Tuesday, 15 July 2014


The dwindling economy in Bayelsa State is right now raising dust in the state capital, Yenagoa and its environ talking about the development and the economic well being of the people of the state.

Dickson's election as Governor was celebrated, because a sitting governor was forced out of office to make way for his coming to power, having this in mind, at his inauguration ceremony, he made pledges to justify the confidence reposed in him.
And that was why he announced his administration as that of "RESTORATION", an administration, which according to him was to restore the lost glory of the state. He took off on that promising note and started with what he called monthly transparency briefings. He cajoled Bayelsans to support his self acclaimed Transparency government, as he began the process by assembling his political appointees, appointment seekers and other arrangee or paid supporters to take centre stage at such gatherings that sidelined even the press.
Governor Dickson was never done on his address or speeches on transparency without lashing on his predecessor, Chief Timipre Sylva, as haven borrowed money, which he proudly told Bayelsans his administration was paying. He also said that in a bid to save money for the future, his administration had open a savings bank account for the state and announced that some billions of naira was already paid into the said account.
Bayelsans were elated with assurances of a brighter future in the flegling state, contracts were awarded, renovation works were also awarded, but how many genuine Bayelsan contractors benefitted had been a question on the table of the Restoration government.
Quite surprising when the whole system was hijacked with politicians and members of their families and friends becoming contractors, while the genuine contrators were abandonrd.
Civil Servants in the state suffered greatly under the Restoration government led by, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson as a result of continous revalidation of workers, aimed at putting away others to pu in their people. Such were some of the causes of uproar in the pool of unemployed graduates in the state which led to a face-off between government and graduates of the Ijaw state.
But while Bayelsans are sidelined denied employment and opportunities the governor goes out to favour foreigners. He carted away billions of naira from the coffers of the state to open offices in South/Africa and in London in the name of investors. A woophing amount of N10 billion at the first instance and another undisclosed amount is reportedly added to thatamount.
Governor Dickson and his so called restoration government went forward, this time all the way to Spain to commit the State to another loan of 66million euros, which amounts to billions of naira in the name of building a marine school in Okpoama where he took away a College of Education to his place Sagbama.
Now he has gone to the loyalists state House of Assembly to approve borrowing of the sum of #40billlion in the name of Airport project in the state, but this time Bayelsans are watching the Governor and his Assembly surrogates whether it will be business as usual or EFCC and other investigators invited to the state by a frowning opposition.

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