Saturday, 18 March 2017


Hon. Fyneman Wilson
The Special Adviser to the Governor of Bayelsa State on Political matters, Hon. Fyneman Wilson has called on the National Assembly to consider the creation of additional 8 Local Government Areas to make 16 LGAS for the people of Bayelsa State without further delay.
He stated this in Yenagoa the capital city of the oil rich state in the Niger Delta Region, during an interview with the Golden Pen Newspaper which paid him a courtesy visit in his office, Yesterday.
According to the political leader, the continued existence of Bayelsa State in her 8 Local Government Areas status to date, may not be unconnected with the unmindfulness exhibited by members of the Natioanal Assembly (The Senate and the House of Representatives) past and present to the provision of the Nigerian Constitution of 1999 as Amended, which catigorically states that no state, created in Nigeria should have less than 10 LGAs.
He therefore called on the National Assembly to consider this matter as demanding urgent constitutional attention pursuant to the fulfillment of the laws of the land on the number of LGAS, on the sensitive issue of states creation.
Hon. Wilson emphasized the need for the Senate and the House of Representatives to without further delay form a coalition on this important matter with a view to foisting national cohesion, national unity and national interest.
The S/A Political who commended the APC led Federal Government for her victory over the Boko Haram insurgency in the Country, observed that more needs to be done by the national security operatives to stop what he calls, the constantly reported cases of kidnapping and criminal murders across the country and the bloody clashes between cattle ranchers and farmers  in parts of the country with impunity.
The S/A political used the medium to call on the APC government to make life more meaningful to the citizens by coming out with sound anti-poverty  policies that will bring about economic stability, mass employment, wealth creation etc, in line with her campaigns for change for a better Nigeria.
Fielding questions about Bayelsa state, he gave kudos to the Governor of the State, His Excellency, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson for his achievement of peace and it's sustenance. He also expressed gratitude to the governor for taken the bold initiative at propelling the ship of state in the area of development; especially now that the national economy is highly challenged.

Thursday, 9 March 2017


Professor A.I.M Teknikio is now no where to be found in this wide world. Where he has gone, where he went to or where he is, right now is not known to the ordinary mortal, but to God and to them only who have spiritual eyes.

This unique man of humility came to the world and left without warning to anyone, but not without a footprint on the sand of time. You may not see a gigantic mansion mentioned after him, nor fat bank accounts traced to him, but his contributions to the world are far remarkable and profitable than some of the illustrious sons with all  their big claims or boasting  of monumental achievements and self acclaimed  patroitism in our Ijaw African society who have nothing to compare him.

