Wednesday, 22 January 2014


Anbassador James Entwistle
The Federal Government of Nigeria led by Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has its own foundation deeply rooted in the Constitution of the Country, which is operated fully in accordance and in agreement with the will of the people. And every Nigerian know their natural rights against abuses of immorality.
The issue of Gay marriages or Same Sex marriages are an abomination to the people of Nigeria, which has no place in both their traditions and cultures. And this an area where they all speak in one voice unto this day.
His Excellency, President Goodluck Jonathan has done the right thing, he had spoken in our voices by signing the against the Gay or same sex marriages Act: in our God given, God blessed Country, Nigeria.
It is however unbelievable that some Countries have raised eyebrows to protest against the right of the Nigerian president to decide on any issue according to his heart in agreement with the Laws and Principles of God and the nation he represents. One cannot understand what our friends from outside wants Nigeria to be; for it is a bad sign that a visitor or a friend in someone's house begins to query the host, where and how he keeps his keys or how he runs the affairs of his family. And it is even a more serious thing, where such a visitor friend go to the extent of protesting the harmless decisions he takes in the family.
That is why when the news came that some Countries were protesting against Nigeria, I began to wonder, what is really happening, I asked myself. I did not believe that, respected Ambassadors of Countries serving in Nigeria will go so low to raise eye brows to say or protest that if Nigeria does not approve of same sex marriage they will do this or that gives the impression that some of them must have defiled themselves or are on a mission to defile Nigeria and by extension Africa.
When it came to my attention that the US Ambassador for Nigeria, His Excellency, Mr. James Entwistle had also spoken on the issue against the presidential signature against Gay, same sex marriages then I said this is no longer a little matter. I reasoned so because America today is seen as a shinning light that other nations aught to follow. Vanguard On-Line reported with very imposing Headline and the report  thus: "GAY-MARRIAGE LAW; US THREATENS TO SANCTION NIGERIA."
"Abuja-Leading western countries piled pressure on the federal government,..following President Jonathan's singing of the same sex prohibition Act 24. The latest country is the United States of America, whose Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr.James Entwistle threatened that the United State will scale down its support for HIV/AIDS and anti-malaria programmes in response in response to the Federal government's position on the right of gay rights issue." 
It baffled me to hear that it was the man representing President Barak  Obama in the White House of America that spoke and I begin to reason whether truly their Constitution allows same sex marriages and their men use  their rods to penetrate to abuse one another anus? And that is true, I further imagined, does it mean that some of our Ambassadors like that, or have have been abusing some men with their rods or allowing other men to abuse them inserting their rods into their anus? If not, what is behind their protest over Mr. President's signature against  same sex marriages in our Country?
Or is it another story of Balam and Balak, to conquer Nigeria, the People must be cursed and to be cursed the must first be abused? If not so why are other nations worried more the Nigerians, "weeping more than the bereaved.?
Nigeria is a nation owned and ruled by God and His Laws are in His Book the Holy Bible and the Nigerian Constitution respects the Laws of God, and one of the laws is against same sex marriages or Homosexuality
See Leviticus 18:22 reads:- "Thou Shalt not lie with mankind as with womankind: it is an abomination.". 
The book of Leviticus also said in Chapter 20 :13 thus:- "If a man also lieth with mankind as he with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them."
And in  Nigeria we must obey God rather than men, so please leave Nigeria alone.
By Chief O.G.Evans Tubonah


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