Tuesday, 26 April 2016


It was a sad Tuesday for some Bayelsans, while it was a very happy day for others, when the news came to town that, investigation of some top aides to the Bayelsa State governor, Henry Dickson on allegation of financial fraud, and money laundering to the tune of #1bn  has led to the arrest of a former media aide to the governor, Mr. Abednego Don Evarada.
Mr. Evarada was said to have gone to the Port Harcourt Zonal Office to bribe the EFCC head, Mr. Ishaq Salihu with a whopping amount of #10million to stop investigations of the governor's aide on MDGS, Mr. Embelakpo who is being investigated by the anti-graft body on allegations of carting away the sum of #800million, and his wife also allegedly involved in laundering the sum of #200 million, giving a total of #1 billion.
The people of Bayelsa, especially the unpaid civil servants of the state who have been fasting and praying for their salaries to be paid this week, were disappointed when this information came. Some said it was the governor that was arrested, and some who hoped for salaries on the return of the governor, Henry Dickson, were sad and sorrowful until they left the state secretariat, careful observers have told Golden Pen.
The sources also told this medium that, the other group of people were sad, those who frowned at the governor over the cliams of no money to pay salaries, thanked the EFCC for exposing bribery attempt, by Mr. Evarada
Meanwhile, Mr. Evarada is said to being in the custody of the  EFCC, and shall appear in court soon. In the same vein, Mr. Embelakpo of the MDGS, and his wife at the conclusion of investigations may not escape prosecutions, our sources in Port Harcourt have said.

Friday, 22 April 2016


As a result of repeated attacks by suspected sea pirates and kidnappers in Nembe and Ogbia Local Government areas, culminating in the death of soldiers the Federal Government had approved deployment of troops to step down the ugly tide.
According to reliable source, the Deputy Governor of Bayelsa State, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonah (Rtd) yesterday presided over a meeting held in the Government House Yenagoa, having in attendance officials of the NDDC, SPDC,the main partners of the Ogbia/Nembe road project, including the Construction company, Setraco, and top Military officers of the Joint Military Task Force, (RTF) code named, Operation Pulo Shield.
The deployment of the troops may not to be unconnected with the attack by suspected kidnappers and pirates on Setraco workers on the Ogbia/Nembe  road project in the morning hours of Tuesday, where two soldiers were reportedly killed and a white man kidnapped whisked off and escaped with a waiting speed boat.
The Representative of the Operation Pulo Shield, Col.Gold Chibuisi spoke on the commitment of the JTF, to fish out the hoodlums and bring back the area to a haven of peace.
It would be recalled that work on the 27km Ogbia/Nembe road project was said to have been halted by the said attack,  causing panic to law abiding citizens and strangers going through that road. This was "confirmed by the Military Spokesman Col. Isa Ado, the death of two soldiers in a gun duel..."
The soldiers also reportedly killed one of the hoodlums while others escaped with the white man they kidnapped.
The deployment of the military task force according to information is to put paid to the excesses of hooliganism and outright criminality; especially in the areas of kidnapping, sea piracy etc, by mounting road blocks at strategic points, and other military operations.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Hon. Jonathan Obuebite
The Government of Bayelsa  had reassured the people of the state that the present challenges of  delay on payment of salaries will soon be a thing of the past.
This was stated by the Honorable Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Hon. Jonathan Obuebite while briefing the Press on the state of affairs in the Ministry of Information and Orientation Yenagoa
The Commissioner remarked that the Governor of the State,  Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson is committed to ensuring that the present challenges faced by workers in the state will soon be over as stringent measures are being taken to see that the internally generated revenue [IGR] of the state be raised to an appreciable level of  N2bn a month to address the impasse on salaries payment.
He thanked the Civil Servants for their understanding and  patience during the most challenging period,  while assuring them that the government has good intentions towards paying the salaries and wages of the workforce of the state which is the engine room of government policies and programs, Hon. Obuebite emphasized.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016


