Monday, 20 November 2017


His Excellency,
Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson.
Governor of Bayelsa State
The General Manager of Bayelsa State Newspaper Corporation (BSNC), Publishers of the state own Newspaper, the Waves, Mr. Alfred Egbegi has spoken of the mandate given him at the Waves Newspaper by the Bayelsa State Governor, Hon. Henry  Dickson, to 'turn things around.''
He made the remark while exchanging views with the publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper,  Chief Otonye Evans Tubonah who paid him a visit in his office, in the state capital, Yenagoa.
He graphically explained his mandate and the journey so far, in these words:-
"The charge I had from the governor was to come to this place, and to turn it around. That means so many things.
"Looking at the weighty staff strength, looking at the possibility of reviving the newspaper and making it economically viable, making it a veritable source of information dissemination and being a very dependable mouthpiece for government. These are the core areas, and when I came, I met a Newspaper Corporation that was virtually closed down, because there was no work."
The General Manager said, at that point some of the workers were waiting to be redeployed, while some no longer knew their fate; whether they were still in the employ of the government or not until he came. Besides, he also, met another drastic situation at the waves, that of not having the desired machines to start. Hear him:-
"When I came, I met an empty Newspaper Corporation. There were no machines because all the machines had been sold, and just one machine, the Cord machine, which in today's printing environment is getting outdated. That is the machine that I met. Well, the first thing I did was to resuscitate that machine..."
Mr. Egbegi said, he knows that the Hedel Berg printing machines manufactured 'by that German Company' does not go obsolete easily, because as he puts it, the life time of that machine goes beyond 50 years. And what worried him most was the fact that many of the state of the arts printing machines at the Waves were sold before he came, and he did not hide his patriotic feelings on that matter when he said:-
"And these other machines were sold, that was the biggest tragedy, one of the biggest crimes whoever that was involved in the selling of those machines committed crime not only against the government of Bayelsa, but against the people of Bayelsa State..."Counting it as a big loss to the people of the state, Egbegi remarked that if those machines were not sold but properly repaired or resuscitated they would have been a source of income to the government and people of the state.
"The government spends millions of naira today, printing Calendars, diaries, almanac, exercise books and other things outside the state. Some of these that they sold would have been printing all those things in their millions and for the government and people of the state. These machines would as well been attracting customers from outside the state, because  they are not many in this country.." the GM emphasized.
He further observed that if those machines were there, people from Delta, Rivers, Abia, Akwa/Ibom, Anambra, Enugu, Imo and all other neighboring states would have been coming to Bayelsa to print most of their classified documents.
On how the Government is taking the illegal sales of the said machines, Egbegi succinctly spoke thus:-
"...Some felt that government property is nobody's property; so they sold all those machines, now, am sure that government is still handling that... you know that Dickson is a no nonsense man when it comes to that, panels have been set up and government is looking into how the machines were sold and all those who were involve. Am very very sure that government will come out with a position and address that issue and address it effectively well."
Mr. Alfred Egbegi
General Manager, Bayelsa  State Newspaper Corporation
Alfred Egbegi said when he came on board, the first thing was to get the newspaper running, to which end, with a committed management team they decided to work on the paper by raising its standard.
"I felt that there was need for me to increase the pagenation  that was 24 page to 48 colour page newspaper. And that is what we have been doing for over 1 year, now, since I assumed office.
Commenting further on patronage by government and people of the state, he said:-
"the major problem we have is that we don't have patronage from our people, Bayelsa people. You tell them that this place is open for commercial businesses, they prefer to give their jobs to outsiders. Some prefer to go to Aba to print, even within the government circle, you call them come let us print your job for you, they are not ready. They rather want to take their job  outside..the second thing is the paper we publish. The Bayelsa man prefers to publish his adverts in national papers that they believe, that cost them hundreds of thousands of naira  and for them if they come to New Waves to publish, the desired attention that they have is not there, and they also don't like to patronize their own state newspaer. These are some of the problems we have , but in all, the state newspaper is up and running."  the G.M declared.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Lady (Hon.) Immaculata Love Amaseimogha (JP), the Millennium Nurse had celebrated her 70th birthday with thanksgiving, in Yenagoa the capital of Bayelsa State.
It was a great occasion, and indeed an occasion that gathered people of all walks of life in the Catholic Church for thanksgiving and celebration in her house at the Commissioners quarters, Opolo.
Born in 1947, October 3rd, Lady Amaseimogha told Golden Pen Newspaper in an interview that she started celebrating her birthday at the age of 16, while she was in the Catholic School Owere, where she saw the need to celebrate her birthday annually, which she has kept up to date.
According to her, though every birthday was important, this year's was very special, because she is now 70 years and felt she should thank God for his love upon her life and upon her family.
This year, as her birth date, the 3rd of October fell on Thursday, Lady Amaseimogha said, she just praised the Lord and prayed, but fixed a thanksgiving service on Sunday the 8th, because she did not like  to trouble her friends who were business people that would love to have been there even on a work day.
What excited her most in the celebration was not just the fanfare or the crowd that gathered nor her achievements in the journey to her 70th birthday, neither was her mind pondering on the accolades see received from the joyful crowd, but what the man of God said.  Hear this:
"I was very very happy on that day because, His Lordship, Bishop Hycent Egbebo, the first Catholic Bishop of Bomadi Diocese was in attendance. In his preaching he highlighted some of the vital things that I must tell you.
He appreciated the age 70, and asked the worshippers to appreciate their parents when they are still alive ad not when they are dead, secondly, he instructed me to be a light or a mentor to the younger ones and thirdly he appreciated my contributions to the Church, as I once served as a National Secretary  of the Catholic women of Nigeria and President of Nurses of Nigeria."
Mrs Love Amaseimogha who won the prestigious 'Millennium Nurse Award' in Liberia, said she was also happy for the privilege given her to address the gathering.and appreciating the dignitaries at the occasion, such as:
His Eminence King Dimaro Charles Owaba the Obonobhan 3rd of Ogbia who was represented by Chief (Engr.) Baraburu, King Collins Daniel the paramount ruler of Abureni Clan, Chief Francis Dokpola, Chief Sunday Omokwe, Hon. Egele (SAN) and Justice Enegesi.

