Monday, 19 May 2014


The planned protess by a group  which gave its name as "Free Chibok Girls" to the seat of power in Abuja to meet with Dr. Jonathan  on the the kidnapped Chibok students as very unreasonable and pointless, because what Jonathan is not a secret in view of the fact that the Chibok kidnap issue had attracted international attention and armies from the US, Britain and others are in the country to free the girl victims to the boko haram insurgence.
The clear explanation of the planned protest is telegraphic of the organizers bid to announce themselves for what could be described as seeking cheap popularity. Public opinion on the issue faulted the protest organizers to go to the Villa for any reason; if at all they must protest, the appropriate should have bee the Brono State Government House to hear first hand information from the governor who himself is the Chief Security Officer of the state. They also have the option to go to boko haram to register their protest there.Public opinion had emphasized that the National Security should carefully look at the  baseless intentions of the protest and disallow or stop it from holding.

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