Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Dr.Goodluck Jonathan
God is not done with Dr. Jonathan Presidency as we can see, because the "Bible of our dear nation" [The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria} still gives him another chance to contest the presidential election that is coming next. That is very clear and it cannot be argued by any man who is not blind or stupid.
There are many who don't seem to understand what is happening in the Country, they don't know that nothing is happening by chance, because those who claim to have power themselves have not proved that they could or would be President or put themselves in any position except it pleased God to do so. That is why it is sad to note that some politically blind people continue to make noise saying Dr. Jonathan should not contest in 2015, such talks are nonsense and profoundly unreasonable and in fact grossly unbecoming of fellow Nigerians who aught to know the principle of righteousness that exalts nations, families and personalities.
No matter where you come from within the geographical space called Nigeria, you are a Nigerian and that is it. You are a brother or sister to the other Nigerian; therefore those who are trying to create division because of their selfish political interests should leave their prodigal ways and join hands with the positive national interest, to build a strong and united Nigeria that will guarantee peace and prosperity for all.
Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a Nigerian citizen under the protection of "The Bible of Nigeria" {The Constitution}, which says that an elected President should go for re-election to seek a second tenure mandate, and that is what is supreme to all the side talks we have been hearing and seeing in the pages of newspapers. The surprise was that ill-fated letter of former President Obasanjo who wrote a mundane letter of eighteen pages to berate the president and called him all the bad names in his heart. But the fact is that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is just what God Almighty says he is and should be in the future. In other words the destiny of Goodluck is not at all in the hands of Obasanjo or any human being with flesh and blood anywhere in the world, but in the HAND OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO ANOINTED HIM PRESIDENT.
Those who think that their making noise or running around from party to party, deflecting and deflecting every day from one party to the other are just ignorant of what they are doing. The All Progressive Change APC as a party now wear the faces of political drop outs from other parties. That is unbelievably shameless on the path of those political divorcees from their husbands and are now flirts. What good thing will ever come out of such human beings who are unstable like water, thank God Nigeria had not made the mistake of sending any of those unstable PDP governors who prefer being called APC governors to represent Nigeria in any capacity, who may have dumped Nigeria's position to take citizenship in the country they may have been posted. Such people are dangerous, the cannot be trusted.
Nigeria is truly a great nation and that, we can see from the objective comments of majority of those who are national voices at moments of great challenges. That was played out in the controversies of Obasanjo's letter which was brutally criticized by many across the country, including the daughter Obasanjo and his former wife who so no reason Obasanjo could have written such letter in the first place. Nigeria had that spirit of coming together whenever there are major challenges against the peace and unity of the country, and that is the NATIONAL SPIRIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.
No matter what had happened in the political environment with the defections, the intrigues, the name callings and the impeachment threats against Jonathan, and the moves to remove the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and all that, had changed nothing, PDP is still the best party in Nigeria and if Jonathan listens to the voice of God through the masses and go for a second tenure ticket he will win, and if he don't contest, any candidate that runs the race of the presidency in the platform of the PDP will will. Nigerians are becoming disenchanted with APC and will soon use the broom they have in their hands to sweep them out in states, its members are dotted.
Thanks to dramatic events that betrayed the APC of the sincerity of her members who ran to Chief Obasanjo's home to woo him to their side instead of going for peace between the former president and the incumbent. It was expected of the APC to have also visited the President, Dr. Jonathan to speak on the letter, but that they failed to do. Nigerians a not fools and can never be led by the nose, and looking at the faces of the spent horses claiming as being stallions, Nigerians, cannot afford to toy with the destiny of this great Country to miscreants and or political fortune seekers that are bent on taking power by all means for selfish purposes.
Dr. Jonathan is God's own chosen President for Nigeria, and the "Bible of Nigeria" {The Constitution} has it, that he [Dr. Goodluck Jonathan] has a right to go for a second tenure ticket, therefore anyone or group that go out of this arrangement is not just going against Jonathan, but God who made him president and the Constitution that gave him the right to contest a second tenure ticket.

Friday, 27 December 2013


NBA President Okey Wali and Gov. Dickson at a Transparency Briefing
The governor of Bayelsa State,Chief Henry Seriake Dickson Restoration administration is on the news again. This time around, the government has not only made news but also identified as the only government that is unmindful of the well being and prosperity of the governed. 
According to reports from some Ministries in the State, the state governor, Seriake Dickson did not release money to enable them perform their statutory functions of paying bills of individuals and organizations that rendered services to the government through the Ministries.,
Government officials who spoke to Golden Pen in Yenagoa stated that the governor had subjected the state to poverty which they described as unwarranted.
Our sources agreed that the governor abandoned the people of the state few days to the Xmas to enjoy the yuletide period outside Nigeria. Governor Dickson's action according to some Civil Servants whose salaries and wages did not come to hand when it was due into the Christmas described him as uncaring, selfish and insensitive to the plight of the people, thus accusing him of introducing hunger Xmas in the State
Some of the cabinet members of the Dickson government were said to have left office, during the Christmas week because of the emptiness of their treasuries. One of them spoke with Golden Pen saying,"I can't stay in my office there is no money to pay for services rendered to our Ministry, some of our staff are yet to receive their salaries, and the pressure is too much on me, and I cannot withstand such pressures. And it is difficult for me to open up to them that the governor traveled out of the state and country without releasing money", the Commissioner said.
Meanwhile Bayelsans are praying that God should touch the heart of the governor to consider the plight of the poor and to put food on their tables.
Dickson the Transparency governor as he is commonly referred has been in the business of bringing people from outside the state and country as special guests to listen to his transparency briefings after lodging them in Government House and expensive hotels.

Saturday, 14 December 2013


The Founder and President of World Prosperity Organization, Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubonah has called on Nigerians to be united to achieve and sustain a prosperous society.
Speaking to newsmen in Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital, Chief Evans Tubonah describes the "letter bomb" by former president Obasanjo at the door of the president and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the Federal Government as a mere trial of the leadership of the nation.Christian leader knows that there is no leadership without trials and temptation, and those are the very steps of the ladder great people climb to the top and become heroes.
Some mundane intellectuals who don't understand the divine laws of peace, love and forgiveness have been making utterances to poison the heart of Mr. president that Obasanjo's letter tantamount "treasonable felony" but that Mr. president should discountenance all that and move ahead, Chief Evans Tubonah advised.
The Founder President of Prosperity Organization, noted the President was raised because of his down to earth humility and forgiveness of his offenders, and urged him not to make mistake to go for vengeance, but rather conquer or defeat the devil in the hearts of those who want to make a mountain out of the Obasanjo letter and put them to shame Tubonah said.
The best, president Jonathan should do is to triumph over the controversial, letter with faith in God that nothing bad will come out of it, the World Prosperity leader concluded.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Chief Olusegun Obasanjo
 Former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo had given a hard knock on the incumbent president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan by writing him a strongly worded letter. Titled:- "A LETTER OF APPEAL TO PRESIDENT GOODLUCK JONATHAN" dated 2nd December, 2013, Obasanjo raised some pertinent issues which he posited as matters of national interest.
General Obasanjo's attack on Dr. Jonathan was like a bombshell aimed at tearing down the presidency to pieces. Premium Times and Sahara Reporters provided enough space to publish the said letter and even the raw copy for Nigerians to comment on or condemn the presidency and by extension the Federal government. In view of the fact that Obasanjo was the godfather of Dr. Jonathan, it was more reasonable not to repeat the letter that had been read and read and read, by almost all Nigerians, Africans and the world.
What therefore Golden Pen would do is simply to say that the face-off between the former president and the incumbent president is not good enough for the peace and prosperity of the nation. President Obasanjo had been consistent with moves to put Nigeria on a lamp stand of gold for all nations of the world to see. He had for that purpose done so much for NIGERIA as the first Military Head of state that handed over power to civilian administration in 1979.
Chief Obasanjo who returned as an elected president in 1999, became the arrow head of the 4th Republic democracy, and was always at the forefront to see that the transition from democracy to democracy succeeded. T
His dream  came through as he handed over power to Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and Dr Goodluck Jonathan as president and vice president respectively.
Some wrongly accuse Obasanjo,  that he deliberately made Yar'Adua having foreknowledge that he was going to end halfway, to make way for Jonathan's Presidency, but such reasoning and comments were unfounded, because some people that were not sick died before the former president. The rise of Dr, Jonathan to the presidency was a divine plan that played out with Obasanjo playing the role of the instrument for the unprecedented change with the first Ijaw, of Niger Delta and of the South/South emerged as president.
No matter what the truth must be told, whether it be a bitter truth of not it must be told. And that truth is that Chief Olusegun Aremu Kikiola Obasanjo is the political godfather of Goodluck Jonathan, who brought him as running mate, and today he is the president.   One truth is that there was no basis for Goodluck and Obasanjo to do things this way. The letter is very weighty, it is pertinent to suggest that President Obasanjo should not forget his avowed commitment to peace, security and prosperity of the nation.
Dr. Jonathan himself should not forget the god fatherly disposition of Obasanjo and relate with him in that light to explain some of the issues he raised to him so that there will be no second and third letters. Obasanjo and Jonathan should not fight.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


