Monday, 25 July 2016


The flag bearer of the Democratice Party for the forthcomig presidential election in the United States, Her Excellency, Hilary Clinton will make another history for that country if Americans vote her into office as the first Lady president.
This is the view world of many across the world; especially to those who evaluated the political worth of the former First Lady, Hilary Clinton, who had been in the corridors of power for sometime now, whose motherly passion for America had made her to persistently ask the Americans for the presidential mandate, which if given her will sincerely attract world attention than going for any other candidate that is not too familiar with the political terrain as Clinton. Besides the presidency of America is not constitutionally meant to be occupied by only men as it was not constitutionally meant for occupation by only the white, the reasoning upon which the first black American, Barack Obama was elected president, 2008. And he became the first ever black man to occupy the White House.
This time, is like the American Spirit is working for another change in her history, another positive change, a change of breaking the jinx of gender discrimination to gender equality whereby the American woman, the daughter of America, who is also the mother of America should be given equal opportunity like the men to occupy the White House.
Hilary Clinton will make better history as first American Lady President than any other candidate, this is a point every lover of America should consider.
By Evans Tubonah
Golden Pen Newspapers.

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