Wednesday, 20 July 2016


King I. C. Awululu 
Wednesday had a new look from Tuesday, when the Ibenyanaowei of Oluasiri, His Royal Highness, King Iyerite Chiefson Awululu was  attacked violently by  machetes wielding suspected assassins at the early hours of
The news of his attack spread like wildfire not only across the state and nation, Nigeria, but across the global society. King Awululu's attackers inflicted deep machete cuts to his tender body  from his right shoulder almost across the back and other strokes as can be seen from the plasters, one can say that the attacks were apparently targeted at his neck, but for the saving grace of God. However, the people of Oluasiri who received the news with a heavy shock  thronged into the State capital, Yenagoa to see what had happened to their king.
The story wasn't a lie, King Awululu was not in the palace extension where he use to receive guests and exchange pleasantries.
That was a tense moment for them seeing the wounds and the blood of the king they so loved.
The only solace was that the king was taken to the hospital and was receiving attention, and the people kept hope alive in God believing in one accord that their king shall not die, but live. It was not easy for the hospital authority to control the huge crowd that dominated the place just to catch a glimpse of him. Those who trusted in God were always praying and affirming that, the king of Oluasiri be miraculously sustained and healed.
Doctors and nurses paid due attention to ensure that the free flow of blood from the butchered body of the king was put under control by their dressing of the deep cut wounds he was inflicted, by the suspected assassins.
The fact that the king was not dead, though fainted at the hospital he was revived by the Grace of God, and put upon a bed to rest.
Those who caught glimpse at him expressed their views attributing his survival as an act of God. which observers described, as beyond comprehension that the king survived the attack and is responding to treatment, as you can see in the photo.
Goodwill messages and phone calls have been pouring in.

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