Sunday, 22 September 2013


Just as the President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan leaves the Nigeria to attend this year's General Assembly of the United Nations, Sahara Reporters were so ready to come out at this year's with one unbelievable report that, the entourage of Mr. President was exactly 600 persons. Sahara Reporters did not just stop there, but went on to as mentioning the hotels locations and costs per every room and published the same for reasons that cannot be fathomed out yet. Sahara Reporters many stupid things in that report and that is why the word unbelievable is used. It is unimaginable and as well unbelievable Sahara Reporters has gone so petty to talk about how many persons a president chooses to have as his entourage to where he wishes to go.  And what is the business of Sahara Reporters with the hotels the Nigerian  Presidents and his entourage are in the US. What Sahara Reporters have done with the said report is a serious concern to most Nigerians especially from the Niger Delta Region who condemn the report as a dangerous outing with a serious security implication. 
Golden Pen as a medium saw the report as too personal, highly provocative and a flagrant breach of international security protocol against Nigeria and the person of Mr. President and his entourage. If the duty of Sahara Reporters was to publish names of all the presidents and their entourage, their hotel rooms and costs and whatever it would have been understood in that light, but the issue that borders all Nigerians is, why single out the President of Nigeria and his entourage for this ill intentioned publication. Let us look at some of the words used by Sahara Reporters 
"The Nigerian delegation is by far the largest of any nation at this year's UN event.......The Nigerian in a presidential suite that will cost $10,000 per night. This means his tab alone , will hit at least $50,000. ......... Nigeria has become internationally known for wasting valuable development funds on lavish foreign trips..."
This is an insult that cannot be accepted and if Sahara Reporters were fair and fairly domesticated they should have known that what they are doing against Nigeria is unimaginable and unbelievably unfair. For Sahara Reporters to make such a report it could have been better to tell the world all the presidents of the nations and their entourage, the hotels they stay and how much each nation spent. Singling out Nigeria and her entourage seems to suggest that  Sahara Reporters hates Nigeria.

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