Others include: Dame Elah Douglas, Women Arise led by Hon. Vivian Ere, Dr. Timi Agara, Ogbia Brotherhood Women wing led by the Secretary , Mrs Unity Otolo, Ogbia-na-don women led by Victoria Osobere, Men of Order and Discipline (MOD) of Catholic Church Friends and well wishers from all around, some from Rivers State.
The Church said they had never seen such a large crowed, some even asked if she had a political intentions, only for her to reply that she was just celebrating  her birthday.
Her first son, Engr. Mitema Amaseimogha who took the place of his father. He was with his wife, her second son, Madioni Amaseimogha was there with his wife and family, her second daughter Marian Amaseimogha was there with her children. Family members from Otakeme and Opume were represente including the head of the family, Chief Ariwelo Julius Agadaga. The  ceremony continued in her residence until night. She thanked all and sundry for their contributions and their presence.
Talking briefly on her journey to 70, she said:
"I appreciate God for giving me this opportunity, keeping me alive till this day. I could have done nothing without him, and I continue to pray that he should cover me with his blood and give me the strength and the wisdom and the resources to carry on at 70..."
Tracing memory lane on how started life, she said:
" I got married at the age of 24 to late Hon. Janus Asungha Amaseimogha (may his soul rest in perfect peace), who was an astute politician. Before his death he had served Rivers State as he went to the National Assembly as member of the the Constituent Assembly. He also served as Chairman of Brass Local Government Council and also as the pioneer Chairman of Ogbia Local  Government Council, his political ambition did not see him through to be what he really wanted to become, he died in 2011."

Thursday, 9 November 2017


Dr. Dennis Allagoa
Chief Medical Director, FMC YENAGOA
The Medical Director of the Federal Medical Centre, (FMC) Yenagoa, Dr. Dennis Alagoa has attributed the success of the Hospital to team work.
He stated this during an interview with newsman who called on him in his office in the State capital, Yenagoa.
According to him:
" The provision of services for health all over the world is always a daunting challenge; especially in the third world where issues of poor infrastructure, issues of poverty, issues of unavailability of light and water and also provision of skilled manpower. This had always been a challenge in the developing countries, and Nigeria is not an exception."
He said the FMC, Yenagoa, also faces such challenges, but one thing that had made the success story possible is:
"Co-operating Management team that has been working in unison and also we have the support of the government of Bayelsa State that helped us to provide the enabling environment to carry out the assignment that the government through the Honourable Minister of Health has given to us."
Secondly he said, apart from the commitment of management, majority of the staff of the Federal Hospital, are being committed to that team spirit of success, to ensure that they do there best to provide 'health for all in Bayelsa state, because Federal Medical Centre provides more than 80% and sees more than 80% of the total patients, population in this state cutting across the senatorial constituencies in the state.
He explained that on assumption in office his priority was to work on environmental sanitation, to which end a waste disposal system was provided with a view to ensuring that dumping of refuse by the road was stopped forthwith, hear this:
''....we provided a waste management system where we clear our wastes at regulated time,.. our medical wastes. We dispose the wastes using our own incinerator.."
Dr. Alagoa went further to say that, the hospital is looking forward to extend this service across the state, because it worked in keeping the environment of the FMC clean, he emphasized.
Another thing the hospital did was that the issue of lack of consumables in the theatre, especially because at the moment the new M.D. came on board, that was a challenge.
The M.D. said there were cases of consumables and materials needed to operate in the theatre, and to achieve that, they ensured the provision of such materials that were needful for theatre usage, and also other materials needed for the work of the hospital.
He spoke of some of the innovations made in these words:
"Another thing we did was to establish the intensive care unit, prior to that time  the building was there, but it was not yet functioning; we had to establish our own intensive care unit. We no longer refer intensive care patients to UPTH. We are now taking care of these patients in our centre here.
"We also established our operating eye theatre , previously we didn't operate people with eye challenges...; but now people who have eye challenges, we take care of them here in the Federal Medical Centre. We also went ahead to establish the National Health Insurance Scheme, a new Centre of National Insurance scheme here in FMC, Yenagoa."
Dr. Allagoa said there was an existing Insurance scheme that needed upgrading, and it was upgraded, and now working hundred percent. Explaining further he said:-
"All staff both here in Yenagoa and Otueke outreach are all enrolled under that scheme. And issues that will border on difficulty for people to provide funds to take care of themselves when they had health challenges no longer exist..."
He went further, describing the insurance scheme as robust raising the income from N1million per month to N10million per month, and now N12million per month.
The secret of success of our insurance scheme is that:
"We have a robust team of skilled, dedicated manpower that is providing 24 hours 7 days a week services, humane, a none stop, sure facility national health insurance scheme."
The Medical Director also spoke on a special medical unit at the FMC, Yenagoa:-
" A telemedicine unit, which is very important because it enables FMC Yenagoa, as the only hospital that has that unit in this country. to gather every Wednesday 5pm ... linking up with all the telemedicine units across the world, discussing various vital topics..."
He used the medium to highlight more of the functions of telemedicine  in these how they delibrate on medical topics and find solutions in these words:-
"The last topic we discussed was monkey pox. Doctors at telemedicine units
all over the world were part of that discussion. And we were able to educate them on what we did contain the monkey pox scourge, and the approaches we used to contain the monkey pox in Bayelsa state."
He went further to say that the telemedicine unit also enables typical diagnosis by consulting with partners abroad directly for difficult cases, by calling and consulting partners of their opinion, and they discuss online,  through which method, they were able to resolve some of the medical cases, he explained.
"And we were able to resolve some of our medical cases. It enables you be in touch with socialists all over the world, and that is one of the things that the telemedicine has helped us to achieve and it has a lot of advantages  that we cannot enumerate in a single discussion as this,,," he concluded.

Inside the FMC at a glance 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017


CP Amba Asuquo

  1.  The Bayelsa State Police Command, Tuesday, 7th November 2017  announced the escape of 10 suspects in the cells at the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), in the state capital, Yenagoa.
  2. A Press statement signed by the Police Public Relations Officer Bayelsa State Command, DSP Asinim Butswat stated that the incident occurred about 0200hrs in the early hours of the morning.
  3. According to the statement, the escape of the 10 detainees was discovered through routine cell-check, by the SARS Police, raising alarm of the suspects escape, and that they escaped through the ceiling.
  4. Announcing the 're-arrest of some of them, the Police statement reads in part thus:
  5. "Policemen immediately cordoned off the SARS detention facility and 're-arrested three (3) out of the ten (10) suspects that escaped. The profile of the suspect has been circulated to our intelligence sources and efforts have Ben intensified to 're-arrest the remaining suspects."
  6. The Bayelsa State Police Command used the medium to call on the members of the public not to panic, but to volunteer useful information that may assist the police to get the escaping detainees 're-arrested.
  7. At the time of this publication, the PPRO told Golden Pen in  an interview that more of scapees have been 're-arrested.