What made him unique, you may ask,  and I can tell you why!  His uniqueness was that he was a man of ideas, a man of uncommon ideas  always at the forefront of leadership. He was that kind of a person who gave out all of him and all that he had to the society and the world, he was born into.
Professor A.I.M Teknikio a Doctor of Liliterature, a PhD, and Meta-physician taught his students many things bothering on historical facts that the early men who founded Nembe were soulselves who came down from the sky. He used etymology in his explanations to establish that fact.
He titled his main text book "Femideism and Rivers Culture", it was a comprehensive package of various lessons that dealt with the African and his ways:
1. That book of lectures teaches on the origin of the  African, the Nembe Ijaw (Ijo) man, his neighbors and the entire African society before the coming of the white man (before colonialism ). He established in that chapter that the first sets of beings of Nembe of the (Ijo) race did not come by earoplane; neither by ship nor by boat from elsewhere, but descended from above, because there was no means of transportation at the beginning.
2. He dealt with the Religion of the African people, particularly the Ijaw (Ijo) speaking people, where he asserted that the aborigines did not look unto the power or Supreme being that caused the existence of mankind as a male but female.  In Nembe (Ijaw) language what is called, God today, before the advent of colonialism was called "Teme-ara" (Creatress) or "Wa Nyingi" (Our Mother) Other Ijaw speaking people also referred to the Almighty God as "Tamara" (Creatress) or Wo yin" (Our mother) etc.
3 The lecture series, dealt with the entirety of the African on developing a self reliant economy civilization many years before the whiteman discovered Africa. He dealt with African architecture: the type of houses designed and built by the Ijaw Africans with combination of sticks of choice, mud for walls and for partition, ropes  for nails, and woven palm fronds for roofs. He taught his students about the  main occupations of the African, which were fishing and farming, taught the students, the inventions of the Nembe Ijaw (IJo) Africans such as:-
a. The wooden canoe or boats invented and produced by the Ijaw Africans and wooden paddles invented and carved by them for water transport for fishing etc.
b. Fishing gears. The Africans did not get his fishing gears from outside, they were home made. The fishing nets, the bamboo fish traps, the typical African fish ponds etc
C. The culture and the tradition of the Nembe Ijaw Africans and their counterparts across the Niger Delta and across Africa existed before the advent of the colonialists he taught his students, from that book.
E. In those teachings he emphasized Africanism and Pan-Africanism whereby the Africans should continue to develop and to improve on their talents in the African way, he taught his students to  emphasize the need of Africans to give African names to their children, explained that African name like "Ayeba wanaemi" have same  meaning with Emmanuel which means God is with us, where he faulted changing such valuable names in the African languages to other meaningless names in foreign languages.
Today, that great Professor is no more, but his legacies are there. The seeds of thought he sowed  that abide in the hearts of his students, if not swept under the carpet can still be a living force to drive home his teachings not only to the Ijaw (Ijo) race nor to the African society alone, but to the whole world.
We need to reproduce some of his works, therefore we appeal that
anyone who has any or some of his books especially, "Femideism and Rivers Culture" and "God the African Benigner" and others, should please call the following numbers: +2347038943926, +2348088145183, send message or email to or facebook:

Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Ankio Briggs
Ijaw Peoples Rights Campaigner/Activist
Tuesday 14th of February, the day celebrated all over the world as Valentine's Day, this year added two other great events to it's celebration. One was the celebration of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson's 5th year in office and first year of 2nd tenure in office.
The other equally serious event was not a festivity, but a protest mounted by Ijaw leaders across the Niger Delta for Governor Dickson to rescind his decision on the vexed and controversial issue of allocation of 1, 200 hectares of land to Fulani herdesmen for grazing in the Bagels Palm area.
It was  quiet in the morning, as the hand of the clock moved on to about, people started entering the Isaac Boro Peace Park in droves for Governor Dickson's celebration, but within the next one hour, precisely at the Tombia junction of the fledgling state capital Yenagoa, the protest began.
It was a peaceful protest led by the Kalabari born daughter of Abonema, Ijaw Peoples Rights Campaigner/Activist, Ankio Briggs who arrived the Tombia junction with other Ijaw colleagues to press home their demand on the controversial allocation of Ijaw land to the Fulani cattle men who they believe has a track record of killing and destruction of their host communities.
Ankio Briggs, accompanied by the National president of Jaw Peoples Initiative IPDI, National Security Watch Organization of Nigeria NSWON, Messrs Austin Ozobo and Dickson Bederemo, others include Comrade Harrison Kpikpi, Ojugo Christy, Preye Dressman and others.
According to information the protesters were 'attacked by some hoodlums' led by a former militant leader. It was when Ankio Briggs started to address the Divisional Police Officer (D.P.O) in the area when the attackers came and pounced on them, and wounded many.
After the attack, Ankio Briggs who had an interview with the Vanguard stated that the attackers seem to have official backing.Hear this:
The Police know them. They ripped my identify from my body forcefully, took my phone and manhandled me. The attacked and wounded many of us " she graphically explained.
The President of Ijaw Peoples Initiative, Comrade Austin Ozobo has this to say:
It was sad and disgusting, when thugs, police, army and Civil Defence Corps manhandled protesters..."
The group widely condemned the governor of Bayelsa State for battering his fellow Ijaw people for embarking on a peaceful protest against a terrible decision taken by his administration, against the allocation of 1, 200 hectares of  land to Fulani herdsmem.
According to media reports:
"When Vanguard visited the area, battle ready security operatives backed by seven patrol vans, a military armoured personnel carrier were sighted at the Idepie roundabout also known as Tombia roundabout."
when Golden Pen contacted the Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Hon. Jonathan Obuebite and the Chief Press Secretary, Daniel Iworiso Markson on line, there was no response.

