Thursday, 29 June 2017


Dr. Tabowei
When Bayelsa State was created out of Rivers in 1996, it was a welcome development for many reason, because state autonomy brings about many benefits.
Talk about political postions, civil service positions, employment of youths, educational and economic development and health care delivery services amongst others.
At the beginning, the newly created Bayelsa State faced great challenges amongst which were accomodation, road construction, power supply, water supply,  transportation and health care delivery to mention a few.
Out of the challenges that faced the state, every administration both the minlitary and political governments paid befitting attention to health care delivery hence hospitals, health centres, schools of health and nursing and other people oriented health projects established in many parts of the state.
And whereas the Ministry of Health in every succesive administration built the health fascilities even as the present administration is doing, so also had the Hospitals Management Board assigned with the management of such health fascilities in the state.
Considering the ecology of a state that is largely riverine  with communities in lands that defy governments development efforts, not easily accessible because of poor road networks, gives the signal that the successes of the present administration may not unconnected to strict commitment by the present administration.
Efforts by Golden Pen Newspaper to have a word from the Chief Medical Director (CMD) was not successful,  at press time, as he was said to be in a meeting.

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