The Chief Press Secretary to His Excellency, the Governor of Bayelsa State, Francis Ottah Agbo has called on publishers in the state to co-operate with the State government in the propagation of the programmes and policies of the present administration.
He stated this, while intearcting with the Bayelsa Federated Newspaper Publishers Association (BAFENPA) in the State capital, Yenagoa.
The CPS who was on a familiairization visit, reminded the publishers, of their noble role to inform, educate and enlighten the populace on the programmes and policies of the government. Mr. Ottah Agbo spoke on the cardinal principles and achievements of the government in these words:
" One of the cardinal principles of the Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson led administration is to take Bayelsa to the world and bring the world to Bayelsa. That is why the governor is partnering with the world's renowned people to come and train Ijaw youths on leadership and mentorship"
Highlighting some of the achievements of the administration he explained that:
"Infrastructural development, educational investment and tourism is taking Bayelsa to the world and bringing the wold to Bayelsa, and that is why anywhere you go, they know about Bayelsa, they know about Ijaw National Academy, they know about the Airport and all that..." he declared.
The CPS reminded the publishers of being stakeholders of the state who should not shy away from meaningful activities but to be partners in progress by  documenting the laudable policies and programmes of government in the state.
He remarked that the International Cargo Airport project embarked upon by the Restoration administration is for Bayelsa to play a key role in the gulf of guinea  by connecting the Ijaw nation to the world and to make Bayelsa a business hub.
He used the medium to speak further on some of the projects that had given the governor more commitment include:
" The Brass LNG, Brass Fertilizer, The Agge Deep Sea Port and Free Trade Zone project, which will open up Bayelsa to the world. We therefore on BAFENPA in particular and the media in general to support the government by propagating the good works of the administration.
In his remak, the Chairman of BAFENPA, Mr. Easterday Ayebaitari, thanked the CPS and his entourage for the visit, and assured him that the Indigenous press will continue to be supportive of the Bayelsa State government in her policies and programmes as the media had always done from the beginning of the state, in  the interest of peace and development of the land and the people.
But the publishers noted with concern that there had been a big gap of communication between media managers on the side of government and media practitioners in the state which does not tell a tale of symbiotic relationship and called for mending of fences to forge ahead with " Project Bayelsa."

Friday, 3 November 2017


The Ecumenical Centre Built By Governor Dickson
Of Bayelsa State
It was a great gathering at the Igbogene axis of the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, where people from all works of life, especially the clergy converged in high spirit to celebrate the success story of Governor Henry Seriake Dickson's building  of a house for God, called "Ecumenical Centre."
Some of the high and the mighty in Christendom invited by the State governor to grace the occasion include:
The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church,  Pastor Enoch Adeboye, who dedicated the centre described the governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson as a leader who loves the Lord, emphasized that only a man who loves the Lord God Almighty at heart and approved of the Lord could build a house in his name.
Speaking further, he said, the value of a house depends on who lives there, and that the size of the house or it's outlook does not matter, but who lives-in there. "In a community you may see a house, a big house built by a rich man, a rich business man, and at another area you also find another building not as gigantic as that of the businessman, but on this building is written "THE PALACE" that is the place of authority, Pastor Adeboye said.
His Excellency the Governor of Bayelsa
Hon, Henry Dickson and dignitaries
Relating that viewpoint  to the house of God, who Himself is the King of Kings and Lord of lords, Pastor Adeboye told the congregation what King David said about the house of God as in Psalm 122:1 reads:
"I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord"
He graphically narrated and  explained to the over 10, 000 audience at the ecumenical centre and viewers all over the world in live telecasts and broadcast  by various electronics mediums, the new media etc.  the benefits to those who went  into the house of the Lord and while praying for the people, dwclared that because they came to the ecumenical centre which is the house of the Lord to celebrate, whatever problem or situation or challenges they were facing was over.
The only Bible reading at the occasion was taken by the Governor of the State, Hon. Henry Dickson from the book of 2Chronicles 7:11-16 reads:-
"Thus Solomon finished the house of the LORD, and the king's house and all that came into Solomon's heart to make in the house of the LORD, and in his own house, he prosperously effected.
And the LORD appeared to Solomon by night, and said unto him, I have heard thy prayer, and have chosen this place to myself for an house of sacrifice. If I shut up heaven that there be no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or if I send pestilence among my people;
If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wick ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Now mine eyes shall be open, and mine ears attent  unto the prayer that is made in this place.
For now have I chosen and sanctified this house, that my name may be there for ever: and mine eyes and mine heart shall be there perpetually."
In his remarks the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo ably represented by the state House Chaplin, Seyi Malono commended the Bayelsa Governor, Hon. Seriake Dickson for building the centre which he described, 'as the house of God." He used the medium to call on the people to acknowledge the fact that Nigeria needed men and women committed to making her a batter nation for future generations.
American multiple award winning Gospel singer, Ron Kenoly  performed at the occasion, some of his best soul touching songs to the admiration of his fans.
In his vote of thanks, the governor, who  at the occasion, inaugurated a management Board to preserve and maintain the centre,  thanked all the dignitaries who honoured his invitation and attended the historic event. He wished everyone the best and a peaceful journey back home.
In an interview with the Chairman of the Bayelsa State Council of Traditional Rulers, His Royal Majesty King Alfred Papapreye Diete Spiff, first Military Governor of Rivers State also commended the Governor of the state while describing the project as a monumental achievement, hear this:
HRM King Alfred Diete Spiff
Chairman Bayelsa State Council of Traditional Rulers
"The ecumenical centre built by the state government will help the Ijaw people to love and to serve God. This outlet has to be used fully, not just as a monument of the Ijaw nation standing there, but shall serve as an assembly of God, both for religious and social matters if you look at it at it's fullest."
 King Diete Spiff who rated the vision of the governor so high went forward to speak in this light:
"The ecumenical centre which is actually a national monument, couldn't have been built except God himself gave the people who thought about it, the wisdom, the courage or the grace..."
The Royal father of the state further stated that by this, and other projects the Dickson government had embarked upon and completed, expressed the hope that by the time he will  complete his tenure in office, the Ijaw nation shall no doubt see and know him as "a sincere leader who want the best for the state and for  the Ijaw nation."
In a radio phone-in programme with the State owned radio station, Glory FM, Tuesday, the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Daniel Iworiso Markson in a bid to galvanize the people for the high ranking project told Bayelsans that building of the ecumenical centre was a great achievement by the Restoration government that will promote gainful employment, rapid development and economic prosperity in the state, right now and in the future.
Daniel Iworiso Markson
Hon. Commissioner for Information and Orientation
Bayelsa State

