Wednesday, 7 June 2017


Comrade Idumange
The General Manager, Radio Bayelsa
 Today is the 6th day of June, 2017, being the 6th month of assumption of office of Comrade Idumange John as the General Manager of the Bayelsa State Broadcasting Corporation (BSBC) at the Radio House in the State Capital, Yenagoa.
Comrade Idumange a very simple, easy going, but highly principled Admistrator, told Golden Pen that he was happy with the workers in the Corporation  within the six months, he had been saddled with the responsibility of running the Radio House.
 Comrade Idumange ploitely stated that within the period some remarkable achievements were made which he said impacted the various departments of the Corporation. He bared his mind to thank the workers for standing strongly by him, emphasizing that the success recorded so far  was not to the glory of one, but of all. i He used medium to highlight some of the achievements as follows:-
1. Painting the fence, the Potakabin, Caravan and the Broadcasting House
2. Fixing the abandoned  two signposts (inside and outside)
3. Revamping the Library infrastructure with book shelves  and about N350, 000 worth of books on several areas such as broadcast journalism, pronunciation etc. The Library was commissioned on Thursday, the 9th of February by the Hon, Commissioner for Information and Orientation, Hon. Obuebite Jonathan.
4. Procurement of nine (NINE) Laptops for all HoDs including the Newsroom,  including the Programmes and the Live Studio.
5. Distribution of six (6) Phones and Four Tablets given to Radio Bayelsa by Barter.
6. Procurement of two (2) high-Tech Microphones at N360, 000.00 for the Live Studio.
7. Procurement of 20 high-grade plastic chairs for offices and three office tablets.
 8. Fixing 23 modern doors in the Radio House
9. Procurement of a mowing machine for mowing grasses
10. Revamping the Three (3) abandoned Staff Buses at N580, 000.00
11.Installation of intercom in the Radio House connecting 16 strategic offices, this will be extended to six other offices.
12. Purchase of 4 No. Water dispensers, with one at the reception.
13. Fixing of Window Blinds at about N600, 000.00
14. Disbursement of about N800, 000.00 for the burial of the deceased, who are either staffers or close relatives of staffers in the Corporation
15. Payment of one month salary for casual workers, who were owed six months as at the time I assumed office.
16. Reconfiguring the Accounting System, including control, traffic and scheduling.
17. Fixing doors, painting and putting mosquito nets at the Security House.
18. Identifying and disorganizing the thieving Cabal in Radio Bayelsa and throwing them out of the gate. This is an intangible achievement without which we would not have been able to achieve what we have achieved. The thieves in the Unions were those who protested and peddled a wild rumour about flogging. This was a figment of their imagination .
19. In May, 2017, six Laptops were delivered again, Some to HoDs, and others to principals unit heads. This brings the number of laptops to 15, a feat unprecedented in the history of the Radio Station.
20. A CCTV contract has been awarded and 2/3 of the total sum has been paid in April, 2017.
By emphasizing prudent finance management and accountability in line with the philosophy of the Governor of Bayelsa State, Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson, the General Manager, Comrade Idumange led Radio Bayelsa had consistently generated funds to buy diesel, and solving urgent problems and buying consumables, amongst other gains.
What had made the General Manager, Comrade Idumange a success story in his six months in office,  according to sources, was not unconnected to his commitment to duty and his passion towards the betterment of the Corporation and staffers.
He told Golden Pen that, the success of the Corporation was the result of the commitment of both the Management and Staff who are working togethr in his vision to have a better Radio House as they all met it.

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