Timidi said that though the Governor, had tried to improve the state, most of the projects were done in his own area, leaving out most of the local government areas in the development process, which according to him need to be changed. Mr. Timidi further stated that Hon. Dickson is not the governor of only his LGA and the State capital and urged him to read the Bibles of Commander A.P Diete Spiff and Chief Melford Okilo on spread of amenities in governance.
Also commenting on the commissioned projects Mr. Inetimi David observed that most of the Local Government areas in the Riverine areas were not even visited not to talk of commissioning any project, and described the development as unprecedented. Hear him:-
"Since Bayelsa was created I had not seen a governor concentrating about 80% of the projects earmarked for development sited in his own area without minding consequences. When the governor embarked on his tour to LGAs it was sweet talks in every community with promises for all round development, but today most LGAs have nothing to show for their support to the admini

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