Saturday, 2 July 2016


Economic challenges are a common phenomenon on the history of our global society. When situations become tough, people sometimes are tempted to feel and or think that their usual technics of business successes had failed them, government policy makers also face the predicament of not knowing what next to do after exhausting the totality of their limited knowhow.
The present global economic situation has shown that there is a great inequality amongst nation states, so it is within states and community or local government councils. You cannot say that United States of America is wearing same shoes with fledgling 3rd world countries? The answer is a capital NO! And as you come to Nigeria, you also find inequality economically amongst states. While some states are stable to an extent others have continued to be in epileptic economic conditions.
Most worrisome is the fact that this inequality exist also in the Oil producing Niger Delta States.
Whereas some states are doing not badly, paying salaries, Bayelsa has been worst hit since the history of her creation in October, 1996. Salaries have not been paid for months, Bayelsans have been crying without solution and have solace only in God, saying that their hope is in a better future.

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