Sunday, 2 February 2014


Mr. Joe Guiso and his dog wife
This may sound unbelievable, but it is not a lie, it is true that an Australian man has gone ahead to marry his beloved his wife
The man whose name was given as, Joe Guiso was said to have taken his 5 years old dog bride to a Cross bearing priest  to conduct an historic man/dog marriage in the broad day light, full glare of friends and family of the bridegroom. But the bride, family was not sufficiently represented probably because of lack of communication.
In the Colonial era when Africans were taken as slaves to countries like Australia some mischievous Australians and other white nations derided the slaves calling them derogatory names such as "black monkey" or persons from the swamp. But thank God there was no such a debasing story of man marrying a dog.
This Australian man Joe Guiso could not be the only one in man dog relationships in that country . It is very sad to hear of Gay and Lesbianism on one side and now another chapter of animal and man becoming husband and wife in Australia,  And as husband and wife, it is most likely that Joe Guiso and his beloved dog wife will raise a family of man and dog children to make the Australian nation greater than it is today. And as the Australian law allows  this, it is hoped that in the near future, most Australians may either be husbands or wives to every animal of choice, fish, reptile etc. What Australia should do is to build a community for the animal families. Let Australia also do the world a favour to list the men and women that are married to animals and don't allow them out of their country because of their special status.


  1. This is over 3 years old. The guy had a mock wedding for a bit of fun.
    He hasn't really married a dog.

  2. He is my teacher he did it for charity to rspca