  • In Nigeria, politicians are never stable, they are like the water that finds its own level. For the past 14 years Nigeria has been counted amongst nations under democratic rule. This is a plus for the country, as against military rule or military dictatorship which the global community frowns at. Thank God Nigeria is a fast growing democracy in her third Republic political experiment
General Abdulsalami Abubakar's name in history is already written in gold as the military Head of State who willfully handed over power to a civilian administration in 1999. General Abubakar set the pace for a promising democracy. From the 1999 elections the votes decided in favor of the Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} and Nigeria had always been in the hands of the PDP.
It was a point of interest to be with the ruling party, but to some honest leaders in the Niger Delta, The  political party one belongs to does not matter, provided the dividends of democracy are being realized. On this political journey of 14 years the people of Nigeria have been like a double headed serpent that insist on going different directions without minding that they belong to one body.
It has been so controversial for this nation called the giant of Africa to go on a political journey with a multiple party system that the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] failed to manage or co-ordinate, which gave a strong indication that Nigeria was moving into a turbulent sea of political uncertainties. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo who became the first Nigerian child to occupy the national throne as elected president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ruled for 8 years, not because he was perfect but because as a nation which suffered from the hands of Military dictatorship, the citizens preferred democracy.
Nigerians though willing to co-operate with Obasanjo did not accept his attempt to a third term move, and forced him to go back to the political track of completing his second tenure and he left. The way was now open for a transition from democracy to democracy. Alhaji Shehu Musa Yar'Adua was favored as President,but did not even complete his first tenure leaving the seat to the Niger Delta born, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as President of the Country. 
Dr. Jonathan succeeded Yar'Adua from his vintage position of Vice President to Acting President, to a substantive President and an elected President in 2011. The journey has not been easy with the PDP as a party. The PDP which called itself the largest party in Africa, with the symbol of an umbrella they use as a representation of a family under same roof. 
But that was not the true situation in the PDP, it was rather a house where so many unbelievable things continue to happen in the family, one cannot give a blow by blow account of PDP crisis across the country, but 'the last straw that broke the camel's back' was the story of the breakaway 7 PDP governors who went away from a National Convention  to form what they called a nPDP which has now progressed to a controversial merger with the All Progressive Party [APC] that appear to be threatening the soft landing of democracy in the country, as the latter has vowed to clean power from the hands of the 14 year old PDP leadership.
Stories about the quick spread of the APC were recorded on daily bases in the media: print, electronic and the new media, always coming out with more stories of defection. Those were stories from far, but most baffling is the attitude of most Bayelsans who said they are waiting for the APC to come, so that they will defect.
Bayelsa like most of the states is a blue blood PDP state which has no strong political party as apposition, which the state wants to maintain; especially now that they have their own Ijaw son, Dr. Jonathan as President. 
From the look of things, the PDP in the country more so, the Bayelsa State PDP should wake up and work harder, and also be vigilant for the Judases who smile with their leaders and betray them, are very much ready to betray their leaders again to get cheap political appointments.
Some of those yearning for defection are said to be meeting secretly in Port Harcourt and Yenagoa while sending out representation to work out their defection plans. 

Saturday, 23 November 2013


The fierce battle the people of Akenfa and Agudama-Epie in the oil rich capital city of Bayelsa in the Niger Delta region had been described as avoidable. Speaking to Golden Pen on the battle that claimed 9 lives and hospitalised many in hospitals and private clinics in different parts of the state, a young opinion leader who gave his name simply as, Bekezibe said he was not happy over the security lapses that engulfed the two communities in what he described as a war. Mr. Bekezibe said, it was a big surprise that, the security outfit "DOUAKPO" did not do anything to stop the crisis, which according to him was avoidable. He went further to state that gone are the days when it was uneasy to get infortion, but not this digital,gsm era where in a state capital like Yenagoa, people carried guns and cutlasses to break the law with impunity, killing and inflicting injury on each other.Mr. Bekezibe who commended the state governor, Henry Seriake Dickson on his clean bill security profile called on the state government to constitute a panel to investigate the immediate and remote causes of the war and also probe into the security lapses in the area. It will be recalled that the two commonities went on rampage over a pieace of land last Friday carrying dangeraous weapons for war,a brotherly war that claimed 9 lives while some are stilll critical conditions, Bekeziba concluded.

Thursday, 14 November 2013


It is now dramatically being played out in the politics of the day that, the people of Brass Senatorial District comprising of Brass, Nembe and Ogbia Local Government Areas are no longer towing same direction. There is said to be a serious and of course unprecedented political divide amongst the people from the per-colonial era to Nigeria Independence and to Creation Rivers State and now Bayelsa State.
Investigation shows that the former united Brass senatorial District is now a skeleton of itself existing only in name but no longer united. The past of what we have now as Brass Senatorial District was the Brass Division during the Colonial era which was the decider of victories at elections. That division later became a Local Government Area when Rivers State was created and still wielded that influence of been the decider at elections especially at governorship and presidential elections.
The Brass Local Government under the first Military Governor Lt. Commander A.P. Diete-Spiff was united and that played out when it came to inter state affairs. During that time Commander Diete Spiff and the then Commissioner of Police, Mr. Opuene Kue Berenah who loved the traditional sport of wrestling, and because they were all from the LGA had encouraged unity to ensure victory. That was the time the then Brass Local Government wrestling champion, Mr. Blackie came to limelight and his victories were celebrated as the victories of the entire LGA and not at all the victory of Ogbia wards he came from.
When Chief Okilo became governor of Rivers State the unity of Brass Local Government Area continued, and that was the secret of the rock strong political strength that gave Okilo victory and which he enjoyed in office as governor of Rivers State. At the creation of Bayelsa State, the former Brass LOcal Government Area comprising of Brass, Nembe and Brass Local Government Areas became a senatorial district. And that was celebrated by the people still in the spirit of unity jointly agreed that their political father, Chief Melford Okilo became the first Senator and he was collectively elected. After Okilo, Mr. Inatimi Rufus Spiff from Brass axis, then Nimi Barigha Amange and now Mr. Clever Ikisikpo as senator representing the area.
But that unity is becoming history, because things have fallen apart in the area and the political dichotomy of the senatorial district is becoming unpredictable as days continue to succeed one another through weeks, months and years. Some elders who were mindful of their well being in expressing their views preferred anonymity, said that it so sad that the Brass Senatorial District is in shambles and noted that if things were not put right on time the political future of the district will be sad.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


