Friday, 27 September 2013


Bayelsa Governor and Minister of Culture
This year's hosting of the annual festival of Arts and Culture was a welcome development. It has come and gone, but the memories of all that transpired will ever remain fresh in the minds of all Nigerians who were part of the festival and who were partakers of the good the bad and the ugly of it all. What concerns observers in the and even outsiders was the way what was a national project or programme ended up with just the Governor of Bayelsa State and the Minister of Arts and Culture at the high table. Not even governors or deputy governors of neighboring states were identified with the so much acclaimed National Festival. It was a great surprise that instead of another to represent Mr. President at the great, held in the Bayelsa State Capital Yenagoa, it was Dickson that stood in for Mr. President. The question begging for answers is what was in the mind of all the governors of the State not to attend, whereas in previous years NAFEST had been a national jamboree which no state toyed with or ignored. The none attendance of the governors from other states really sent a wrong signal and that is the signal that most states seem to abhor, hate or dislike Bayelsa State. Why is it that only the Governor of Bayelsa State and the Minister of Culture alone waving their hands and beaming with doubtful  smiles at the supposedly  august occasion.  Now Bayelsa is celebrating another great national event National Tourism the state is hosting. Bayelsa should try harder to see that the loneliness experienced as in this picture be not repeated.

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