Friday, 30 August 2013


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan
  •  The Presidential election scheduled to hold in 2015 in Nigeria, is not only a national interest to the people of Nigeria but a global interest, reason being that Nigeria is the largest African nation in the world. Secondly, because it is a nation dominated by too powerful religious groups; Christianity and Islam asserting their influences to rule. From the genesis of Nigeria at Independence in 1960 to 2013 history has it that the leadership of the nation had been dominated by Islam; especially during the Military era when the barrel of the gun and khaki were in power. That was also the time when the North dominated the rest of the political zones, because of the wrongful plans and deeds by the colonial authority who gave military power to the North, before handing over in 1960, a military might wrongfully used in what could best be described as abuse of power by the likes of General Mohamadu Buhari, General Ibrahim Babangida, General Sani Abacha and others who saw the Nigerian nation as their personal industry or kingdom to either manage or rule as a monarchy. But this was their error in judgement or reasoning, because Nigeria belongs to God and not to any mortal man or ethnic society. The major error committed by the North in the management of the political power entrusted  to them was their conclusion that they were to like God, rule for ever. Besides they also reasoned that the wealth of the nation belonged to them alone, and that was all. God does not like that, and could no longer wait for the proud of the Northern opportunists to continue to enslave  the rest of the nation and rob the people of the Niger Delta and the rest of Nigerians  of their treasury with impunity. Thank God, He brought in Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as Head of State and President of Nigeria to wisely checkmate the excesses of the political brigandage perpetuated by those selfish and unfriendly Northern leaders. God lost confidence in the North and it is His prerogative to give leadership to whoever He likes and or whichever village, town or community. He {God} likes. And in His wisdom He has brought his humble son and servant Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to the presidency and His decision is final. Nobody or group of persons or ethnicity can challenge the will of God to bring any presidential candidate against Dr. Jonathan in 2015, to do so, will be like committing suicide, because the WILL OF GOD MUST BE DONE. People like Bola Tinibu, Muhamadu Buhari, Atiku Abubakar, El-Rufai and other political leftist should stop heating up the polity but read the hand writing of God in the game of politics and stand for morality, fairness and national interest. During the era of that, gap-tooted Military President, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, old politicians were banned to make way for vibrant leadership if that good and progressive ideology was upheld to date, those spent horses could have given way to stallions to be in power. And Nigeria sees Jonathan as a stallion and cannot be compared to the likes of Buhari, Atiku, Tinibu El-Rufai and others who could have been retired by reasons of the number of years in service or age as per the Constitution of the nation; if they were in the
    nation's civil service, to continue to have political space to contest election is itself a national error that needs to be corrected.  Nigeria should have developed faster and better if these re-circled political opportunists who have succeeded over the years  foisting  themselves against the citizens of the nation as their leaders. They do everything to heat up the polity with their colonial mentality that is far outdated in this digital era of our national politics. Dr. Goodluck Ebele  Jonathan is the most viable candidate to emerge as president. Nigeria needs stallions and not old and wasted horses to run the presidential race in 2015. President Jonathan is still the best for Nigeria. This is the voice of the masses and the voice of the masses is the voice of God.

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