Traders in Kpansia market in Yenago the capital city of Bayelsa have cried out what they described as economic stagnation in the past three months. Speaking to market survey reporters on Saturday, a trader who deals on shoft ware materials, who gave his name as, Mr. Anthony said the Kpansia market was booming until recently when sales began to drop and now is like 'we just come to play or while away time in the market."
The situuation was more severe with consumable items like fish, meat,chicken etc.
Narrating the challenges ahead, a  butcher, who gave her name as Rose explained that      the situation was so disturbing that they don't know how to go about preserving their unsold meat etc. to the next market day without incuring some loses.
According to her, when the economy of the state was better, people used to buy meat worth   a thousand naira or more, but now the highest bidders are those who buy two hundred naira worth of meat, she said.
The cause of the down turn economy had not been ascertained, but observers said that it may not be unconnected with  financial adjustments being made by the State Government with a view to gathering more funds to push the development of the state forward. This was confirmed by both political appointees and civil servants in various ministries that there was a cut of overhead cost of 40% in every Ministry and Parastatal, which they say had affected their family economies in a big way.
Some civil servants however attributed the economic down turn to unstable salary payment  by the ministries, suggesting that if salaries be paid as at when due the impact of transaction will be appreciated in the markets. Others however expressed the view that some have decided to save their salaries in preparation for the xmas festivities that is around the corner.


Yenagoa was very calm just like every other Friday, when the government offices does not obey full time work and because I had what to do in some of the Ministries for update of information, I left my Biogbolo home and hurried down first to the Ministry of Education where I visited the offices of Chief B.F. Amakiri Duo and the Permanent Secretary for some discussion, before hurrying down to the Ministry of  Trade and Investment, where I also discussed some official matters before hurrying away after a touch to the Ministry of Information.
You may ask, why the mad hurry, what was pursuing me? The answer is as simply as the knowledge of the fact that the Golden Eaglet, Nigeria's under 17 football team will be locking horns withe Mexico at the world shocker competition, and I don't want to be told so I, went home but that was not all. I still had to do a job outside so I had to hurry down to Foto Legend at Imgbi road, to do some photo work. Thank God Adaeze Ezike the lady in charge of the office was not too busy to delay me. But her speed as far as I was concerned was not enough, I needed a magic touch of all that we were doing.
But knowing the precarious situation of the unpredictability of power supply in the state capital, Yenagoa, I had to call Ayebalayefa Evans, my son and asked him to ensure that there was enough fuel in the generator to enable us watch the match. I hurried out of Foto Legend telling Adaeze Ezike that I was to come back the following day to pick the job. And I went home, but the traffic was another problem.The gridlock was unimaginably worrisome, but thanks heaven I made after the Eaglets had scored their first goal.
The Mexicans intimidated our goal keeper with attacks but he was equal to the task, he caught and parried the ball proficiently  to the admiration of the spectators and attracted a lot of ovation. The eaglets played quality football, but missed many scores to the end of the first half of play. But when they went into the second half, they came stronger on Mexico and came victorious with 3 goals to none from Mexico. That was how I watch the match.   

Friday, 1 November 2013


The Celebrant, wife and others
Thanks Giving is the greatest thing to do in honor of the Lord by the sons and daughters of God who do not take casual the love of God and His mercies towards them. This came to the fore on the 27th of October, 2013, when the Publisher and CEO of the Golden Pen Newspaper in Bayelsa State, Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubonah went to the House of God for a thanks giving service. 
The service was held at the New Demonstrate Ministries Kolo where the Publisher gave a brief testimony of his journey through life in the past 60 years. Born on the 28th of October 1953, at a little village called Obiata in Nembe Bassambiri, in the Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State of Nigeria, Chief Evans Tubonah said he was not  born in the house but  on the road. 
According to him, it does not mean that his parent had no home, but it was because on that day of his birth his heavily pregnant mother, Mrs. Suota Evans Iyoyo went to the community lavatory behind the village around 5a.m, and that when she was returning was not able to make the journey back home because, I wanted to come out there. It was an emergency that caught the attention of other women and he born on the road side before his grandmother Titi Awori Mrs., who was the community's  midwife came my mother and my little self [her daughter and her grandson to the house]. 
He remarked that whereas it was not easy to grow to adult in a world where some did not make minutes on earth and others did not even see the light of day, stated that God had done so much for him and his family for keeping him alive to 60 years. 
He used the forum to tell younger people not to be in haste over anything emphasizing that no man has ever made any difference in life by personal effort or ability, without the God factor. 
He urged the people to be patient and look up to God, and work according to his ways, He who alone who has the power and will to kill or make alive. It was a remarkable and memorable ceremony put together by the Nembe born Publisher, Chief Evans Tubonah. People of all works of lif attended the occasion.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


The Restoration governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson has been told not to borrow monies from anywhere in the name of or on behalf of Bayelsa state Government for any reason. 
Speaking to newsmen in the Bayelsa State Capital, Yenagoa, the Founder/President of World Prosperity Organization, Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubonah had described the move as economically dangerous to the well being and prosperity of the people of the state to the present and future generations.
According to him, the present administration under the leadership of governor Dickson had during his monthly transparency media briefings told Bayelsans of savings amounting to billions of Naira from federal allocation accounts and internally generated funds.
He explained that taking of loans does not in any way represent  comfortable economic ideologies that will bring development to better the lot of the people, and that the best option for the government would have been to utilize the savings of the State to build the necessary Maritime Academy to pacify the People of Okpoama from which land a fledgling College of Education was hijacked to Dickson's own place Sagbama.
Chief Evans Tubonah who is also the Publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper observed that the people of Okpoama in the Brass Local Government Area, being a largely oil bearing communities deserve to benefit  from the oil monies accruing into the state rather than taking a tour to outside countries to borrow monies with huge interest that would last 30 years to in the name of building a Maritime Academy there.
World Prosperity, according to  Chief Evans-Tubonah,  does not like the idea of the state government's move to take the loan of 60million Euros which is over N13billon, in Nigerian currency because it will worsen or aggravate the poverty condition  that the people of the state have suffered from the hands of such ill-fated political ideologies. He told Dickson not to shift grounds from his promises to the people of the State that he will not play politics with the development of the state, but remain steadfast and to ensure that he displays honesty and transparency in the spread of amenities by his administration to the nooks and crannies of Bayelsa as against lumping everything at one place which will not be too good for the day of re corning that will not fail to come in earnest, he emphasized.
He therefore called on the governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson not to co-operate with food and money politicians in the state who will soon turn  their backs against him and leave him alone to defend the decisions of his administration.
 World Prosperity, Chief Evans-Tubonah assured will continue to support government good intentions and positive development polices but warned against borrowing or taking loans from within or outside the country, describing the 60millon Euros loan deal as unacceptable and called on the state government to drop the idea.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013





Friday, 27 September 2013


Bayelsa Governor and Minister of Culture
This year's hosting of the annual festival of Arts and Culture was a welcome development. It has come and gone, but the memories of all that transpired will ever remain fresh in the minds of all Nigerians who were part of the festival and who were partakers of the good the bad and the ugly of it all. What concerns observers in the and even outsiders was the way what was a national project or programme ended up with just the Governor of Bayelsa State and the Minister of Arts and Culture at the high table. Not even governors or deputy governors of neighboring states were identified with the so much acclaimed National Festival. It was a great surprise that instead of another to represent Mr. President at the great, held in the Bayelsa State Capital Yenagoa, it was Dickson that stood in for Mr. President. The question begging for answers is what was in the mind of all the governors of the State not to attend, whereas in previous years NAFEST had been a national jamboree which no state toyed with or ignored. The none attendance of the governors from other states really sent a wrong signal and that is the signal that most states seem to abhor, hate or dislike Bayelsa State. Why is it that only the Governor of Bayelsa State and the Minister of Culture alone waving their hands and beaming with doubtful  smiles at the supposedly  august occasion.  Now Bayelsa is celebrating another great national event National Tourism the state is hosting. Bayelsa should try harder to see that the loneliness experienced as in this picture be not repeated.

