Tuesday, 19 July 2016


The body wickedly matched as can be seen in the picture is that of the Ibenyanaowei of Oluasiri, His Royal Highness, King Iyerite Chiefson Awululu. King Awululu is a 2nd Class Traditional Ruler in the Nembe Bassambiri Kingdom, who has been on the throne for the past eight years,
But within the eight years there have been attempts to remove him by some power  seekers.
According to some Oluasiri, elders who spoke to Golden Pen Newspapers under a strict condition of anonymity said,
 this is the second attempt on the life of the king, the first been when he was attacked by some suspected paid assassins who went into his bed room beating the security, and used dangerous weapons to finish him  and left when they thought he was dead.
They felt disappointed when they saw that  King Awululu was still alive.
Our source said when they saw that he was not dead, his attackers went ahead with radio announcements that the Ibenyanaowei was dethroned.
There were letters forwarded to the Nembe Bassambiri Council of Chiefs, addressed to the  Amanyanabo in Council, for which a committee was said to have been constituted, which found out that the king, His Royal Highness, Iyerite Chiefson Awululu, the Ibenyanaowei of Oluasiri committed no offense to warrant his dethronement, and the Chiefs Council of Nembe Bassambiri, led by the Chairman and some members of the Chiefs council came with the Ibenyanaowei in an historic occasion that the people of Oluasiri celebrated in attendance at the King's Palace at Otuma-ama, in 2012.
Our impeccable source further stated that, when the king was being investigated based on the moves by his petitioners suspected as the very persons that masterminded his elimination attempt in Port Harcourt, the Olua-Ibe became stagnant of progress until he was cleared and returned to Oluasiri.
"Soon after his return he had moved the community forward by providing generators to each of the major communities and the palace, The decision of positioning the generators to the principal communities and the palace was taken in a meeting by the king and the stakeholders, the minutes for the meeting are available to those who would like to see it."
"Those who were out to oppose the king for whatever reason still came out to say that, the positioning of the generators was a unilateral decision taken by the king, consequently they mobilized some hoodlums and vandalized the king's palace and removed the generator from there to another place which was not decided at the meeting."
"The Constitution of the Oluasiri Development Union [ODU] and the Oluasiri Youth Federation [OYF] has always been by zoning the positions to the various communities whereby the Amadabo and stakeholders of each community submits a list of choice candidates to the King for announcement and introduction to SPDC."
Our source went further to graphically explain that:
"When the above mentioned procedure was applied to replace the out going Excos of both ODU and OYF, the opposition said, this time around, political party interest must be represented, which did not go down well with the king. So, after receiving the names of choice candidates from the Amadabos, the king went ahead to announce the names in the list of the exco. members that was presented to him, then there was a counter announcement by the opposition of names of their exco members for the two bodies."
These issues were reported to the police, the Commissioner of Police Bayelsa state Command, the State Service, the DSS, these two law enforcement bodies invited the two parties, but the talks were inconclusive, our source said.
"While waiting for the new date for settlement by the law enforcement bodies, the opposition went to Oluasiri and appointed a Regent which is unheard of in the history of Nembe kingdom to remove a King with a Regent, except for criminal offences, such as rape, embezzlement of community funds etc, ''
"This act of the opposition has pitched the Oluasiri Community and about ninety percent of the populace are with the monarch, consequently the opposition has been dragged to court to among st other things:
1. Prove the authority they have in removing him.
2. Prove beyond reasonable doubts, the offense the king committed to warrant his removal."
These are some of the issues that had heightened the tension in Oluasiri clan for some time now.
On Tuesday, the 19th 2016, about 3a.m, some suspected assassins scaled the walls at the palace extension of the  Ibenyanaowei of Oluasiri, King Awululu in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, with machetes, forced the protectors opened and entered his bedroom to assassinate him, and that was a day the Bayelsa State Council of Traditional Rulers had scheduled a meeting between the king and the opposition at the Traditional Rulers Secretariat some hours ahead, and exactly 3.am the king was attacked, hours before the meeting time.
First to be at that meeting were three of the opposition members [names withheld], who were already seated before the arrival of those from the king' s side according to our source.
Meanwhile, the matter is said be under investigation by the Police, while the Ibenyanaowei is said to be alive and responding to treatment. All efforts to contact the PPRO for his comments proved abortive as his phone was said to be out of coverage.

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