Saturday, 9 November 2013


Yenagoa was very calm just like every other Friday, when the government offices does not obey full time work and because I had what to do in some of the Ministries for update of information, I left my Biogbolo home and hurried down first to the Ministry of Education where I visited the offices of Chief B.F. Amakiri Duo and the Permanent Secretary for some discussion, before hurrying down to the Ministry of  Trade and Investment, where I also discussed some official matters before hurrying away after a touch to the Ministry of Information.
You may ask, why the mad hurry, what was pursuing me? The answer is as simply as the knowledge of the fact that the Golden Eaglet, Nigeria's under 17 football team will be locking horns withe Mexico at the world shocker competition, and I don't want to be told so I, went home but that was not all. I still had to do a job outside so I had to hurry down to Foto Legend at Imgbi road, to do some photo work. Thank God Adaeze Ezike the lady in charge of the office was not too busy to delay me. But her speed as far as I was concerned was not enough, I needed a magic touch of all that we were doing.
But knowing the precarious situation of the unpredictability of power supply in the state capital, Yenagoa, I had to call Ayebalayefa Evans, my son and asked him to ensure that there was enough fuel in the generator to enable us watch the match. I hurried out of Foto Legend telling Adaeze Ezike that I was to come back the following day to pick the job. And I went home, but the traffic was another problem.The gridlock was unimaginably worrisome, but thanks heaven I made after the Eaglets had scored their first goal.
The Mexicans intimidated our goal keeper with attacks but he was equal to the task, he caught and parried the ball proficiently  to the admiration of the spectators and attracted a lot of ovation. The eaglets played quality football, but missed many scores to the end of the first half of play. But when they went into the second half, they came stronger on Mexico and came victorious with 3 goals to none from Mexico. That was how I watch the match.   

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