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Chief Timipre Sylva
If you  have ever traveled out from anywhere in the world to the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, from the birth of the fourth Republican politics, 1999 to date, there is one man whose name rings bell through the nooks and crannies of the only all Ijaw state of the Niger Delta, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
A man whose name is Timipre Sylva, one of the  great and illustrious Sons of Nembe, did not come to limelight overnight in Bayelsa State, because he was one of the youthful, intelligent, and purposeful, political leaders that was elected to the Rivers State House of Assembly by his people under the platform of the National Republican Convention (NRC) in the government of Rufus Ada George. As anticipated of him,  he represented his constituency so effectively that the people held him in high esteem.
To be an honourable member in a State Assembly of an oil rich state such as Rivers, was not a little, but a great feat, because it was a  window of opportunities that connected him to his peers in other state houses of assemblies across the nation, across the West African sub-region and the world.
He was a political success  in Rivers State before  the bifurcation following the creation of Bayelsa, Sylva was amongst the political kingpins of the newly created state who moved towards bringing a political party that was going to have national spread and possibly win electoral positions across board.
And that made him a co-founder of the PDP, who amongst others inaugurated the party and flagged-off the campaigns in the state, and because of his involvement in the caucus of the political arrangements in the first democratic election which brought, Chief D.S.P Alamieyeseigha to power as Governor of Bayelsa state, due to his involvement as key player, Hon. Sylva was inarguably made the Special Adviser to the Governor on Political Matters.It was a most demanding office besides that of the governor and the deputy governor.
Hon. Timipre Sylva was on top of that great assignment of mobilizing the party faithful after the victories at the polls, successfully garnered every ward in the 8 LGAS of the state and achieved the strengthening of democracy in the state.
Looking at the track records of achievements, Hon. Timipre Sylva attracted attention at many frontiers, while he was still in the office of the S/A Political, Hon. Sylva was given another assignment, this time at the federal level. He was given the appointment of Personal Assistant (P.A) to the Minister of Petroleum, Dr. Edmund Daukoru, now, the Mingi Xii, Amanyanabo of Nembe during President Obasanjo's administration, 
That was another highly demanding assignment, because it was an international office, demanding international attention. High government officials all over the world, especially from oil producing countries continued to come in their droves to meet with the oil minister, who must pass through the office of Chief Sylva to co-ordinate affairs, who arranged all the meetings, and some times handle less cumbersome matters to lighten the burdens of the Oil Minister.
That gave Sylva a far more responsibility than meets the eyes, because apart from the internal affairs of the ministry that bordered on conferences, meetings etc; there were also highly demanding external duties to perform by the Oil Minister. And the Oil Minister seeing  in Sylva the traits of worthy ambassador, gave him more assignments, either  to represent him at Conferences and or deliver ministerial addresses within and outside the country, including OPEC meetings.
And as a matter of fact, 0that made Sylva not only popular across Nigeria, but also in Africa and in different countries of the world .
Well, Abuja is not where he can vote and be voted for, because politics demanded of him grassroots commitment, therefore he had to come back home, to his ward in Okpoama, and to Nembe where he was made a Chief in the Kalabo group of Chieftaincy Houses in Nembe Bassmbiri where he also declared his ambition to contest the governorship position of Bayelsa State, an election he mysteriously emerged as the governor in 2007. 
He was sworn-in to the office and assumed duties at the peak of  militancy, and faced the economic challenges of blown up pipelines that robbed the state of enough financial allocations to pilot the affairs of the state, yet he continued to smile over the challenges that faced him, thus making history as one of the best people oriented governors of Bayelsa State, who paid salaries of workers and pensioners in the state, regular, at the end of the month.
As easy going as he was, with smiles he pondered over the situation and came out with a solution, the amnesty solution which led to a wilful surrender of arms and ammunition by the militant groups across the Niger Delta, which ushered in, peace and progress to the region.
In all these and even in the most turbulent situations, you can always see Chief Timipre Sylva smiling as if nothing happened. His beloved wife, Alayingi is also like her beloved husband. It's like  smile is their way of  expressing  their deep love for the masses.

Chief & Mrs Sylva 

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