Tuesday, 31 October 2017


Chief (Hon.) Tons Fetepigi Itongha
At the ecumenical centre about to be commissioned are many dignitaries, infact, here you will meet with all calibre of people from political leaders to the clergy, traditional rulers, Parliamentarians past and present, Judiciary leaders, top civil servants community heads etc. 
And in the great gathering was sighted one gold fish by this medium,  in person of Chief (Hon.) Tons Fetepigi Itongha, a veteran journalist (Rtd) a former Honourable Member of the Rivers State House of Assembly, many years before Bayelsa was created, a man who had held various political positions and still counting commended the Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson for embarking on the ecumenical centre project. Hear him:
"I congratulate, His Excellency the Governor of Bayelsa State, Rt. Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson for this. This is a great legacy to the state.."
Chief Itongha observed that, the crowd he sighted in the ecumenical centre hall exceeded ten thousand capacity.

Monday, 30 October 2017


Daniel Iworisp Markson
Hon. Commissioner Ministry of Information
Bayelsa State
In a bid to build a stronger and more rewarding media in the state, the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Daniel Iworiso Markson had called on the Publishers of the state to be united so as to attract government attention, in her dream to support the indigenous press.
He stated this, while interacting with members of the Bayelsa Federated Newspaper Publishers Association (BAFENPA) in a meeting helt in his office at the State Secretariat Annex, in the State capital Yenagoa, 2 hours ago.
The Commissioner in his words of welcome said the meeting was convened by his office based on information that some of the federating associations had grievances and were playing discordant tones in the family of the publishers to pull out of being members of BAFENPA.
After listening to the views of Francis Dufugha, Publisher of Niger Delta Herald, Chief Otonye Evans Tubonah, Publisher Golden Pen Newspaper, Elder Union Oyadongha, Publisher Banner News and Ayebaitari Easterday, the Publisher of National Investigator and Chairman of the publishers body, BAFENPA,the Hon. Commissioner, Daniel Iworiso Markson  told the publishers that there was no need for disintegration, because it was more profitable for them to be together than to be fragmented.
He openly stated that the state government will not and cannot recognize any other publishers body than BAFENPA which the present administration for convenience in media partnership and  co-operation amalgamated.
The Commissioner who reminded the publishers of how he, Daniel Iworiso Markson played a key role in the vision of His Excellency the Governor of the State, to have the indigenous publishers under one umbrella and therefore cannot approve of any moves to fragmentation.
He urged the publishers to tolerate one another and forge ahead to a better tomorrow.
In his closing remarks, the Chairman of BAFENPA, Mr. Ayebaitari Easterday thanked the Hon. Commissioner for his fatherly advice, and assured that the publishers in the state will continue to support the programmes and policies of the Restoration Government.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


  • The Nigerian Government had looked at the most critical challenges that faced the nation in this democratic era of our existence, bothering on criminal activities, such as kidnapping, militancy, oil thievery, cultism, sea piracy, and armed robbery and hunkering. The Chief of Army Staff, Lt. General Tukur Burutai on the 13th of October, 2017 in line with orders from Mr. President, Muhammadu Buhari to stem down all forms of criminality and acts of terrorism in the country; land and seas, rivers and creeks,  flagged off the "OPERATION CROCODILE SMILE 2" 
  • It is a military affair aimed at building peace and to bring infrastructural development and economic prosperity across board and especially in the Niger Delta Region and the South South geo-political zone.
  • Why use " Crocodile Smile" to name the operation you may ask? The answer is not farfetched, crocodiles are described as: One of the planets oldest living creatures thought to be around 200 million years old which means that crocodiles were around dinosaur times. Crocodiles exists in Africa, America, Asia, Australia etc. they exist in rivers, creeks, lakes in both fresh and salt water arears. And they feed on flesh foods; fish, animals, reptiles, whatever comes his way became a prey to the crocodile.
  • According to geographical information, the crocodile don't turn back from chasing his prey. Hear this:  "...if you are being chased by a crocodile, the only chance of getting away is by outsmarting the crocodile.. run away from the crocodile diagonally down a hill... crocodiles have a very slow turning circle." 
  • This means that the crocodile has the characteristic of minding it's own business, and living it's own life quietly, but not without curtailing the excesses of those who go beyond boundaries to disturb the peace of the environment of the crocodile in particular and the society in general. The fact that the crocodile smiles, is an indication that it's a friendly creature that believes in the rule of law.
  • And that is exactly what the Nigerian Army had said about the "Operation Crocodile, Smile"  The General Officer Commanding (GOC) 6 Division, Enobong Udoh told the populace that: " Operation Crocodile Smile is not a show of force, but a confidence building patrol that seeks to reassure the people of ... the Niger Delta that the army is ready to work..."
  • Speaking further on the astute position of the army to put a stop to criminality, the military officer said, in clear terms: "Our operation aims to reassure the public that we are ready to fight crimes like cultism, militancy and kidnapping
  • Reports about the operations of the 'OCS' across the South South revealed that some remarkable achievements have been made, whereby suspected  kidnappers, cultists, oil thieves, and other gangs of criminals were reportedly arrested and handed over to appropriate government authorities for further investigations, while the innocent were set free.
  • The army is said to be working  in collaboration  with other relevant security agencies like the Police, the Directorate of State Services, Nigeria Customs, Immigration, Nigerian Civil Defense and others, thus recording a rising profile of achievements with the "Operations Crocodile Smile."
Meanwhile, the Nigerian Navy had announced of begining riverine and sea operations soon in Bayelsa and Delta states, code named "Operation Octopus Grip" The Flag  Officer Commanding Central Naval Command, Rear Admiral Bello All-Hassan stated this at a press conference in Yenagoa assuring that through the exercise the creeks and riverine areas of the state will be safe for commuters and for economic prosperity.

