Saturday, 1 February 2014


Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi.
When Amaechi regained his lost mandate from Celestine Omehia by the grace of the supreme court, most of Nigeria's pro democracy activists at home and abroad including myself, Chief  Evans Tubonoh welcomed the change and Congratulated the Ikwerre born politician. And in fairness to him, he started well by putting paid to terrorism and cultism that parvaded the atmosphere in the state and for putting the state in the fast lane of development.
Amaechi who was two time Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly be came Chairman of the Nigeria Governor's Forum (NGF). His rise to the top of the ladder was also welcomed to the South-South, the Niger Delta, because it was reasoned that Governor Rotimi Amaechi was going to work in unity with President Jonathan to bring the expected dividends of democracy, but this is not the case.
Because of one's being outside politics, does not mean that politicians could dance naked in our streets and not called to order.
For some time now, the Governor of Rivrrs State, Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi has been dancing naked in the streets of not only his own State Rivers but everywhere he went.
Amaechi's stock in trade were his distorted comments and baseless accusations made against the person of Mr. President and the people of Bayelsa on the issue of Oluasiri/Soku oil fields.
Mr. Amaechi should have known even before he became governor that there was a boundary dispute between the Nembe of Bayelsa and the Kalabari of Rivers on some oil fields. He should have known too that in old Rivers State, many years before Bayelsa was created there was a crisis in which speed boats of Brass and Nembe were killed by Kalabari  including a Chief and two Radio Rivers Nembe News translators,  Mr. Teteiyai Wapa and Mrs Inara Omieh in the creeks near Nembe in an ambush.
Amaechi ought to know also that, in a reprissal attack, Nembe sacked, Ogboma community and other Kalabari villages including Diaba, which gave birth to the Justice Akiri Commission of Enquiry on the boundary dispute between the Nembe and Kalabari and which brought about the issue of saving monnies acruing from the disputed oil wells in an
 escrow accounts which is being refered to by Amaechi himself. And he could not claim ignoranance to the fact that, Governor Peter Odili his predecessor and Chief Alamieyeseigha of Bayelsa State were on, to resolve the matter before the National Boundary Commission, and only a fool could claim ignorance. Is Amaechi a fool?

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