Sunday, 28 July 2013


This country called Nigeria is indeed the pride of Africa, because of its size, its level of civilization and prosperity make her indeed an enviable nation. The nation has achieved so much in a number of ways and areas but it is not at all pleasing to see that the nation continues to suffer leadership problem.
The political history has it that the military took the nation hostage and remained in power over the years until in 1999 when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,emerged as the 4th Republic President. In 1979 it was Alhaji Shehu Shagari that emerged Nigeria's president. This shows that in the military and in democracy it had always been the North until Obasanjo broke the chain of Northern leadership and ruled for eight years. Today, as God would have it, we have President Goodluck Jonathan the first man from the South-South, the Niger Delta and the Ijaw land to occupy the position.
From the genesis of political relationship the people of the Niger Delta  especially the Ijaws had an unwritten agreement to work together. The honest people across Nigeria cannot deny what the Chief Okilos, the Chief Dappa-Biriyes and others of Dr. Jonathan stock did for especially the North and others in politics.From every area we look at it, President is qualified to go for his second term in office and that cannot be contended because it is the position of the Constitution of our country.
Apart from the Constitutional provision, Dr. Jonathan has also endeared himself to the people of the nation as a performing President of Nigeria who deserves second tenure mandate. Space is not enough to highlight the achievements of the president except to say that he has done quite a lot, for the peace and prosperity of the nation.
President Goodluck Jonathan is a God fearing leader on a mission, a mission to reposition.  What we need do is to support his administration and give our mandate in 2015 so that he will consolidate on the gains of democracy. And sincerely speaking, President Jonathan will be one of the best Presidents of this country. President Jonathan truly deserves a second tenure in office. UP NIGERIA.         y

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