Sunday, 22 September 2013


Just as the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan leaves the Nigeria to attend this year's General Assembly of the United Nations, Sahara Reporters were so ready to come out at this year's with one unbelievable report that, the entourage of Mr. President was exactly 600 persons. Sahara Reporters did not just stop there, but went on to as mentioning the hotels locations and costs per every room and published the same for reasons that cannot be fathomed out yet. Sahara Reporters many stupid things in that report and that is why the word unbelievable is used. It is unimaginable and as well unbelievable Sahara Reporters has gone so petty to talk about how many persons a president chooses to have as his entourage to where he wishes to go.  And what is the business of Sahara Reporters with the hotels the Nigerian  Presidents and his entourage are in the US. What Sahara Reporters have done with the said report is a serious concern to most Nigerians especially from the Niger Delta Region who condemn the report as a dangerous outing with a serious security implication. 
Golden Pen as a medium saw the report as too personal, highly provocative and a flagrant breach of international security protocol against Nigeria and the person of Mr. President and his entourage. If the duty of Sahara Reporters was to publish names of all the presidents and their entourage, their hotel rooms and costs and whatever it would have been understood in that light, but the issue that borders all Nigerians is, why single out the President of Nigeria and his entourage for this ill intentioned publication. Let us look at some of the words used by Sahara Reporters 
"The Nigerian delegation is by far the largest of any nation at this year's UN event.......The Nigerian leader...is in a presidential suite that will cost $10,000 per night. This means his tab alone , will hit at least $50,000. ......... Nigeria has become internationally known for wasting valuable development funds on lavish foreign trips..."
This is an insult that cannot be accepted and if Sahara Reporters were fair and fairly domesticated they should have known that what they are doing against Nigeria is unimaginable and unbelievably unfair. For Sahara Reporters to make such a report it could have been better to tell the world all the presidents of the nations and their entourage, the hotels they stay and how much each nation spent. Singling out Nigeria and her entourage seems to suggest that  Sahara Reporters hates Nigeria.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


The Bayelsa State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, has come out to announce that there is no split in the PDP in Bayelsa the home front of the President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. This is contained in a Press statement signed by  the Chapter's Secretary, Hon. Keku Godpower and made available to the media in the Stat Capital Yenagoa. 
According to the Statement, the Bayelsa State Chapter of the PDP is intact for the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the Governor of the State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson and committed to the retuning of Dr. Jonathan as President in the 2015 presidential race.
The  Secretary of the Bayelsa State Chapter of the PDP, Hon. Godpower denied claims that the party was now divided to old and new chapters. He emphasized that instead of split the PDP was now getting more united and ready, so as to give total support to Mr. President. The Statement reads in par thus:-
"The Peoples Democratic Party {PDP} in Bayelsa state remains one and indivisible body, marching ahead spiritually to fulfill its destiny as laid down by its founding fathers."

" We are one family resolute in the basic ideals of democracy, leadership and development of our people. We are not factionalized  and no amount of rumour mongering, insinuation or even incitement will change the situation...that we are resolutely behind President Goodluck Jonathan, our dear Governor, Hon. Serake Dickson and the national leadership of our great party. For the avoidance of doubt, we in the Bayelsa State Chapter of the PDP joined other states chairmen just yesterday in Abuja to affirm our loyalty and outright support to the Bamanga Tukur leadership and we stand  by this conviction as a matter of honour and decency...."

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


By Evans Tubonah 
 As the PDP crisis raises on across the country, Bayelsa State,  the home front of President Goodluck Jonathan had not allowed itself to be in the status of mere onlookers. This played out on Monday when some political heavy weights, supporters of the former governor of Bayelsa State, Chief Timipre Sylva defected to the new PDP led by its Chairman, Alhaji Kawu Baraje and Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola as Secretary. The Sylva group was said to have been fed up with the lawlessness and impunity displayed by the party managers who they say subverted both the party's Constitution and the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. They noted that there was every need to change the PDP from its darkness to light where righteousness, peaceful co-existence at all levels, and where Justice and fair play should be made the way of life. 
The Supporters of the former Governor, Chief Sylva comprised of top politicians of the state amongst whom were, the former Security Adviser of the State Chief Perekeme Kpodoh, the former Honorable Commissioner of Ministry of Water Resources, Chief K.D. Francis Itioekife,  the publisher of Spynet Magazine, Mr. Sidi Godwin, Alabo Martins, the former Chairman of Kolokuma/Opokuma, Hon. Ineye Igbainfegha, and many others all carpeted the old PDP its lawlessness and impunity . The group said, it has automatic follower ship because of existing  structures put in place by Chief Sylva when he was governor of the State.
In an interview with newsmen the Chairman of the group, Chief Kpodoh announced names of coordinators in the state capital and in the various Local Government Areas down to the ward level. He assured that the New PDP under the tested leadership of Alhaji Baraje will reposition the State PDP to a Party of higher values and ideals, and therefore called on the people to join the train.
In a telephone communication, a close supporter of the former governor who preferred anonymity, told Golden Pen that their deflection to the New PDP from the Old was not made known to Sylva.
Following this development, President Jonathan is said to be visiting Bayelsa today Tuesday, 10th September to see that his home base be free from entanglement in the ongoing ravaging PDP crisis across the country.
Meanwhile there has been much tension in the State capital and its environ following threats and counter threats by militant groups from the camps of Asari Dokubo and Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta [MEND]. The venue of the meeting was not know as at press time.  

PDP CRISES: Sylva Supporters move

Monday, 9 September 2013


The political impasse bedeviling the Peoples Democratic Party to two factions has confirmed that things have fallen apart in the party. The PDP family which is believed to  being the largest political family in Africa has been in crisis for some time. In fact the unity of the PDP was trimmed down by the North at the death of the former President, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and Dr. Jonathan emerged as his successor. From that  day some Northern politicians who saw other Nigerians as trees or lesser human beings saw no reason for an Ijaw man, a Niger Deltan or South-Southerner to be President. They began to sing such songs as rotation agreement, that Dr. Jonathan should only complete Yar'Adua's tenure and  not vie for presidency in 2011. There were sponsored bombings in Abuja and parts of the North as campaigns against Dr. Jonathan's Presidential ambition. Thanks to all the rest of the nation who stood behind the ticket of Jonathan as  the fittest candidate to fix Nigeria in her myriad of challenges.  And from the day of his election and when the celebration of his victory was high,  some disgruntled politicians who believed it must always be the North to produce the President or nobody, went to subversive statements that led to the emergence of that deadly violent group called Boko Haram which went rampage with indiscriminate bombings targeted at Christian Churches in the North. All that was done with threats of making Nigeria ungovernable to President Jonathan. All those provocative acts by those so called born to rule Northerners did not make Jonathan to hate the North but continued to love them and offered amnesty to those who were bent on destabilizing  his administration. Even at that, those who secretly worked against the President continued to fest around him in the guise or pretense of being trust worthy party men. President Jonathan and the majority of Nigerians have always seen reasons to support the President for his God fearing disposition and love for all Nigerians. Being that as it is, those Northerners with power seeking tendencies have worked crookedly to let hell loose on President Jonathan who ls Constitutionally mandated to go for a second tenure ticket . And with this transparent position of the Constitution favoring Dr. Jonathan to go for a second tenure ticket those beclouded with selfishness and blinded by greed continued to hit up the polity. The latest outing of the political greedy men in the PDP family was on the 31st of August during the National Convention of the party when Alhaji Atiki Abubakar led 7 governors to stage a walk out of the Convention, and addressed a Press Conference calling themselves the new PDP etc. All these don't  not matter and not important, what is important is that the Independent National Electoral Commission  INEC will not recognize two factions of a party, and Nigeria is waiting for the INEC to speak now that it is most appropriate. Which is the authentic PDP and which is the fake?


