Monday, 9 September 2013


The political impasse bedeviling the Peoples Democratic Party to two factions has confirmed that things have fallen apart in the party. The PDP family which is believed to  being the largest political family in Africa has been in crisis for some time. In fact the unity of the PDP was trimmed down by the North at the death of the former President, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar'Adua and Dr. Jonathan emerged as his successor. From that  day some Northern politicians who saw other Nigerians as trees or lesser human beings saw no reason for an Ijaw man, a Niger Deltan or South-Southerner to be President. They began to sing such songs as rotation agreement, that Dr. Jonathan should only complete Yar'Adua's tenure and  not vie for presidency in 2011. There were sponsored bombings in Abuja and parts of the North as campaigns against Dr. Jonathan's Presidential ambition. Thanks to all the rest of the nation who stood behind the ticket of Jonathan as  the fittest candidate to fix Nigeria in her myriad of challenges.  And from the day of his election and when the celebration of his victory was high,  some disgruntled politicians who believed it must always be the North to produce the President or nobody, went to subversive statements that led to the emergence of that deadly violent group called Boko Haram which went rampage with indiscriminate bombings targeted at Christian Churches in the North. All that was done with threats of making Nigeria ungovernable to President Jonathan. All those provocative acts by those so called born to rule Northerners did not make Jonathan to hate the North but continued to love them and offered amnesty to those who were bent on destabilizing  his administration. Even at that, those who secretly worked against the President continued to fest around him in the guise or pretense of being trust worthy party men. President Jonathan and the majority of Nigerians have always seen reasons to support the President for his God fearing disposition and love for all Nigerians. Being that as it is, those Northerners with power seeking tendencies have worked crookedly to let hell loose on President Jonathan who ls Constitutionally mandated to go for a second tenure ticket . And with this transparent position of the Constitution favoring Dr. Jonathan to go for a second tenure ticket those beclouded with selfishness and blinded by greed continued to hit up the polity. The latest outing of the political greedy men in the PDP family was on the 31st of August during the National Convention of the party when Alhaji Atiki Abubakar led 7 governors to stage a walk out of the Convention, and addressed a Press Conference calling themselves the new PDP etc. All these don't  not matter and not important, what is important is that the Independent National Electoral Commission  INEC will not recognize two factions of a party, and Nigeria is waiting for the INEC to speak now that it is most appropriate. Which is the authentic PDP and which is the fake?

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