Comrade Okiringbo Wariebi Michael
The Bayelsa State Government has come under strong accusation of being responsible to the early deaths of some civil servants and members of their families by reasons of none payment of salaries of civil servants.
In a statement jointly signed by the Chairman and  Secretary of the State Chaper of the Radio, Television, Theartre and Arts Workers Union (RATTAWU), Comrade Okiringbo Wariebi Michael and Comrade Toboulayefa Yebufura called on the Hon. Serieke Dickson led administration not to shy away from the responsibility of paying workers salaries which makes the list of first priorities to every administration that is sensitive to the wellbeing and prosperity of her citizens.
They argued that the governor knows that by his refusal to pay workers as at when due, allegedly caused  the death of some Civil Servants and pensioners who died of either hunger or lack of adequate medical care to themselves or love ones.
The RATTAWU leaders observed with concern that out of the six states in the South-South geopolitical zone only Bayelsa is indebted to civil servants,
Comrades Okiringbo Michael and Toboulayefa Yebufura who said the present administration in Bayelsa subjected the workers to poverty, lack, limitation and sorrow during the Xmas festivities 2015 to the new year because of none payment of the salaries of workers in the state, should now have a change of heart or face dire consequences.
They remarked that the state government has no justification whatsoever not to pay workers salaries for months, emphasizing that it is a Constitutional duty of the state to source for funds from wherever to pay salaries
Here this:
"When we saw in the pages of newspapers and via other information networks that the Bayelsa State Government took  bailout funds  from the Federal Government to the tune of #12.85bn we took it as a welcome development, and thoughtful that the governor was going to use the money judiciously by paying the salaries of workers. Instead of payment, there has been denials by the governor himself and his cronies that Bayelsa State has not gone for such bailouts.
" As far as we know there is a clear evidence against the governor, whether he collected the said  amount or not there is negligence and insensitivity to the plight of the people. If  he collected the bailout, why has he not paid the salaries? And if  he did not, why not, when other state governors concerned about the well being of their pepole go for the bailout to pay salaries."
They have therefore called on the Bayelsa State government to pay the backlog of arrears of salaries without further delay or face unpleasant consequences with RATTAWU, they warned!

Saturday, 16 April 2016


Mr. Jonathan Obuebite
Following a letter of security alert addressed to the governor of Bayelsa State, Mr. Henry Seriake Dickson by the Police Commissioner of the Bayelsa State command, Mr. Peter Ogunyanwo, called on the governor to intervene on what was described as a deliberate move by some elements in the corridors of power denying 3 elected law makers from being sworn in, three months  after their election victories.
The CP gave the names of the said elected lawmakers as:
1. Mr. Alfred Belemote of APGA-Brass Constituency 2
2. Mr. Gabriel Ogbara of  ADC -Ogbia Constituency 2
3. Mr. Gibson Munalayefa Labour Party- Ogbia LGA
The Police Commissioner appealed to the governor for intervention in view of the fact that references made were directed at the governor as being the stumbling block to the 3 legislators elected 3 months before Kombowei Benson Friday, the Speaker was elected and sworn in.
But in a swift reaction the newly appointed Commissioner of Information and Orientation, Mr. Jonathan Obuebite has called on the people of the state that the governor, Mr. Henry Dickson was exonerated from the ordeal of the 3 lawmakers who have not been sworn in 3 months after their electoral victories.
He explained that, the governor been a former Legislator and a Lawyer knows it's implication and illegality and had nothing to do with the issue.
Mr. Jonathan Obuebite who himself was a former Lawmaker in the State House of Assembly is the successor to the immediate past Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Mr. Dan Kikile Esueme.


 The people of Bayelsa State have joined their Rivers and other states counterparts that went through tribunals and courts to decide the final of who rule their states. The Bayelsa State gubernayorial elections of December 5 2015 and January 9 2016 was declared in favour of the incumbent governor of the State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson of the PDP as the winner.
But his rival in the contest, former governor of Bayelsa State and candidate of the APC, Chief Timipre Sylva dissatisfied with the outcome of the election result has gone to the Bayelsa State Election Tribunal to challenge INEC that he won the election and should therefore be declared as the winner.
After all the processes of preliminary legal fireworks the matter had been fixed for hearing on the 3rd of May 2016, when the APC candidate, Chief Sylva is expected to open his case by calling his witnesses to testify all the truth they know on that election.
On the 10th instant, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) will open her defense, while the governor of Bayelsa State, of the PDP, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson and his Party, the PDP are to open defense on the 20th and 30th.
The Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice Kazeem Alogba had announced to the parties to put their witnesses in readiness, and that the Tribunal shall waste no time to entertain unnecessary motions in the course of proceedings.
Chief Sylva's Lawyer, Mr. Felix Okoroti and his counterpart of INEC, Mr. Alex Ajesieme welcomed the development and assured of compliance.
symbol of justice