 On the 31st of August 2013 it was a great day for the Africa largest party, the PDP at the Eagle square Abuja where a special convention was packaged by the party's leadership, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur with a view to reposition the PDP for another political success in 2015. While President Jonathan, the Vice President, the BOT Chairman, Tony Aneniy and other party faithfuls were looking  forward to a hitch free Convention where many political handshakes were expected amongst attendants across the nation, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, a one time Vice President of the Federation who turned rebellious against his boss then, had a secret agenda that was going to be another unprecedented event in the political history of the Country. Atiku Abubakar had before going to the convention plotted a political coup to wrest power from the hand of the  PDP Exco. led by its Alhaji Bamanga T. The former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar was able to lure some unsuspecting governors to his side in his attempt to overthrow the PDP in particular and the Nigerian Government under the leadership of Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in  general. That Atiku and his co-plotters stormed the Eagle square with the governors he pocketed drove in also and took their positions. 
Atiku' must have concluded that his move to destabilize the party with his stooge governors was going to  earn him a title and or a brighter political future or relevance in the country, but that is rather a costly mistake he will regret forever. Atiku is not a good organizer of people and anyone who does not have organizing spirit is self centered and a repellant personality to any organization. If you look back at Atiku when he was the Vice President, he lost himself in power struggle with his boss, President Olusegun Obasanjo and ignorantly attempted a political suicide, but time allowed him to continue in PDP till this unbelievable show of shame in the working out of the PDP National Convention by him and his seven mindless governors.
In the eyes of millions of others who share the views of this writer, the likes of Atiku Abubakar,and the seven governors: Sule Lamido Jigawa, Babangida Aliyu Niger, Aliyu Wamako Sokoto, Rabiu Musa Kwakwanso, Kano, Murtala Nyako Adamawa, Abdulfatai Ahmed and Rivers Rotimi Amaechi have all displayed incompetence by dancing in the market place and are no longer qualified to hold national office to represent our interest haven failed in the little capacities they were given to hold for us in trust. This vies held strongly because these people if made President or Ambassadors will no doubt run out of meetings or conventions and leave either Nigeria or Africa unrepresented. It is a costly mistake in politics, a type of coup that should not be ignored or swept under the carpet. A committee has to be set up by the PDP to investigate the matter and relegate them to the abyss of political history. 
Come to think of it their exit should rather be seen as a welcome development and an answer to prayers that every bad egg in the PDP or in the Government of President Jonathan that are not for good be flushed out. Let them therefore goooooooooooo. And they cannot even impersonate PDP, because PDP is a registered party with its own structure and any attempt to claim paralleling PDP by Atiku and his seven miss-road governors tantamount s criminality the appropriate authorities need not ignore.
Anyone or group no matter how well or wrongly placed that try to raise their voices to say that the God chosen Son of the Niger Delta, South-South Nigeria of the Ijaw ethnic nationality,  Bayelsa State, Ogbia Local Government Area of Otueke Community, His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan should not contest in 2015 are not on the path of righteousness, because the Constitution allows him a second tenure ticket.

Friday, 6 September 2013


Asari Dokubo and his own flag
The former militant leader of the Niger Delta Volunteer Force, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has gone too far in the name of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality to talk recklessly  and publish reckless statements against the Cultured and God fearing people of the Ijaw race in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a big disgrace to us especially the people of Ijaw to continue to listen to the uncultured talks and his own Buguma community he had almost quarreled or abused all those he wishes to just to announce that he is the Prince of Kalabari, and the strongest man of the Niger Delta who can say the final Yes! on any matter. This type of reasoning must have given him the got to abuse whoever including the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, that he was.."too weak". Asari Dokubo said a lot against the person and office of the President that he was not acting like an Ijaw man, just because PDP had a crisis and Mr. president was in the eye of the storm trying to sort out matters. What Asari Dokubo should know is that there is no way for him to be the first in anything in this world, in Africa, in Nigeria, in the South-south, the Niger Delta, in Rivers State and even in his own town and community Kalabari and Buguma. If he wants to boast because of his being Prince of Buguma he should not forget that there are greater and more prominent Princes in the world and in all the areas mentioned above. If Asari feels that because he was a militant whatever he says the nation and indeed the Presidency must jump up to act at once otherwise the nation is weak in his eyes and belief is arrant nonsense. He boast too much of destructive powers  in his utterances and postings. The power he thinks he has and would want Mr. President to use is most undesirable  to Mr. President, because the President is the father of this great nation and would rather build than to destroy. The split of the ruling party was not a sufficient reason for Mr. President to have released   a blow to someone or sent forces to attack and destroy people and communities just because PDP was divided to look tough in the eye of Asari Dokubo. One thing Dokubo should know that the Ijaw race has astute traditions and culture that does not play with seniority and or elders. A true Ijaw man must give respect to his elders even if the seniority is just for a day. The Ijaw man does not also dis respect his Amanyanabo (King),and every constituted authority. He should know that the way he is behaving and the way he talks is the direct opposite of the ways of the Ijaw man. The best option for Asari Dokubo is therefore apologize to Mr. President for calling him "too weak" and for embarrassing the Ijaw race. President Jonathan needs Joseph and not Osama bin Laden to make his administration successful or gain electoral victory. And let him know that he does not represent the Ijaw people in his undomesticated languages and utterances.   
By Chief Tubonah Evans

Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Workers in the Oil rich Bayelsa State of Nigeria have taken their problems of frequent salaries deduction and delayed salary payments of civil servants to Pastors and other spiritual heads for divine intervention. The government of Bayelsa,  according to some workers who spoke to Golden Pen stated that the Restoration administration led by Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson has made a u turn from timely salary payment to unnecessary Daniel said the Restoration government has shown that those at the saddle have more interest on their own individual welfare than the welfare of the people of the state.
Mr. Daniel said the continued cut of salaries from poor civil servants of the state has further impoverished them, and wondered why the little that was being expected at the end of the month was delayed into the next month a situation he described as worrisome and anti-progressive. He explained that rather than having direct confrontation with government most of the workers have resorted to seeking spiritual solution to the precariously deteriorating money wahala  in the state civil service. Supporting Mr. Daniel's position, another Civil Servant who gave his name as Mr. Brakemi said that his prayer point has been based on Ezekiel 34 which as he puts it, will attract divine intervention so that the poor will not continue to cry unto God for help. 
In a sharp reaction to the delay in salary payment a lady civil servant an Accountant, Mrs Seiyefa explained that truly, the salary payment of these months cannot be compared to what was the case at the early period of the Restoration Government. She however attributed the experience as not unconnected with Governor Dickson's long absence in the state, who said the governor had been on leave  expressed hope that things may improve in the future.when he resumes.
Mr. Ingonabo who said he was at the verge of retirement this year, told this medium that he had never been drilled like this in his civil service career with month to month verification exercises and salary cuts.to the bones of the workers . Efforts to contact Government high ranking officials to comment on the issue was unsuccessful at press time.  

