Tuesday, 31 December 2013


Dr.Goodluck Jonathan
God is not done with Dr. Jonathan Presidency as we can see, because the "Bible of our dear nation" [The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria} still gives him another chance to contest the presidential election that is coming next. That is very clear and it cannot be argued by any man who is not blind or stupid.
There are many who don't seem to understand what is happening in the Country, they don't know that nothing is happening by chance, because those who claim to have power themselves have not proved that they could or would be President or put themselves in any position except it pleased God to do so. That is why it is sad to note that some politically blind people continue to make noise saying Dr. Jonathan should not contest in 2015, such talks are nonsense and profoundly unreasonable and in fact grossly unbecoming of fellow Nigerians who aught to know the principle of righteousness that exalts nations, families and personalities.
No matter where you come from within the geographical space called Nigeria, you are a Nigerian and that is it. You are a brother or sister to the other Nigerian; therefore those who are trying to create division because of their selfish political interests should leave their prodigal ways and join hands with the positive national interest, to build a strong and united Nigeria that will guarantee peace and prosperity for all.
Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is a Nigerian citizen under the protection of "The Bible of Nigeria" {The Constitution}, which says that an elected President should go for re-election to seek a second tenure mandate, and that is what is supreme to all the side talks we have been hearing and seeing in the pages of newspapers. The surprise was that ill-fated letter of former President Obasanjo who wrote a mundane letter of eighteen pages to berate the president and called him all the bad names in his heart. But the fact is that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is just what God Almighty says he is and should be in the future. In other words the destiny of Goodluck is not at all in the hands of Obasanjo or any human being with flesh and blood anywhere in the world, but in the HAND OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD WHO ANOINTED HIM PRESIDENT.
Those who think that their making noise or running around from party to party, deflecting and deflecting every day from one party to the other are just ignorant of what they are doing. The All Progressive Change APC as a party now wear the faces of political drop outs from other parties. That is unbelievably shameless on the path of those political divorcees from their husbands and are now flirts. What good thing will ever come out of such human beings who are unstable like water, thank God Nigeria had not made the mistake of sending any of those unstable PDP governors who prefer being called APC governors to represent Nigeria in any capacity, who may have dumped Nigeria's position to take citizenship in the country they may have been posted. Such people are dangerous, the cannot be trusted.
Nigeria is truly a great nation and that, we can see from the objective comments of majority of those who are national voices at moments of great challenges. That was played out in the controversies of Obasanjo's letter which was brutally criticized by many across the country, including the daughter Obasanjo and his former wife who so no reason Obasanjo could have written such letter in the first place. Nigeria had that spirit of coming together whenever there are major challenges against the peace and unity of the country, and that is the NATIONAL SPIRIT OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.
No matter what had happened in the political environment with the defections, the intrigues, the name callings and the impeachment threats against Jonathan, and the moves to remove the PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and all that, had changed nothing, PDP is still the best party in Nigeria and if Jonathan listens to the voice of God through the masses and go for a second tenure ticket he will win, and if he don't contest, any candidate that runs the race of the presidency in the platform of the PDP will will. Nigerians are becoming disenchanted with APC and will soon use the broom they have in their hands to sweep them out in states, its members are dotted.
Thanks to dramatic events that betrayed the APC of the sincerity of her members who ran to Chief Obasanjo's home to woo him to their side instead of going for peace between the former president and the incumbent. It was expected of the APC to have also visited the President, Dr. Jonathan to speak on the letter, but that they failed to do. Nigerians a not fools and can never be led by the nose, and looking at the faces of the spent horses claiming as being stallions, Nigerians, cannot afford to toy with the destiny of this great Country to miscreants and or political fortune seekers that are bent on taking power by all means for selfish purposes.
Dr. Jonathan is God's own chosen President for Nigeria, and the "Bible of Nigeria" {The Constitution} has it, that he [Dr. Goodluck Jonathan] has a right to go for a second tenure ticket, therefore anyone or group that go out of this arrangement is not just going against Jonathan, but God who made him president and the Constitution that gave him the right to contest a second tenure ticket.

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