Monday, 28 April 2014


The long expectected inauguration Volunteer is on at the Government House banquet  hall. The governor of the state Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson was said to have said that the measure was to provide employment of youths in the state. Over 20 thousand youth were said to have gathered outside the gate while a few were allowed to enter the princint of the hall.
As Dickson goes on with the Volunteer project opinion leaders in the state observed that the Governor made a u turn on what he earlier condemned on assumpsion of office, that it was unnecessary that past administration erred in constituting a vuluntreer body.

Mr. Miebi Tombra a public affairs analyst have expressed his reservations that the move may not be unconnected with the governor's plan to succed himself in 2016 as governor of Bayelsa State  using the  volunteers.
The governor widely condemned his predecessors for having a similar body and today he is inaugurating what he condemned makes the matter incomprehensive, Mr. Tombra said, while arguing that provision of employment could not be the reason for constituting the body the government should take a bold step bi lifting the ban on employment in th state.


It is like Bayelsa callrd the Gloryof lands by her founding fathers is a place where righteousness, justice and fairness had been put under the carpet. So many things have  that do not portray the state in positive light , but yhose who are at the saddle feel that  whatever they do is the right thing to do.
The embarrassing wrongful outing of our self acclaimed RESTORSTION governmrnt was the appointment of delegates to the ongoing National Confrence. The unbelievable wrongful and indefensibly lopsided appointment of delegates was done in the Nembe Local Government Area where all the four delegates selected comes from Nembe  Ogbolomabiri community.
They include HRM Edmund Daukoru, Senator Nimi Barigha Amange, Chief Lionel Jonathan-Omo and Mrs Remi Kuku. This gives the impression that the government and that of the federal did not take into cognisance the fact that there are many autonomous communities in the LGA, such as the Nembe Bassambiri which also has a first class King, HRM King R.M.Iwowari JP OON Mein vii, we also have the Agrisaba Odioma ,Okoroba Okoroma autonomous communities.
This is not right, it is not fair, it is simply oppressive, wicked and ungodly. It is the shame of a state which aught to do everything with the fear of God. The above mentioned autonomous communities are all left out without representation.

Monday, 14 April 2014


Chief O.G Evans Tubonah
Founder/President World Prosperity Organization
Nigeria is a nation that has all potentials to be great, but the problem has been the attitutude of the citizens majority of  who are soaked in corruption, nepotism, clanishness, and anti national unity and prosperity
It has been conference upon conference since Independence and that had been good enough because every of the conferences held in the past played key roles in the course of the nation and the Abacha Constitutional Conference is a pointer to the fact that these conference did prosper this nation at their times and climes, and World Prosperity believes that the ongoing Nationnal Conference is another platform to re-direct, re-shape the destiny and re-position the nation by putting her in the fast lane of Prosperity.
World Prosperity wants Conference Delegates to shun personal interest and the interest of their individual families or States for the interext of the nation.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


Former Central Bank Governor Of Nigeria, Sanusi Lamido
Mr. Sanusi  Lamido's travail may not be unconnected to his ambission to be one of the tough men of the North in Nigeria whose concern is to ensure that they do their best to their people no matter the challenges ahead. Mr. Sanusi did not understand that his donations of millions upon millions of naira to the North in his position as the then Governor of Central bank had anything to do with sponsorship of Boko Haram, the cult group that had terrorized Nigeria to a terrible point. Besides, he was being lured into politics without knowing that he was going to hit the rocks by the PDP,APC political waves that divided the nation to two parallel lines of demarcation. It was not strange that he was booted out of office overnight and charged to court on allegations of corruption and financial impropriety, but be that as it may one the is clear, Mr. Sanusi is a wealthy man a wealthy person who could pay legal fees easily is notva little fish that could be put in the mouth at once to be eaten. 

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Bayelsa is one of the richest State with just 8 Local Government Areas in the Nigerian Federation. It is i  the oil and gas rich Niger Delta Region and Nembecis one of the Local Councils which is one of thae richest  oil and gas bearing areas.
It was reasoned that the State Government was going to avoid politicization in projects execution in especially priority areas such as water supply and electricity. It is sad to say that the people of Nembe seem to have been forgotten or delibrately denied these two basic amenities. If you go to the Bassambiri axis you will find a water tank project being executed by the Restoration government for the past two years, and the community had come to the elastic end of waiting and had come to the conclusion that they project may be abandoned if the the attention of the called into the matter.
The people have resorted to the most crude method of getting water, they dig wells to get water, shallow wells for that matter and it is most likely that if urgent attention is not given the State government may face challenges of battling epidemic from water borne diseases.
People fetch water from enywhere, from natural potholes, soak away pits etc. On electricity, there is no more life in the area. People sleep early every night because of the thick darkness that had taken the community hostage. No more business activities, hotels and stores are foced to close without sales. This had crumbled the economy in so much that calls have started coming to the state and local governments to pay priority attention to these endemic problems.