Thursday, 8 May 2014


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There were strong indications in Bayelsa State that the peace and security achieved by the Contriman Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson in his two years old administration had suffered a major set back in Nembe Local Government Area.
This was as a result of a scuffle between two Okada Unions of Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri who were said to have had a sharp misunderstanding and confrontation over which group should ply the Nembe road under construction and which should not.
The scuffle that ensued was said to have taken the security forces unawares as some persons were said to have from the Ogbolomabiri Okada Union attacked their counterparts of Bassambiri who were embarking on a wooden bridge  project to Bassambiri.
The destruction of the bridge was said to have ignited a reprissal attack from the Bassambiri Okada Union which also destroyed the Ogbolomabiri side of the wooden landing portion of unity bridge.
Tension mounted according to reports and the two sides cast stones at each other until, thanks to the JTF which went all out to stop the callous and meaningless crisis. Some were said to entered into severe attacks and a man supposed dead was not yet found unconfirmed sources have said until Thursday.
And Local sources reported Yesterday, that some un-identified men were at the T-junction of Nembe road stopping vehicles and asking after Bassambiri people. The report according to our investigation forced a serving Commissioner from the area to storm government house to report the ugly incident. This if not nipped in the bud may undermine the peace and security which the Hon. Dickson administration had achieved, observers have said.

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