Monday, 13 February 2017


archival 5 star hotel
Monday 13th of February 2017, the governor of Bayelsa State, Mr. Henry Seriake Dickson announced that he was going to address the Nigerian Press to highlight some of his achievements and also to field questions so as to identify areas of cross fertilization of ideas to better inform the masses of especially, the people of the state, of the nation and of the world.
But as a big surprise to media practitioners in the state, Mr. Dickson decidedly hijacked the so called media briefing, narrowed it to a mere radio and television interactive session with surrogates in another closed door meeting that prevented journalists in the state to participate in what he called media briefing, that is their right to attend and to inform the masses.
However, here are some few questions for the governor, Mr. Dickson to answer:
1. What is it that monumental achievement you have made that is what celebrating in this 5th year of your administration?
2.Your Excellency, just to remind you, when you took the oath of office as governor of Bayelsa, side by side with the deputy governor, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John-Jonah (Rtd) at the Isaac Boro Peace Park in the State capital Yenagoa on the 14th of February, 2012. In your maiden address, Your Excellency, I can remember  vividly that you declared free and compulsory Education at all levels, have you achieved that?
3. Your Excellency, there are countless reports about sorry state of schools, whereby teachers leave classrooms over none payment of salaries for many months thus subjecting the Bayelsan child to stay at home or roam about in their environment. As if that was too little your administration had suffocated the only State own University, the Niger Delta University, by denial of funds for both salaries and overhead cost. Thus had your,so called, restoration government forced the University to close down again and again, is that an achievement?
4. Is it water supply or power, you want to tell Bayelsans about your achievement? Your Excellency, for water supply you cannot tell the people more than what they already know that it is so bad that, water vendors are the ones supplying water to the state secretariat.
Melford Okilo Memorial Hospital 
On power supply, your campaign promise was to power the entire state through gas turbines and sell surplus to neighboring states, have you done that, Your Excellency?
5. When you came with the mantra of Restoration, that of bringing back the lost glory of Bayelsa, the average thinkers especially the civil servants reasoned that a messiah had come and they were full of hope, now they and the pensioners are all crying together for non payments. Your Excellency, how many months salaries are you owing the civil servants and how many months are you owing the pensioners?
Your Excellency, it is a matter of fact that  government is a continue, which means that a succeeding government begins to build from where the former stops and that's why assets and liabilities are inheritance of governments. But when you came on board and inherited assets and liabilities of the state, you paid attention to only the assets but to the liabilities owed Bayelsans you pay no attention, all you claim to have done is that you settled some liabilities outside. Why not also settle the liabilities of Bayelsans, are Bayelsans your enemies?
Bayelsa is the glory of all Lands, that has the same or similar meaning with being called Holy land, like Israel. Though the first civilian governor, Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha of blessed memory tried in that light, built the Glory Land Church in government house, sponsored Church buildings in communities, sponsored Christian and Muslim pilgrimages. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and Chief Timipre Sylvain followed in putting God first by sponsoring pilgrimages, but your government even say NO! to that, why?