Monday, 2 September 2013


Chief Anthony Anenih
The Peoples Democratic Party is unarguably the largest party in Africa and that is because of the Tom Dick and Harry that are in it, which started with controversies. At the early period of the forth Republican democratic experiment the PDP came out with one strange political ideology or philosophy called 'harmonization', an ideology that gave people in privileged positions to do whatever they liked with impunity without the fear of God. They oppress the poor and snatched the rights of the orphans of their positions and impoverish the defenseless. This attitude of the PDP, observers noted was the seed sowed that has now germinated and yielded so much fruit of its kind. The PDP at that tender age of its existence was said to have used the controversial harmonization abracadabra to rob Peter to Pay Paul and in the process caused acrimony buried in the hearts of almost every member of the party, whose father, mother, sister, brother, friend and or self had suffered deprivation in the name of harmonization. In fact it was like that is the tradition of Nigerian politics, because whatever PDP does, is like what Nigerians do because it is the ruling party.  There is no sufficient space to catalog the crisis of PDP at all levels, but one can just mention the very recent efforts made by some party big wigs to broker peace. The new B.O.T Chief Tony Aninih, the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, and the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson have in their own individual capacities brokered peace that ended up with political acceptance that ended at the surface and never at heart. The National Convention of Saturday 31st August 2013 is a show of shame and a monumental disgrace. PDP should make a u turn for the better.   

Sunday, 1 September 2013


His/Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan
The National Convention of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP of Saturday the 31st of August 2013 has shown that the Reuben Abati led media managers of Mr. President have relegated the Bayelsa Press to the background. This is because the Baylsa Press which had a cordial relationship with Dr. Jonathan when he was the Deputy Governor and Governor respectively of Bayelsa before his elevation to the Presidency have in their heart that the President is their kinsman and saw no reason for their being sidelined or deliberately  excluded in the scheme of things at national events. The Bayelsa Press deserves inclusion in view of the fact that they have a role to play in informing the grassroots of the events of the nation with Dr. Jonathan as President. The Bayelsa State Press had suffered accreditation denials to the detriment of the people of the State. Publishers in the State who were ready to storm Abuja for the PDP Convention were disappointed as all efforts to get accreditation proved abortive. This must be a mistake that need to be corrected especially now that the Bayelsa State Press is all out to drum support for the President in the 2015 Presidential election. It is also a thing of concern to the Bayelsa Press especially the Newspaper Publishers that the Dr. Reuben Abati led Presidential image makers did not allow them to see Mr. President even at home in Otueke while fellow Nigerians from other parts of the country gained free access. Dr. Abati Should not take this as confrontation but rather a move to build bridges for unity and cohesiveness in our collective zeal to return, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan as President in 2015.
By Evans Tubonah

Friday, 30 August 2013


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
  •  The Presidential election scheduled to hold in 2015 in Nigeria, is not only a national interest to the people of Nigeria but a global interest, reason being that Nigeria is the largest African nation in the world. Secondly, because it is a nation dominated by too powerful religious groups; Christianity and Islam asserting their influences to rule. From the genesis of Nigeria at Independence in 1960 to 2013 history has it that the leadership of the nation had been dominated by Islam; especially during the Military era when the barrel of the gun and khaki were in power. That was also the time when the North dominated the rest of the political zones, because of the wrongful plans and deeds by the colonial authority who gave military power to the North, before handing over in 1960, a military might wrongfully used in what could best be described as abuse of power by the likes of General Mohamadu Buhari, General Ibrahim Babangida, General Sani Abacha and others who saw the Nigerian nation as their personal industry or kingdom to either manage or rule as a monarchy. But this was their error in judgement or reasoning, because Nigeria belongs to God and not to any mortal man or ethnic society. The major error committed by the North in the management of the political power entrusted  to them was their conclusion that they were to like God, rule for ever. Besides they also reasoned that the wealth of the nation belonged to them alone, and that was all. God does not like that, and could no longer wait for the proud of the Northern opportunists to continue to enslave  the rest of the nation and rob the people of the Niger Delta and the rest of Nigerians  of their treasury with impunity. Thank God, He brought in Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as Head of State and President of Nigeria to wisely checkmate the excesses of the political brigandage perpetuated by those selfish and unfriendly Northern leaders. God lost confidence in the North and it is His prerogative to give leadership to whoever He likes and or whichever village, town or community. He {God} likes. And in His wisdom He has brought his humble son and servant Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to the presidency and His decision is final. Nobody or group of persons or ethnicity can challenge the will of God to bring any presidential candidate against Dr. Jonathan in 2015, to do so, will be like committing suicide, because the WILL OF GOD MUST BE DONE. People like Bola Tinibu, Muhamadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, El-Rufai and other political leftist should stop heating up the polity but read the hand writing of God in the game of politics and stand for morality, fairness and national interest. During the era of that, gap-tooted Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, old politicians were banned to make way for vibrant leadership if that good and progressive ideology was upheld to date, those spent horses could have given way to stallions to be in power. And Nigeria sees Jonathan as a stallion and cannot be compared to the likes of Buhari, Atiku, Tinibu El-Rufai and others who could have been retired by reasons of the number of years in service or age as per the Constitution of the nation; if they were in the
    nation's civil service, to continue to have political space to contest election is itself a national error that needs to be corrected.  Nigeria should have developed faster and better if these re-circled political opportunists who have succeeded over the years  foisting  themselves against the citizens of the nation as their leaders. They do everything to heat up the polity with their colonial mentality that is far outdated in this digital era of our national politics. Dr. Goodluck Ebele  Jonathan is the most viable candidate to emerge as president. Nigeria needs stallions and not old and wasted horses to run the presidential race in 2015. President Jonathan is still the best for Nigeria. This is the voice of the masses and the voice of the masses is the voice of God.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


The mother of Peter Itonyu Ovuru and Mrs Mary Omuso Wilson, Madam Tadaerigha Korobo is dead. Her death was reported to have occured at the Federal Medical Centre in the Bayelsa State capital, Yensgoaa. Family members and well wishers have been thronging around to condole the family on the exit of their beloved mother, grand mother, great grand mother and sons and daughters in-law. Her body has been deposited in the Federal Medical Centre FMC mortuary, Yenagoa.  Burial arrangement is to be announced later, Mr. Prter Itonyu Ovuru  told Golden Pen.


Politics is a game and not a war that must be fought, that is why every aspect of political gerrymandering that pitch citizens of the same country, state, Local Government area or community one against the other is not politics. Politics is a game of intelligence whereby the politician displays high level of diplomacy in relating with every one that comes his/her way without discrimination. The true politician always hold firm to his/her integrity to ensure that what he said yesterday does not become a stumbling block on his way.
It is a well known fact in the history of Nigeria that the political leaders of the Ijaw people formed alliances with the Northerners who aspired for leadership position of the country, the presidency. During the First Republic, for obvious political reasons the Ijaws had strong political alliances with the North, During the political season of the second  Republic of the NPN, GNPP, NAP, NPP, UPN, AND PRP,,  the Ijaw people  wholly and Solly supported the North, cast all their votes to elect Alhaji Shehu Shagari as the president of Nigeria. At that time political leaders of the Ijaws like Chief Melford Obiene Okilo Chief Harold Dappa Biriye Alabo Tonye Graham Douglas and others were at the forefront working hand in hand with the North to instal their choice candidate. When it was time to reciprocate the kind gesture during the SDP NRC era, when that Ijaw son Chief Pere Ajuwa aspired for the presidency the confidence reposed in the North was betrayed as the agreements reached in the alliances between the North and the Ijaws was put under the carpet by the Northern political leaders. 
Even at that, the Ijaw people still held tenaciously to the alliances that had existed and this they also showed in their support for the election of another Northerner for the presidency, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'  Adua who that humble son of Ijaw land Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan served as Vice President for years, before his emergence as president of the nation by the hand of God and backing of the Constitution. It was observed with concern that the Northern political leaders showed a naked ingratitude to the Ijaws in their confrontation with Dr. Jonathan's presidential aspirations in 2011. We remember the political statements made by some Northerners who prefer d death than to live and see Dr, Jonathan's presidency. The Northerners surprisingly came out to claim that there was an existing agreement that Jonathan was to stay one single tenure in office, then they, the North will take the presidency in 2015, but this did not prove itself true because it was Alhaji Atiku Abubakar of the North who contested the PDP presidential election with Dr. Jonathan the Ijaw son. And as Atiku failed, another Northerner and a former Head of State, General Muhamadu Buhari emerged as presidential candidate of the CPC to challenge Dr, Jonathan's election. And from the results, it was clearly revealed that the North massively worked against Jonathan. The Northern votes secured by Jonathan were from the Vice President Arc. Namadi Sambo,and some personal friends of the president, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan.
Now as we are heading towards 2015, the North is still behaving adamant to Dr. Jonathan's Constitutional right to seek a second tenure ticket. That is not how to play politics. In politics integrity is very important, why must the North continue to play the game as if they are in war. In fact there is no battle to fight. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is a man of Peace and Love and has only good intentions for Nigeria, and the North should not forget that the world will not end in six years.  
There is no basis for the North to fight against the Ijaw people or  against their son, Dr. Jonathan, but to support, because the Ijaw ethnic nationality, and Dr. Jonathan as a person in his individual capacity, served the North and her leaders in honesty and selflessness. And this gesture needs be reciprocated, and this the reason why, the North should support Jonathan in 2015.  

