Monday, 14 April 2014


Chief O.G Evans Tubonah
Founder/President World Prosperity Organization
Nigeria is a nation that has all potentials to be great, but the problem has been the attitutude of the citizens majority of  who are soaked in corruption, nepotism, clanishness, and anti national unity and prosperity
It has been conference upon conference since Independence and that had been good enough because every of the conferences held in the past played key roles in the course of the nation and the Abacha Constitutional Conference is a pointer to the fact that these conference did prosper this nation at their times and climes, and World Prosperity believes that the ongoing Nationnal Conference is another platform to re-direct, re-shape the destiny and re-position the nation by putting her in the fast lane of Prosperity.
World Prosperity wants Conference Delegates to shun personal interest and the interest of their individual families or States for the interext of the nation.

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