Sunday, 13 April 2014


Former Central Bank Governor Of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido
Mr. Sanusi  Lamido's travail may not be unconnected to his ambission to be one of the tough men of the North in Nigeria whose concern is to ensure that they do their best to their people no matter the challenges ahead. Mr. Sanusi did not understand that his donations of millions upon millions of naira to the North in his position as the then Governor of Central bank had anything to do with sponsorship of Boko Haram, the cult group that had terrorized Nigeria to a terrible point. Besides, he was being lured into politics without knowing that he was going to hit the rocks by the PDP,APC political waves that divided the nation to two parallel lines of demarcation. It was not strange that he was booted out of office overnight and charged to court on allegations of corruption and financial impropriety, but be that as it may one the is clear, Mr. Sanusi is a wealthy man a wealthy person who could pay legal fees easily is notva little fish that could be put in the mouth at once to be eaten. 

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