Friday, 6 September 2013


Asari Dokubo and his own flag
The former militant leader of the Niger Delta Volunteer Force, Alhaji Asari Dokubo has gone too far in the name of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality to talk recklessly  and publish reckless statements against the Cultured and God fearing people of the Ijaw race in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a big disgrace to us especially the people of Ijaw to continue to listen to the uncultured talks and his own Buguma community he had almost quarreled or abused all those he wishes to just to announce that he is the Prince of Kalabari, and the strongest man of the Niger Delta who can say the final Yes! on any matter. This type of reasoning must have given him the got to abuse whoever including the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, that he was.."too weak". Asari Dokubo said a lot against the person and office of the President that he was not acting like an Ijaw man, just because PDP had a crisis and Mr. president was in the eye of the storm trying to sort out matters. What Asari Dokubo should know is that there is no way for him to be the first in anything in this world, in Africa, in Nigeria, in the South-south, the Niger Delta, in Rivers State and even in his own town and community Kalabari and Buguma. If he wants to boast because of his being Prince of Buguma he should not forget that there are greater and more prominent Princes in the world and in all the areas mentioned above. If Asari feels that because he was a militant whatever he says the nation and indeed the Presidency must jump up to act at once otherwise the nation is weak in his eyes and belief is arrant nonsense. He boast too much of destructive powers  in his utterances and postings. The power he thinks he has and would want Mr. President to use is most undesirable  to Mr. President, because the President is the father of this great nation and would rather build than to destroy. The split of the ruling party was not a sufficient reason for Mr. President to have released   a blow to someone or sent forces to attack and destroy people and communities just because PDP was divided to look tough in the eye of Asari Dokubo. One thing Dokubo should know that the Ijaw race has astute traditions and culture that does not play with seniority and or elders. A true Ijaw man must give respect to his elders even if the seniority is just for a day. The Ijaw man does not also dis respect his Amanyanabo (King),and every constituted authority. He should know that the way he is behaving and the way he talks is the direct opposite of the ways of the Ijaw man. The best option for Asari Dokubo is therefore apologize to Mr. President for calling him "too weak" and for embarrassing the Ijaw race. President Jonathan needs Joseph and not Osama bin Laden to make his administration successful or gain electoral victory. And let him know that he does not represent the Ijaw people in his undomesticated languages and utterances.   
By Chief Tubonah Evans

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