Monday, 2 October 2017


The Bayelsa State Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo Esq. the Permanent Secretary, Dr. ( Barr)! Johnson Dagana, the Directors and entire Staff of the Ministry, felicitate either Mr. President and Commander In Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, His Excellency  Muhammadu Buhari (GCFR), the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbanjo (GCON) and the amiable people of Nigeria on the occasion of the 2017 Independence day Celebration.
With great pleasure we also congratulate His Excellency the Contriman Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State, the Deputy Governor Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John Jonah (RTD) and the entire people of the state in commemoration of the 21st anniversary of the creation of Bayelsa State.
In 21 years, the dot of infrastructural development has made more meaning only since the inception of the Restoration Government of Ofuruma Pepe, His Excellency Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson.
This administration has in
less than 5 years; Constructed and furnished the New Governor's/ Deputy Governor's Iconic Office Complex, Completed the state Archive, Completed the State Language School in addition to establishment of several  free Boarding Schools, Construction of world class diagnostic centre and a drug mart, Moved constitution of the 3 Senatorial Roads to 60% completion, Carried out 70% completion of the first International Cargo Airport, the magnificent Ecumenical Centre, Dualization of the Internal Roads and several others.
Lawrence Ewhrudjakpo Esq.
Hon. Commissioner
Ministry of Works and Infrastructure

Dr.. (Barr.)Johnson Amaowei Dagana
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Works and Infrastructure