Thursday, 15 December 2016


Mr. Adigio Austin
The S/A to the governor of Bayelsa State on Students Affairs, Mr. Adigio Austin, had given kudos to the Governor Henry Seriake Dickson for giving him the opportunity to serve.
Mr. Adigio Austin who spoke to the Golden Pen Newspaper in an interview held in his office in the state capital, Yenagoa, said it has given him the opportunity to know how much the state government led by Hon. Dickson had invested in the Education sector.
He spoke on two key areas.
1. The secondary school level, 2. Tertiary level. Speaking on the Secondary schools level, Mr. Adigio Austin has this to say, hear him:
"The governor of Bayelsa State, His Excellency, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson has a very novel educational vision and programme for the state. Which has given assurance to both parents and students in what is called, 'his ambitious educational novel boarding school' built and equipped across the eight Local Government Areas of the state, aimed at bringing up brilliant indigent students through the boarding school system where they will be exposed to academic best practices...", he said.
On tertiary institutions, he said the government has done so much for students of the state in the area of scholarships to various academic institutions in some of the best schools in the world. He explained as follows:
"Before the economy became this bad, the governor because of his ambitious and unprecedented academic vision sent students to some of the best universities abroad to study..."
The S/A Students Affairs, emphatically, stated that in his life, he had never seen a governor who had such passion as Hon. Dickson in the Education sector. Hear this:
"As a matter of fact, I didn't grow up to meet boarding school arrangements, because when the Okilos were governors of Rivers State and Education was give such priority as said during the Diete Spiff  era, I probably may have been a toddler, but in my adult life, I have never seen such conscious investment in the Education sector by any other government."

Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Barrister Iwolo Ibeni
A legal luminary in Bayelsa State, Mr. Iwolo Ibeni has called on the government of the state not to shy away from taking the oil companies operating in the state that violate the economic rights of the state and her citizenry.
He stated this, during an interview with the Golden Pen Newspape in the State capital, Yenagoa.
The learned man noted with concern that most of the volatile incidences that crumbled the economy of the state could have been avoided if the Oil companies operating in Bayelsa had established their offices in the State, which he described as the Right of the state and urged the government to enforce that Right by going to court with a view to forestall future occurrences of insurgency and the consequences of economic stagnation and poverty. Hear him:
"The Land use Decree, (Act) by the Federal Government is not against oil companies having offices in the areas of their operation. That is why Shell, Agip, and other companies have their offices in sisterly oil states like Rivers, Akwa/Ibom, Delta and others. The question is why not also in Bayelsa..." he queried.
Barrister Iwolo explained that it is the Right of the Bayelsa state government to drag the erring companies to court to address the repeated violation of the economic rights of the state that had resulted in insecurity of the people claiming lives and property. He used the medium to call on the oil companies operating in the state to establish their offices in the state, in these words:
"The oil companies should as a matter of priority have their offices here in Bayelsa. There is no way you should stay away from the area you operate and expect the people to be happy. If they have their offices here, and there are issues, at least, they will be able to address such issues than jumping all the way from Abuja to address them..."
He said, the oil companies have done a great injustice to the Bayelsa people knowing that oil was first found in commercial quantity in Oloibiri in the Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa, wondered why offices are established in every other oil producing state, but Bayelsa had been sidelined or oppressed.
Barrister Iwolo has therefore called on the state government not to shy away from seeking redress in the court of law so as to receive what is the state's rightful dues to boost her Internally Generated Revenue (IGR), he concluded.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Sometimes it is necessary or reasonable to ask questions as to why certain things happen, where it happened, so on and so forth. That undoubtedly could be in the minds of some of those who see this picture. They would be either occupied with where this picture was taken, at what occasion and by the way, who are those in the picture, where do they  come from and what relationship do they have?
It is for this reason, jus a little has to be said of the picture. The two great gentlemen in the picture are Nembe people Let me say where  the photo was taken and the occasion.
The simplest way to put it is that, it was at a joyous matrimonial occasion held at a Church in Amarata in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa between Iduate and Frank all of Nembe in the Nembe Local Government Area of the State.
The reception held at  Matho Crystal, one of the prestigious hotels in the fledgling state capital located at the Imiringi axis of the all Ijaw state in the Niger Delta region of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
From left to right is, Chief O.G. Evans Tubonah Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Golden Pen Newspaper and Dr. Apoku Inodu, Permanent Secretary in the State Civil Service
 Photo taken  at the swimming pool area of the hotel.
They decided to take the picture because as Nembe people they see themselves as brothers and friends.