Tuesday, 14 November 2017


Lady (Hon.) Immaculata Love Amaseimogha (JP), the Millennium Nurse had celebrated her 70th birthday with thanksgiving, in Yenagoa the capital of Bayelsa State.
It was a great occasion, and indeed an occas
ion that gathered people of all works of life in the Catholic Church for thanksgiving and celebration in her house at the Commissioners quarters, Opolo.
Born in 1947, October 3rd, Lady Amaseimogha told Golden Pen Newspaper in an interview that she started celebrating her birthday at the age of 16, while she was in the Catholic School Owerri, where she saw the need to celebrate her birthday annually, which she has kept up to date.
According to her, though every birthday was important, this year's was very special, because she is now 70 years and felt she should thank God for his love upon her life and upon her family.
This year, as her birth date, the 3rd of October fell on  Tuesday, Lady Amaseimogha said, she just praised the Lord and prayed, but fixed a thanksgiving service on Sunday the 8th, because she did not like  to trouble her friends who were business people that would love to have been there even on a work day.
What excited her most in the celebration was not just the fanfare or the crowd that gathered nor her achievements in the journey to her 70th birthday, neither was her mind pondering on the accolades she received from the joyful crowd, but what the man of God said.  Hear this:
"I was very very happy on that day because, His Lordship, Bishop Hyacinth Egbebo, the first Catholic Bishop of Bomadi Diocese was in attendance. In his preaching he highlighted some of the vital things that I must tell you.
He appreciated the age 70, and asked the worshippers to appreciate their parents when they are still alive and not when they are dead, secondly, he instructed me to be a light or a mentor to the younger ones and thirdly he appreciated my contributions to the Church, as I once served as a National Secretary  of the Catholic women of Nigeria and President of Catholic Nurses Guild of Nigeria."
Mrs Love Amaseimogha who won the prestigious 'Millennium Nurse Award' in Liberia, said she was also happy for the privilege given her to address the gathering.and appreciating the dignitaries at the occasion, such as:
His Eminence King Dimaro Charles Owaba the Obonobhan 3rd of Ogbia who was represented by Chief (Engr.) Baraburu, King Collins Daniel the paramount ruler of Abureni Clan, Chief Francis Dokpola, Chairman Bayelsa Elders Council, Chief Sunday Omekwe, Hon. Egele (SAN) and Justice Enegesi.

Others include: Members of Knights of St. John International, Dame Ella Douglas, Women Arise led by Hon. Vivian Ere, Dr. Timi Agara, Ogbia Brotherhood Women wing led by the Secretary , Mrs Unity Otolo, Ogbia-na-don women led by Victoria Osobere, Men of Order and Discipline (MOD) of Catholic Church Friends and well wishers from all around, some from Rivers State.
The Church said they had never seen such a large crowed, some even asked if she had a political intentions, only for her to reply that she was just celebrating  her birthday.
Her first son, Engr. Mitema Amaseimogha who took the place of his father, was with his wife, her second son, Madioni Amaseimogha was there with his wife and family, her second daughter Maryann Amaseimogha was there with her children. Family members from Otakeme and Opume were represented including the head of the family, Chief Ariwelo Julius Agadaga. The  ceremony continued in her residence until night. She thanked all and sundry for their contributions and their presence.
Talking briefly on her journey to 70, she said:
"I appreciate God for giving me this opportunity, keeping me alive till this day. I could have done nothing without him, and I continue to pray that he should cover me with his blood, give me the strength, the wisdom and the resources to carry on at 70..."
Tracing memory lane on how she  started life, she said:
" I got married at the age of 24 to late Hon. Janus Asungha Amaseimogha (may his soul rest in perfect peace), who was an astute politician. Before his death he had served Rivers State as he went to the National Assembly as member of the the Constituent Assembly. He also served as Chairman of Brass Local Government Council and also as the pioneer Chairman of Ogbia Local  Government Council, his political ambition did not see him through to be what he really wanted to become, he died in 2011."

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