Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Bayelsa is one of the richest State with just 8 Local Government Areas in the Nigerian Federation. It is i  the oil and gas rich Niger Delta Region and Nembecis one of the Local Councils which is one of thae richest  oil and gas bearing areas.
It was reasoned that the State Government was going to avoid politicization in projects execution in especially priority areas such as water supply and electricity. It is sad to say that the people of Nembe seem to have been forgotten or delibrately denied these two basic amenities. If you go to the Bassambiri axis you will find a water tank project being executed by the Restoration government for the past two years, and the community had come to the elastic end of waiting and had come to the conclusion that they project may be abandoned if the the attention of the called into the matter.
The people have resorted to the most crude method of getting water, they dig wells to get water, shallow wells for that matter and it is most likely that if urgent attention is not given the State government may face challenges of battling epidemic from water borne diseases.
People fetch water from enywhere, from natural potholes, soak away pits etc. On electricity, there is no more life in the area. People sleep early every night because of the thick darkness that had taken the community hostage. No more business activities, hotels and stores are foced to close without sales. This had crumbled the economy in so much that calls have started coming to the state and local governments to pay priority attention to these endemic problems.

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