Sunday, 4 August 2013


BDIC is the acronym for Baylsa Development and Investment Corporation, founded by the Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson lea RESTORATION government. The project was conceived as a child of necessity and born to address the cardinal issues of economic, backwardness occasioned by lack of investments and employment opportunities in the fledgling state. Governor Dickson's dreams for a better and prosperous Bayelsa eventually midwifed himself of this great conception to the delivery of  the economic baby, called BDIC. In this bold initiative, the governor had proved himself that he has in the great traits of the original Ijaw man who believes in agility, creativity and productivity.
The ways of the Ijaw man the natural fisherman is always watching the tide to go fishing in his boat. Nothing stops the Ijaw man whenever he takes the decision to go out for fishing; the rain and the storm don't stop  him, but he goes out bravely, befriending the mountainous waves into the ocean to meet with the wales the sharks and the rest to feed the world.
The courage of Dickson for kick starting this project has made him a great man of vision who wants to hand down a memorable legacy to the present and future generations. The BDIC project began with the constitution of members of the Corporation with the well experienced and highly respectable national and international personalities like the first African graduate of Harvard University, Prof. Lawrence [Ambassador] Ekpebu as the Vice Chairman and others like the former Oil Minister and Amanyanabo of Nembe, HRM, King Edmund Daukoru and other egg heads of Bayelsa as members. A jaw breaking amount of N10billion was doled out as take -off funds to move into the ocean of the investment world that required befitting offices in strategic areas in the world like London and South/Africa.
Those offices opened as can be seen have began the processes of wooing investors to the state. It is a welcome development to hear that some nine companies have taken the bold step to invest in the state and had entered into agreements with the state government in that regard, they include:- Lagray Investment, DSVV Petroleum Limited,Octopol Energy Ltd, Goshen Treasures Ltd, Hable Tech. Nig Ltd, Ugboduma Engr,Alyn Global Services Limited, Clino Tech. and Turkey & Management.
This is a great achievement that is a step in the right direction..    

Thursday, 1 August 2013


Chief Anthony Anenih
The Peoples Democratic Party is unarguably the largest party in Africa and that is because of the Tom Dick and Harry that are in it, which started with controversies. At the early period of the forth Republican democratic experiment the PDP came out with one strange political ideology or philosophy called 'harmonization', an ideology that gave people in privileged positions to do whatever they liked with impunity without the fear of God. They oppress the poor and snatched the rights of the orphans of their positions and impoverish the defenseless. This attitude of the PDP, observers noted was the seed sowed that has now germinated and yielded so much fruit of its kind. The PDP at that tender age of its existence was said to have used the controversial harmonization abracadabra to rob Peter to Pay Paul and in the process caused acrimony buried in the hearts of almost every member of the party, whose father, mother, sister, brother, friend and or self had suffered deprivation in the name of harmonization. In fact it was like that is the tradition of Nigerian politics, because whatever PDP does, is like what Nigerians do because it is the ruling party.  There is no sufficient space to catalog the crisis of PDP at all levels, but one can just mention the very recent efforts made by some party big wigs to broker peace. The new B.O.T Chief Tony Aninih, the former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, and the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson have in their own individual capacities brokered peace that ended up with political acceptance that ended at the surface and never at heart. The National Convention of Saturday 31st August 2013 is a show of shame and a monumental disgrace. PDP should make a u turn for the better.   

Sunday, 28 July 2013


This country called Nigeria is indeed the pride of Africa, because of its size, its level of civilization and prosperity make her indeed an enviable nation. The nation has achieved so much in a number of ways and areas but it is not at all pleasing to see that the nation continues to suffer leadership problem.
The political history has it that the military took the nation hostage and remained in power over the years until in 1999 when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,emerged as the 4th Republic President. In 1979 it was Alhaji Shehu Shagari that emerged Nigeria's president. This shows that in the military and in democracy it had always been the North until Obasanjo broke the chain of Northern leadership and ruled for eight years. Today, as God would have it, we have President Goodluck Jonathan the first man from the South-South, the Niger Delta and the Ijaw land to occupy the position.
From the genesis of political relationship the people of the Niger Delta  especially the Ijaws had an unwritten agreement to work together. The honest people across Nigeria cannot deny what the Chief Okilos, the Chief Dappa-Biriyes and others of Dr. Jonathan stock did for especially the North and others in politics.From every area we look at it, President is qualified to go for his second term in office and that cannot be contended because it is the position of the Constitution of our country.
Apart from the Constitutional provision, Dr. Jonathan has also endeared himself to the people of the nation as a performing President of Nigeria who deserves second tenure mandate. Space is not enough to highlight the achievements of the president except to say that he has done quite a lot, for the peace and prosperity of the nation.
President Goodluck Jonathan is a God fearing leader on a mission, a mission to reposition.  What we need do is to support his administration and give our mandate in 2015 so that he will consolidate on the gains of democracy. And sincerely speaking, President Jonathan will be one of the best Presidents of this country. President Jonathan truly deserves a second tenure in office. UP NIGERIA.         y

Monday, 15 July 2013


It is not untrue that the people of Bayelsa have traveled far and near to understand or know how road construction and drainages have transformed many communities in interior places to urban status and celebrated cities in Africa and in the world. Bayelsa State  created in 1996 by General Sani Abacha  is should have become a better place by now if development go side by side with a good and modern drainage system. It is aufully disappointing that the roads being constructed even by the self acclaimed construction giant Julius Berger are without any drainage and that has made Bayelsan communities to continue to be flooded at the fall of rains.
The so called Post Flood Management Committee set up by the Restoration Governor,Hon. Seriake Dickson, led by the former governorship aspirant, Chief Francis Doukpola has not come out with any practical idea or action to assuage the threate of flood and the devastation for which many have fallen victim. The  over one billion naira that was presumed to have been inherited by the Doukpola Committee from the late Azazi led committee has not been seen on any reasonable investment in the area of a visible drainage work.
This situation had kept landlords and tenants having unwarranted misunderstandings when the Post Flood Management Committee which responsibility it is to clear the drains and or build drainages in the city and carnalize shallow creeks and also to dredge our rivers to create space to accomodate enough water to avoid flood in our environment. The Post Flood Committee should be proactive and not just seat in office to receive allowances and or share monies without visible work by the committee.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