Saturday, 30 September 2017


 Good day and Happy 21st Anniversary of the creation of Bayelsa State, Your Excellency!
For obvious reasons you deserve a CONGRATULATORY MESSAGES as the incumbent governor of the only all Ijaw State of the Niger Delta region in the South/South geo-political zone of our country Nigeria.
Today, our nation, Nigeria, is celebrating her 57th independence anniversary Your Excellency, this is a remarkable milestone in the history of our dear state, and it is an occasion of joy, which is a platform for joyful expressions, goodwill messages and for sharing the truth with one another for the interest of a better and greater future.
Before the October Ist 1996, Bayelsa was just a Senatorial District in Rivers State, thanks to General Sani Abacha (late), the Military Saint that gave Bayelsa to the Ijaw People through the 1994 Constitutional Conference, led by Justice Karibi Whyte as it's Chairman.
Your Excellency, it will intrest you to note that, I also went to that historic Constitutional Confrence. I was the Secretary to the Conference Delegate from the Brass axis, Hon. Itari Kombo (Mrs Garuba) of blessed memory.  At that Confrence we had just two elected delegates to cover the then six local government areas that made Bayelsa Forum in the then Rivers State. Hon. Foster Ogolah, noe Senator, was the Confrence Delegate elected to represent Sagbama, Ekeremor and Southern/Ijaw Local Government Areas, while  Hon.Itari Kombo represented Brass, Ogbia and Yenagoa Local Government Areas, and that was the Confrence that midwifed the birth of Kolokuma/Opokuma and Nembe Local Government Areas and Bayelsa State.
Some of the Rivers Delegates include: Chief Melford Okilo and Chief Dan Etete were Government Delegates from Bayelsa Senetorial District, others include, Dr. D.U. Anucha, Dr Okogbule Wonodi Dr. Martins Yellowe, Mr. Reginald Wilcox... and Dr. Peter Odili as Chairman of the Rivers Delegates.
Knowing where we were  coming from, when Bayelsa was created, we had a reason to celebrate  and we celebrated. And from year to year leaders of the state from the Military era to Democracy, no leader closed eyes to the historic birth day of the state.
It was so expected and the people at such occasions use to gather in sober reflections of where they were coming from, where they are and where they were going. The people did not use to gather themselves, it was the function of government to gather the people of the state for this noble purpose. And that notably was a period the governor of the state makes himself available for interactions with different sectors of the populace with the media being the first to be invited for either a Press briefing or a Press Conference by His Excellency the governor of the state who announces government activities to the media, for dissemination to inform the public.
And that was an occasion that brought together the who is who of the Ijaw race in general and Bayelsans in particular within and outside the country. But Your Excellency, from the look of things, your administration is no longer interested in gatthering the people to give them (us) the sense of belonging they (we) rightly deserve.
But if I may ask Your Excellency, is there anything wrong if you pay due attention or more attention to the Bayelsa people who elected you governor  than paying 85% attention to the outside world and giving your people just 15% of your time in the state? Some would have preferred pouring ecomium on you even at the time, as a human being, you needed honest and patriotic ideas to support you move the state forward,  For that reason I want to speak openly, because I believe that you wouldn't want to disappoint Bayelsans nor fail them for giving you their trust. If you believe in that, then I would like you to look at some of the"pictures" of the state.
Just last month, the state witnessed your going on annual leave It is your constitutional right to go on leave and to go on a working tour, if the need arises, but it is dangerous to be out of the duty post too often, because it is not easy for a traveling governor to work on the files that need urgent attention on your table. Your,Excellency, time is not on your side, your frequent tours every month taking weeks adversely affected your performance and it is my candid opinion that you take a critical examination of it and make amend to achieve a record breaking service delivery within the limit of time in governance.
Your Excellency, to be honest to you, the economy of Bayelsa state has been down for some years not minding her frontal position as oil bearing state. People have become endemic to poverty, amongst the ordinary citizens there is hardly a family which can stand out to say 'I am O.K, besides your family and some other few privileged families that live in affluence. From street to street, if you go round, Yenagoa and its environ, you will find the truth that the people are not prospering. Your people are no longer building houses to accommodate their families, the few structures you may find under construction are either abandoned or taken over with weeds, majority of car owners can no longer maintain their cars or even fuel their cars, parents find it difficult to pay their children school fees and people find it so difficult to feed, because there has been no circulation of money in the state you govern.
But if you trace why Bayelsans are so poor in your own administration, if you honestly want to know, I would like to tell Your Excellency, that your administration started in error and had continued in that error till today. When you were sworn into office as the Governor of Bayelsa State, a file was handed over to you, it was your first file to attend. That was the handover file from your predecessor, it contained all the assets and liabilities of the state. But when you sat on the seat of the governor, your attention quickly went to the assets. All your communication was about assets. You sent a combination of government officials and security operatives to go after some of the  outgoing former political appointees who were in possession of official cars, and still living government property chased out of such facilities or quarters, contractors handling government projects were trailed, invited and given a marching order to deliver on the jobs. Those indebted to the state were made to pay such monies, but you did not look to the direction of the liabilities.
All that your administration did on the liabilities was to call Bayelsans to submit their document and claims to the office of the then Commissioner of Finance, Mr. Iduate Iyabi, who made a radio announcement on behalf of government to that effect. People went and submitted their documents in compliance, I also went and submitted my document on behalf of my medium the Golden Pen Newspaper, and the Commissioner of Finance, Mr. Iyabi assured that after the first 100 days in office the government was going to settle all liabilities, but till date nothing has been paid.
Your Excellency, your administration informed the people of the state and the world at your monthly transparency briefings, of settling liabilities of bank loans, payment of contractors  in Abuja, Lagos amounting to billions of Naira, but to the people of Bayelsa that voted you to power, you have not paid any amount. And by that none payment, you  subjected your own people to poverty and untold hardships. Take note that, God does not like such treatments for his people. As a Christian, you need to know that it is not right before God to withhold money that is entitled to someone or group.  See scriptures.
Deuteronomy 24:14-15 reads:- "Thou shalt not oppress an hired servant that is poor and needy...At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it...lest he cry against thee unto the LORD and it be sin unto thee."
 In the book of Jeremiah 22:13, the LORD said:- "Woe unto him that buildeth his house by unrighteousness, and his chambers by wrong: that useth his neighbour's service without wages, and giveth him not for his work." The word of God here, true and as a Christian you need not trivialize it nor ignore, but to be more diligent, by improving on payment of salaries and pensions, to ensure that the poor also have bread on their tables and bless the name of the LORD for your sake.
Bayelsans have cried out of exclusion and marginalization by your administration, that you are giving everything to none indigines to the detriment of the sons and daughters of the state. That you have been most generously giving  out  contracts and political appointments to none iniginnes with impunity some of whom you also pay huge sums of money. And that  because of your disdain for the people of Ijaw and of Bayelsa you love hosting dignitaries from outside to come and commission projects. You import media managers from outside, accommodate them in government house and hotels and pay them jaw breaking amounts of money,  millions of Naira to publish accolades while the indigenous media deliberately avoided and sidelined, and stripped naked of all their benefits as stakeholders. Instead of giving them media appointments  you take their entitled positions to none indigines, and leave them with nothing to fall back on. Your Excellency, you need to correct some of these administrative errors, because, you will not like it if the governorship was given to a none indigine, like you are doing with the appointment  of the Chief Press Secretary.
In all these, the greatest problem your people are facing is how to feed. Some have no employment and are willing to do even casual jobs, daily paid jobs, but your government hasn't such a window to accommodate them, because your government has no direct labour projects.
You will also find the teaming unemployed graduates of our state roaming the streets. Besides providing employment opportunities for the citizens to enhance the economy, there are also other areas, your administration needed to loudly or vehemently address.
That is the Agricultural Sector. Your Excellency cannot deny the fact that fishing and farming are our main occupation, and we are known all over the world as fishermen. It was therefore anticipated of your administration to empower that sector to provide employment for the job seeking masses and to feed the people of the state. You raised the hope of the people when you highlighted the potentials of the Peremabiri rice farm, deep sea fishing in the Brass and Agge axis of the state at public occasions, but nothing to show.
If the government had acquired fishing trawlers for deep sea fishing and provided fishing gears to fishers in the state, the economy couldn't have been this bad
2. The number two point I like to bring to your attention, Your Excellency, is that your administration has no plan, program or policy that touches on the lives of the people in their different callings. By this I mean, that your administration had not made a place for indigenous contractors. All the contractors you have, either major contractors or sub-contractors are mostly from outside the state, leaving the indigenous contractors to loaf around.
This is too bad for the people of the state. Couldn't it have been better that you also  give contracts to Bayelsans and strictly supervise them to execute jobs than giving out all the wealth of the state to outsiders and keeping our people and land dejected? This is an area you aught to look at with deep attention and to address without delay.
3. Your Excellency, you came with a vision to industrialize the state, because all your attention was geared towards wooing investors to the state, and for the sake of it, your administration constituted the Bayelsa Investment Promotion Agency (BIPA) manned by high calibre technocrats whom you  empowered with whooping amount of N10billion just to open offices at South/Africa and London, and since after that bold initiative there has been no sign of investors coming in. This gives the impression that that plan had failed to yield a tangible result, and if it did fail, what the government needs do, is to start or restart the industrialization process once again by building industries in the state and importing equipment and to employ people to man it.
For instance the Bayelsa Palms project should have been a all time money spinner, employment provider and a window for exportation, if the state government had invested copiously in that area. Your Excellency, I think you also know like I did that, the Rivers State Oil Palm (RISONPALM) project at Ubima had been a all time money spinner to that state, and don't forget that a foreign country, Malaysia which came and acquired palm fruits from there and invested in their country new has that as the main stay of their economy.  Yes! If the will is there the state can start or restart with that.
4. There are many other sectors soliciting attention: Transport vehicles and boats for land and riverine operations., Promotion of Commerce and to establish a strong Chambers of Commerce in the state, to build a self reliant business development is a great necessity. Tourism Development, Culture, Sports Development etc.
5. Your Excellency, in the education sector, your administration has recorded successes in the areas of good WAEC results, good JAMB results, building, renovation and equipment of some key schools;  especially in urban areas while schools in the interland are still begging for attention. Your administration started a robust scholarship scheme, which opened a window of opportunities for students to study in tertiary institutions across the world, but now, that itself, has grounded to a halt. No more scholarship scheme? Why has the Restoration  government stopped funding scholarship is a question the Commissioner for Education has not been able to answer.
The State own Niger Delta University (NDU) is wearing the look of a suffering institution. Shortly put,  that institution needed funding, but instead of funding it, your administration side stepped from that arrangement and used the state's fund to open an African University. (AU).
Your Excellency, to open another University is not a wrong decision, it is a progressive idea for which you and indeed your administration deserve commendation, but to take that glory, it shouldn't be at the expense of the NDU.
You don't have to 'rob Peter to pay Paul' for whatever reason, the right thing to do here, is to take care of all the state owned institutions without bias if you agree with me.
Have a good day, Your Excellency!
Chief Otonye Evans Tubonah
Publisher/ Editor-In-Chief
Golden Pen Newspaper
Chief Otonye Evans Tubonah
Golden Pen Newspaper

Friday, 29 September 2017


 The Chief Medical Director, Directors, Head of Departments and entire staff of the Bayelsa State Hospitals Management Board heartily CONGRATULATE His Excellency the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, His Excellency the Deputy Governor, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John-Jonah on the historic occasion of the 21st Anniversary of Creation of Bayelsa State.
Your Excellency, the creation of Bayelsa on the 1st of October 1996  has been a welcome development to the people of the state as well as to every Ijaw speaking people all over the world.
As we mark the 21st Anniversary of the Creation of this state, 1st of October 2017, the Bayelsa State Hospitals Management Board wishes to appreciate the state government led by His Excellency, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson for doggedly pushing the health sector forward despite the economic challenges by providing the needful and keeping the sector functional.
Fresh in our mind is renovation of Hospitals across the state and provision of medical laboratories amongst others.