Friday, 8 April 2016


Keme Adeosina
Minister for Finance, Federal Republic of Nigeria
The govenor of Bayelsa State, Henry Dickson's claim that he had not collected any amount of money on bailout arrangement from the Federal government to cushion the the excruciating effect of none payment of salaries in Bayelsa, is a lie.
It is a lie because, Dickson was among, 19 governors that went to the Federal government led by President Buhari of the All Progress Congress and received a whoophing amount of #12.85 billion from the Finance Minister Keme Adeosena as bailout to the the Bayelsa State government to pay the huge sums of salaries debt hanging over the neck of the Seriake Dickson Government.
The State governor, Mr. Dickson had over the period kept a mute after collecting the jaw breaking amount of #12.85 billion on behalf of the poor civil servants of the state who put in all their best to the service of the state.
The money received by the self acclaimed transparent, accountable,  probable and honest, Restoration governor Dickson has not gotten into the hands of the civil servants on whose behalf Dickson signed the money before going into the December 5th 2015 governorship election.
All the while the governor during and after his campaigns had continued to deny the fact that he collected #12.85 billion on behalf of the workers, but rather going about, deceiving the outside world using a compromising section of the media that, his Restoration government had paid salaries up to date without collecting a dime from the federal government.
Bayelsans who have had information about the bailout fund had expected Dickson to pay them before the Xmas of their back log of salaries, which he had not done to date.
This is preposterous, it is unbelievable, unimaginable, and worrisome for a governor to collect money enveloped and addressed to a people and deny, he received nothing.
According to media reports called from the Punch, with the title: "UNPAID SALARIES: FG YET TO RECEIVE  FRESH BAILOUT REQUEST FROM STATES" published April 8 2016, gave a graphic account of how the said 19 states including Bayelsa collected the bailout funds for their respective states as follows:
"Abia #14.152bn, Adamawa #2.378bn, Bauchi #8.606bn, Bayelsa #12.85bn, Benue #28.013bn, Born #7.680bn, Cross River #7.856bn, Delta #10.036bn, Ebonyi #4.o63bn, Edo #3.167bn, Ekiti #9.604bn, and Enugu #4.207bn.
Other states include:  Gombe #16.459bn, Kogi #50.842bn, Kwara #4.320bn Nasarawa #8.317bn,, others are:
Niger #4.306bn, Ogun #19..00bn, Ondo #14.686bn,  Osun #34.988bn, Oyo #26.606bn, Plateau #5.357bn, Sokoto #10.o93bn, and zamfara #10.02bn,
Officials sources in the Finance Ministry close to the Hon,Minister had confirmed.
But Bayelsa governor Dickson neither disclosed this to the civil servants in particular, nor to the Bayelsa people and the world. Neither did he thank the Federal government for the kind gesture, instead pensioners whose pension entitlements have not been paid who went to Dickson to save them from dying of hunger by the none payment, were attacked by some so called vigilante group of boys used by the authority of government at the gate of the Government House, with dangerous deadly weaponslike broken bottles, stocks etc, that led to the infliction of deep injuries, while others were beaten mercilessly with sticks.
One eighty year old man was said to have been knocked down by the hoodlums and a Chief who bent down to help to bring  up the fallen octogenarian was attacked with a piece of broken bottle on his left cheek very close to the eye.
Out of all these Governor Seriake Dickson had kept inactive to the issue of paying salaries.
Just recently another bailout for the 8 Local governments Councils was approved by the Federal Government to the tune of #1.4bn enveloped and addressed to the Local Government workers, this also he had refused to pay, and allowed those to whom the money was approved to die of hunger, die of frustration, denied of their right to live etc. Pregnant women suffer and deliver without,their working parent being able to provide cry  over  buying of baby needs and foods because of Governor Dickson's insensitivity to the plight of the people.
Hon.. Dickson was elected to serve the people of Bayelsa, and not to boss over the people and subject them to poverty or inhuman treatment, because "the servant is not greater than the master"
The time has come for Mr. Dickson to give true account to the people of Bayelsa by telling them the truth and also paying up the salaries of both the state civil servants, the pensioned and those of Local Government with bailout billions of naira in his coffers.