Monday, 11 July 2016


The Founder/General Overseer of the Mercy Land Deliverance Ministries warri, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has called on Church workers in his Ministry not to  make the mistake of gossipping or going against the man of God because of the grace of God upon his life, which will only bless the people but will also fight whoever fights against the man of God or the Ministry.
He gave this warning on Sunday, 10th of July, 2016 at the Mercy City in Warri,Delta State, Nigeria.
The Televangelist Minister, Prophet Jeremiah told the workers in the Ministry to avoid taking parts with anyone saying negative things against him or the Ministry, because they are demon possessed and need deliverance. He further stated that what is working in his Ministry is the Grace of God upon his  life and urged the congregation to live well with men of God, so as to tap the anointing they carry.
Professor Jeremiah Omoto Fufenyi who stated that man was born into trouble as in the book of Job 14:1 explained the working of grace of God in this way,  giving a graphic example of the lives of Aki and Paw-Paw short Nigerian actors, who are appreciated all over the world as a people of God's grace, and that they enjoy God's grace that is why,wherever they go, they are appreciated.  It is not because of their heights, but because of grace he emphasized. The man of God said other people about their heights and even those shorter than they in our houses and neighborhood do not attract such grace  that Aki and Pawpaw enjoy.
The man of God also generalized grace as operating in all spheres of life, amongst   pastors,footballers, contractors, civil servants church workers etc, He described grace as the power of God  that makes a  way for the people to rise from glory to glory and urged the congregation to have confidence in God for His grace and his anointing to come upon them.
He told the congregation further,  not to be worried over the gossips and evil plans of men and women of evil, because of the grace of God upon their lives which is able to protect them wherever they go and at all time.
He however called on members of the Church to respect one another based on the book of 1st Peter 5:5-6 which according to him, requires of the the members of the Church to demonstrate the  humility of God.

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