Thursday, 28 September 2017


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The Chairman of the Directorate for Project Monitoring and Evaluation. Engr. Dio A. Wenapere, the Secretary, Engr. Joseph Ogbe, Directors and the entire staff of this Directorate heartily facilitate with His Excellency the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, His Excellency the Deputy Governor, Rear Admiral Gboribiogha John-Jonah (Rtd), the Speaker, Bayelsa State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Kommbowei Benson, the entire PDP family and the good people of Bayelsa State on this propitious of the 57th Independence anniversary of Nigeria and the 21st anniversary of the creation of Bayelsa State.
Your Excellency Sir, we applaud your courage, dogged determination and focus towards restoring our dear state in line with the dreams of the founding fathers despite plethora of challenges.
As the state takes the bold step from it's "Teen" years into the explorative "Youth" stages, Your Excellency, the state under your leadership would continue to witness massive infrastructural development, educational advancement, youth empowerment, economic recovery, health care service delivery, stability that earned Bayelsa State global accolades from internationally reputed rating organization and individuals.
With Hon. Dickson on the saddle of leadership, Bayesian are not only celebrating independence, but also celebrating excellency and transparency in governance.
Your pragmatic use of the Directorate for Project Monitoring and Evaluation in ensuring that projrects are executed  according to required standards using quality materials and ensuring value money is highly commendable.
As we join other Nigerians Celebrate another years statehood, may the Good Lord continue to grant you robust health, divine wisdom and understanding to pilot the affairs of the state to greater heights.
God Bless Bayelsa State

Engr. Dio A Wenapere

Tuesday, 19 September 2017


from Right Idumange and Febabo 
The former General Manager of the Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation, Comrade (Dr.) John Idumange had officially handed  over the mantle of leadership of the Corporation, Glory FM, to Mr. Tari Febabo as the new General Manager.
In a brief ceremony held in the office of General Managers in the State Radio House, 97. 1 Glory Fm, in Yenagoa, Dr. Idumange gave accounts of his stewardship to the government and people of the state in his service as the General Manager of the State's Broadcasting Corporation, and highlighted some key areas that the new or incoming GM needed to pay attention to or focus on, to achieve desired success.
Comrade Idumange, who spoke about his anti-corruption disposition in governance said, for the new GM to succeed, he must plug every loop hole that the resources of the Corporation may not be hijacked by some persons to their private pockets and accounts, to the detriment of both management and staff.
"This is purely a handover ceremony, before this time, I had worked with the Radio, I wrote commentaries, right from the time Comish Ekiye was the General Manager, that time I was working as Local Government Secretary, but I was writing I was not new to the Radio House..."
Dr. Idumange said, his appointment and assignment on the 2nd of December, 2016 to the Radio House by the governor was to serve for six months, but that he had stayed up to nine months and while briefing the governor on who to be the GM after him, suggested that someone with experience from the Radio may be better but did not give the name of anybody to be appointed and commended the governor of his choice of Tari Febabo, describing the move as visionary.
Expressing his views on certain issues Dr. Idumange said:-
"One impression I want to correct is that any time something happens , something done either by the ministry or head of service..., it is attributed to me. Most people do not know that the civil service rule.. does not permit the GM to transfer anybody."
He told the in-coming GM who was an Assistant General Manager in the same Corporation some months ago, spoke of some key areas like the vexed issue of Sharp Sharp deductions of which information and receipts were in the handover note. while stating  that, the Corporation was cheated of the sum of N2.5m by the operators of the deductions and that  the matter is still on.
Speaking extensively on a wide range of issues, the  out going General Manager, Dr. Idumange highlighted some of  the achievements in his 9 months administration...
In his response, the new General Manager, Tari Febabo, thanked the Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson for giving him the honour to serve. He also appreciated the out-going GM, Comrade Idumange for his achievements and assured that he will do his best to fly the flag of the Corporation to the next level.

From left, Comrade Idumange and Tari Febabo

Thursday, 14 September 2017


Hon. Henry Dickson
Governor of Bayelsa State
Mr.Adigio Austin
Special Adviser to the Governor of Bayelsa State,
Students Affairs
As the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) strike continues across the nation, the Special Adviser to the Governor of Bayelsa State on Students Affairs, Mr. Adigio Austin described the development as a great set back to the nation.
Speaking to the Golden Pen Newspaper in his office, Yesterday, the Special Adviser said the nation's steady educational development has been seriously affected by the strike he described as avoidable.
He therefore called on the federal authorities and the Academic Staff union body, to for the interest of the country and the future of our children come to compromise and call off the strike without further delay.
He explained that the strike had adversely affected Bayelsa, because of what the Governor of the state, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson had put into the development of the sector from the inception of the administration. He spoke that the governor had begun with:-
"A very ambitious scholarship programme, that has been exceptional and indeed unprecedented. I keep on using that word, unprecedented, because indeed there was none like it until he came onboard and declared emergency in the full spectrum of the educational sub system..."
According to him, the Dickson administration took a look at the primary sector, the secondary sub-sector, and the tertiary, and spoke as follows:-
"With specific programme for training and 're-training of our teachers, today, I can tell you by our last WAEC performance, the WAEC  body adjudged Bayelsa as one of the states with best result in Nigeria... as reported in some of the media, that Abia, Rivers, Edo, Imo and Bayelsa emerged the best performing states in 2016 West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations. These are the results, the bench mark, with which you measure the performance of the government."
On the issue of relocation of the College Of Education (COE) from Okpoama in Brass Local Government  to Sagbama in Sagbama Local Government Area, Mr. Adigio Austin said:-
"The College of Education in all it's stay in Brass Local Government Area had a population less than hundred students with teaching and non-teaching staff. We, in approaching education look at it as a business. Education is also a chain of production where outputs must equate inputs. There, salaries, overheads.... was not commensurate with the output of the students, and so the decision was reached and the school was moved to Sagbama. As I speak to you today, that school has over 2000 students.. with opportunities of even expanding; so you can now see the value for government investment in that school."
He further explained that people are interested in the school because of it's location. Sagbama is equidistant from  Port Harcourt, Warri, Ugheli, and therefore has larger catchment that come from neighboring states to register and that brings more internally generated revenue for the institution, he emphasized.
On the Maritime Academy for which the state government concluded plans to build at Okpoama in agreement with Poland, as a replacement of the C.O.E., Mr. Adigio Austin expressed the hope that despite financial challenges facing the nation and by extension the state government, he had no doubt that the State government will not fail on that project. Hear this:-
"His Excellency, the Governor, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson knows the potentiality of a Maritime Academy in developing our maritime resources, hence he will not and will never abandone the project he had brought to limelight  or play politics with it. When that project is established and we understand our maritime domain and the economy, I mean having a Maritime institution will not only build our human capital , but is going to be a big logistics base...and that is a big money spinner for the state...he concluded.

