Tuesday, 4 November 2014


Elder Evans  Iyoyo
These were the words of Elder Evans Iyoyo when his two sons went to him to seek his approval to join the Nigerian Army to fight in the Nigerian Civil War in 1967.
Mr Israel Iyoyo his first son and his third son, Rowland met their father as they took a bold step paddling from Nembe to a fishing settlement called Tweny.
Elder Iyoyo a trade marchant who had a cargo boat that he used to go round oil locations and fishing settlements was that day in his cargo boat when he received his two sons his as his guest.
Otonye Evans now Chief Evans Tubonah the Publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper and immediate younger brother to Rowland was also there to hear their father speak.
It was Israel who first told their father their intention to join the Nigerian Army, and Rowland also supported that position.
After a few minute in silent thought Elder Evans Iyoyo had this to say:-
"That you have decided to join the Nigerian Army to defentd our mother land is a good idea and I support it. But I want to warn that as you go ensure that you don't use your uniform and or gun to intimidate people or deprive them of their property or rape women, don't return to me, die; but if you don't do these things then return safe,I am your father."
By this, I don't mean that if there is cold and there is a blanket to cover, you should not use it to cover yourself, but don't loot and don't innocent and helpless civilians."
These were the words of Evans Iyoyo to his two sons. They went to the Nigerian Army fought the civil war and returned alive.

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