Tuesday, 6 May 2014


   Peace is a prosperity secret and that is why every right thinking person thinks of peace as the number one priority in any society, and to be precise, Nembe as a people. No matter what you say, Nembe is the will of God and nobody can change the will of God there. He decided to put the people there on the two side: called one side Bassambiri and the other side Ogbolomabiri, a little river seperating them was not meant to divide them from the people of Nembe that they are.
But it is quite sad that Nembe people whose fore fathers were the first to embrace Christianity and western civilization, who taught others the great lessions of peace and progress to other ethnic nationalities had been on the news at different times; especially news about violence, self destruction and fractricidal wars. That had been a disgraceful outing. How can we as Nembe people explain this show of shame of daily quarels and fight between two brotherly communities, Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri. Whatever way one looks at it, one cannot find any reason under the heavens for them to fight wars or to destroy themselves and or property when they know that only in peace will they prosper.
The news that Okada riders in Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri clashed and destroyed property and also went ahead to pelt or cast stones at one another shows that there is something wrong with the Nembe man. This should not be the legacy we leave behind our children.
Here is not to aportion blame but to frankly state in a very strong terms that the State government should not relent on the oars, but take a bold initiative and call the people to order in ernest and give them peace.
From the desk of the Publisher, Chief Evans Tubonah

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