Monday, 28 August 2017


The Obanema of Agrisaba, His Royal Highness, King Walter M. Samuel has said that the people of Nembe Ibe/Mini, in the Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, will develop rapidly in the nearest future as they continue to work in peace and harmony.
King Walter Samuel stated this while exchanging views with the Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of the Golden Pen newspaper, Chief Otonye Evans Tubonah on phone.
He described as a welcome development that his community, Agrisaba hosted a scheduled meeting of the Nembe Ibe/Mini Council of Chiefs attended by over one hundred Chiefs just recently.
The Agrisaba Monarch used the medium to acknowledge and appreciate the leadership role played by the Opu Nembe Council of Chiefs and urged them to maintain the tempo, to galvanize the Chiefs and people of Okoroba and Agrisaba and satellite communities in the area to work in peace and unity for development. He used the medium to highlight the development vision of his administration in Agrisaba.
King Walter Samuel said, the Agrisaba community has started the construction of a one kilometre road, which according to him has reached 30% completion, while a six flats teachers quatres is to be built to accommodate primary school teachers posted to the community, to which end, he went on to to say that thousands of blocks are already moulded in readiness for the project.
King Agri also spoke briefly of the development vision of his community in these words:
"My vision as the king of Agrisaba is to ensure that there is development in the land. It is also my desire that the life of the people, I mean the welfare of the people improves; through employment, through agriculture, fisheries, trade and industry and sports etc..."
"I, and my Chiefs Council and indeed the entire community share the same vision that Agrisaba's development is a collective responsibility, and we are working together." he further stated.
Talking about the administrative success of the king, a prominent son of the soil, Jean Agreen has this to say:
"King Walter is kind, sagacious, accommodating and pushes for the welfare of Agrisaba like no other king has done. Agrisaba community is getting more organized with extraordinary solidity and stability"

Tuesday, 15 August 2017


Jesus Christ of Nazareth
King of Kings and Lord of Lords
The creation of Bayelsa State was highly celebrated when it was announced in a national broadcast by General Sani Abacha (late) marking the Independence of Nigeria, October 1st 1996.
The state was given by God to the Ijaw people through that great Military leader and Saint, General Abacha, who created two Local Governments and added existing six to make her a eight Local Government State.
Bayelsa is a state God has a purpose for creating, a purpose to do His will and He will never tolerate impunity or wickedness by anybody especially, leaders in the state no matter how highly placed., because He looks at the state  'as the Benjamin of Nigeria.", which is dear to Himself.
That was why he called Navy Captain Philip Ayeni, the Ist Military Administrator to order immediately when he derailed, with the consequences of his inability to continue in office.
The 2nd Military Administrator Navy Captain, Omoniyi Caleb Olubolade who came, and started well though, also derailed and was booted out of office suddenly, which made a way for Lt. Col. Paul Edor Obi a Soldier to take the mantle of loeadership and ushered in Democratic rule in 1999 with Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha as the 1st elected, indigenous Governor of the state.
Chief Alamieyeseigha started very well, but as time went on, things changed dramatically which led to the sad history of the sack of Odi by the military during the presidency of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, and later impeached on charges of corruption, imprisoned and later pardoned by president Goodluck Jonathan
Chief Timipre Sylva came in as governor, faced battle upon battle from inception to the day of his unceremonious ousting. He was drilled through the courtsby the EFCC  but was vindicated.
Now, we have Hon. Seriake Dickson as the governor of Bayelsa, who had good intentions and started well, but right now the hand writing of God that has been keeping on writing on the wall:
'MENE. MENE. TEKEL.UPHARSIN.", has come again.
It is a call on the Shepherds (Leaders) of Israel (Bayelsa) to repent of their ways according to the word of God coming from the book of Ezekiel 34:2-10
God's anger is kindled against the Shepherds of Israel(Leaders) of Bayelsa State for taking care of themselves, feeding themselves fat, and leaving the flock (the citizens) without food, themselves wearing expensive apparel and living in splendour, while leaving the people naked and poor. While they themselves continue to pay high medical bills to secure their health and of their families , they leave the people they govern to live without medical attention, to suffer sicknesses and diseases to death and members of their families to  death.
First, the Lord advised the Bayesian leaders saying,
"Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven." Colossians 4:1, but they don't care to listen. Then Word of God came stronger saying, "...Thou shall not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And. The laborer is worthy of his reward."  Ist Timothy 5:18 but  the Shepherds, leaders of Bayelsa say No! they will not pay workers of their wages.
And God has warned the leaders saying:
"Thou shalt not defraud thy neighbour, neither rob him: the wages of him that is hired shall not abide with thee all night until the morning." Leviticus 19:13, and the Lord underlined it saying:
"At his day thou shalt give him his hire, neither shall the sun go down upon it: lest he cry against thee unto the Lord, and it be sin unto thee" Deuteronomy 24:15,
the leaders of Bayelsa say, I will not pay the workers, I will not pay the pensioners, I will not pay the liabilities I inherited.
When the Lord in His anger declared:
"Woe unto him that buildeth his house in unrighteuosness, and his chambers by wrong: that useth his neighbour's service without wages, and given him not for his work." Jeremiah 22:13
Even as the Lord pronounced a curse against it, the leaders in Bayelsa State continue to give appointments without pay, giving contracts without pay etc.
The Lord who hate frauds and oppression has declared again in his anger saying:
"Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. James 5:4
And all that the leaders of Bayelsa have done with money go contrary to the ways of the Lord, because God's priority is that the 'Shepherds' (Leaders) of Bayelsa should take good care of the 'flock' (the people), feed them clothe them well, before taking care of themselves, but they had gone their own way hence the handwriting  on the wall.