The Governor of Edo State, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole had given a blow to the President of the Nigeria Bar Association, Mr. Okey Wali over his calls for the proscription of the Nigeria Governors Forum [NGF] during the latter's visit to Bayelsa State.
Governor, Oshiomhole expressed surprise that, Mr. Wali who became President of the Nigeria Bar Association after taking the Oath of office to serve in that capacity had failed to  protect a fundamental proviso in the Nigerian Constitution that is the Freedom of Association, which according to him, had given the right to Mr. President to relate with other national leaders in the formation of or membership of International Organizations and wondered why Mr. Wali wanted the proscription of the NGF. He said: "recently I watched the President of the NBA saying in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, that the Governor's Forum should be discarded, I think the factor or location influenced his conclusion. He betrayed his oath to defend Nigerians of the right to associate."  The Governor was not done yet until he came with a thunderous submission. Hear him: " I want to submit that the environment and the overall circumstances known and unknown that led the NBA President to call for the freezing of the right of Governors to associate borders on corrupt practice." It will be recalled that the President of NBA, Mr, Okey Wali was in Bayelsa State as a VIP in government house where he was treated to luncheon and dinner by Hon.Dickson who called Wali his best friend in his April Transparency briefing, held in May.
One cannot tell what the NBA President would say in view of the fact that he was truly in Yenagoa and made a call that 'the NGF be discarded." When Mr.. Wali took the oath of office as the President of NBA this is what he said:-
"My vision for the Bar is that of a professionalized Bar professionalized in the sense of keeping to the best traditions of the profession, best ethics, which we seem to have lost a lot of grounds on." If after two years of NBA presidency, the only thing I achieved is to change the image of the profession and to change the ethical standards I would have left the NBA a very satisfied man." Whether Mr. Wali is keeping these words of his, or not is another thing to watch and see. .

Saturday, 22 June 2013


The World Prosperity Organization has expressed concern over the low level of development and poverty Bayelsa
State. Bayelsa, the only all Ijaw state in the Niger Delta Region of the state was created by late General Sani Abacha in 1996, to bring development and prosperity to the down trodden oil and gas bearing communities and
people in the country.
Speaking to newsmen on the excruciating poverty that had relegated the people to unproductive  ventures and life style, the Founder/President of the World Prosperity, Chief Otonye Godman Evans-Tubonah stated that instead of the bogus claims being orchestrated by those dancing on the stage as to the progress of the state,  described such claims as at variance with what is on ground.
Chief Evans-Tubonah further stated that whereas the state is viable in all aspect of life, the managers of the state's economy seems to have fallen into wrong hands, hence the fortunes of the state is being carted away to foreign lands, in the name of wooing investors to the state and to the detriment of the masses. He took a position to question the rational of the Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson administration on the lee way a colossal amount of N10billion was paid out to London and South/Africa just to open offices.
The World Prosperity leader said, the state government may have scored high points if the said, jaw breaking amount of  N10billion was invested in the state judiciously in the areas of direct industrialization, promotion of commerce and employment rather than  the course of Vasco Dargama  or Mungo Park they took in the investment saga of wooing
investors from outside, emphasizing that Berger, Setraco,, and other companies operating in the state did not come because huge sums of money was used to woo them
Chief Evans Tubonah expressed his views without pretense that whereas his Organization does not like to  criticize without basis, there shall also be no compromise with ideologies and policies that will continue to chain the people of Bayelsa State to abject poverty. Should the poverty level continue to dehumanize the Ijaw people of Bayelsa State or anywhere in the world, his Organization will raise alarm, he therefore called the leaders of Bayelsa State to do things that will prosper the land and people of the state.     

Wednesday, 19 June 2013


The Bayelsa State Police Command may be dragged to court following the detention of an Ijaw Youth Council [IYC] chairmanship aspirant, Mr. Nengimote Ikiba whose arrest has been described as having political undertone. Mr. Ikiba was said to have been invited to the police and solicited to rescind his decision on the IYC chairmanship, on the ground that that position was in the interest of persons in the corridors of power, and that if Mr. Ikiba continues with his ambition to contest the IYC chairmanship, he will not see the light of the day until the election is over.
An angry family source who is a senior officer in the State Judiciary had told Golden Pen that the police had taken the laws in to their hands by conducting themselves as Political stooges, and must be called to explain themselves at the appropriate quarters, if Mr. Ikiba is not released on time. Our source stated that the Police  Officer in charge of Homicide in the State Criminal Investigation Department has threatened to slam frivolous charges on the IYC chairmanship aspirant that he was one of the militants in the camp of Chief Tom Ateke in 2005 and that the Police was looking for him since then, a claim the family source described as ridiculous and unfounded explaining further that Mr. Ikiba is the former Chairman of Mini/Ikensi Local Government Area in the State a position that kept him close with government and the police without such accusations until he made known his ambition to contest the IYC chairmanship position. The Ikiba family had therefore called on the Police to release Mr. Ikiba without delay to enable him contest the election.    

Monday, 17 June 2013


The Bayelsa State Governor Mr.. Seriake Dickson and his beloved wife Dr. Rachel Dickson had celebrated their election victory in a crowd pulling thanksgiving service held at the Glory Land Chapel of government house, Yenagoa.The occasion attracted people from all works of life, but conspicuously absent were the colleagues of the governor. None of the members of the Nigerian Governors Forum of the 19 member faction led by Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi or the 16 member faction of the Plateau Stat Governor, Jonah Jang. And the most unbelievable aspect of the governor's absence, was the none attendance by the South-South governors-forum led by the Akwa/Ibom State governor, Mr. Godswill Akpabio should have at least parleyed with him as one of their own, but that was not the case. There was no official announcements of  representation of governors, ministers, ambassadors or other dignitaries from the presidency. In fact, the thanksgiving service was grandiose but without even the deputy governor Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonah [Rtd]  or his wife; neither did anyone said about them.  All the Senators of Bayelsa and members of the House of Representatives except Senator Heineken Lokpobiri none was there. The speaker of the State House of Assembly, Mr. Kombowei Benson was not there but was represented by the deputy speaker, Mr. Otonye Sam Ateki, accompanied by a scanty number of the state lawmakers. The Chief Judge of the state, Justice Kate Abiri, the Secretary to the State Government, Professor Allison Oguru, the Head of the Civil Service, Mr.Frazier Okuoru, Professor Lawrence Ekpebu  and other political appointees saved the state from total disgrace. The political brouhaha of the posting of Chief Diekivie Ikiogha from his position of Chief of Staff to Abuja was murmured by some side talkers. What is not clear on the  scantiness of majority of prominent Bayelsan faces at the occasion was simply attributed to several reasons. One of the reasons given by our analyst was not unconnected with a deep political undertone, which has continued to divide the state to fragmentation.

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Elder Evans Iyoyo
This is the face of the man who came to the world and did so well and loved everyone that came his way and suddenly left the stage for the people to continue crying over his unannounced exit.
Elder Evans Iyoyo who hailed from Nembe in Nembe Local Government of Bayelsa State and Ogoloma in Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State, all in the Niger Delta, grew up in Nembe and was so loving that he was the brother and friend of majority of the people and also bitterly hated by those who sought to subjugate or put their fellow human beings under their armpit. His none compromise to such forces made him the hero of the common man and a threat to the forces of oppression.
When his too sons, Israel and Roland  were to join the Nigerian Army in 1967 and informed him of their intention, he pondered over it and said;
"As you have decided to defend your fatherland, I will give my blessing. as you go to fight the battlefield  with the fear of God    may  God go with you, preserve and keep you through out and give you victory and you come back to me; but if you go and commit atrocity, using your uniform to intimidate and oppress ordinary people, or loot peoples property to enrich yourselves or rape women and so on may you not return to me" The only clause Elder Iyoyo added was; " I don't mean that if you meet a situation where there is cold and there is a blanket around to keep warm, I do not say you should not use it to cover yourselves," His too sons went to the war and returned alive without any deformation. Evans Iyoyo loved his children so much; but did not compromise the family standard of love and kindness that were the ideals that he had as the main pillars of the family structure. He died after a brief illness in 1978.
In remembrance of his father, the Publish-Editor-In-Chief of Golden Pen Newspaper Chief Tubonah Evans said the exit of his beloved father, Elder Evans Iyoyo was a great leader who believed more in giving than receiving.