Thursday, 14 November 2013


It is now dramatically being played out in the politics of the day that, the people of Brass Senatorial District comprising of Brass, Nembe and Ogbia Local Government Areas are no longer towing same direction. There is said to be a serious and of course unprecedented political divide amongst the people from the per-colonial era to Nigeria Independence and to Creation Rivers State and now Bayelsa State.
Investigation shows that the former united Brass senatorial District is now a skeleton of itself existing only in name but no longer united. The past of what we have now as Brass Senatorial District was the Brass Division during the Colonial era which was the decider of victories at elections. That division later became a Local Government Area when Rivers State was created and still wielded that influence of been the decider at elections especially at governorship and presidential elections.
The Brass Local Government under the first Military Governor Lt. Commander A.P. Diete-Spiff was united and that played out when it came to inter state affairs. During that time Commander Diete Spiff and the then Commissioner of Police, Mr. Opuene Kue Berenah who loved the traditional sport of wrestling, and because they were all from the LGA had encouraged unity to ensure victory. That was the time the then Brass Local Government wrestling champion, Mr. Blackie came to limelight and his victories were celebrated as the victories of the entire LGA and not at all the victory of Ogbia wards he came from.
When Chief Okilo became governor of Rivers State the unity of Brass Local Government Area continued, and that was the secret of the rock strong political strength that gave Okilo victory and which he enjoyed in office as governor of Rivers State. At the creation of Bayelsa State, the former Brass LOcal Government Area comprising of Brass, Nembe and Brass Local Government Areas became a senatorial district. And that was celebrated by the people still in the spirit of unity jointly agreed that their political father, Chief Melford Okilo became the first Senator and he was collectively elected. After Okilo, Mr. Inatimi Rufus Spiff from Brass axis, then Nimi Barigha Amange and now Mr. Clever Ikisikpo as senator representing the area.
But that unity is becoming history, because things have fallen apart in the area and the political dichotomy of the senatorial district is becoming unpredictable as days continue to succeed one another through weeks, months and years. Some elders who were mindful of their well being in expressing their views preferred anonymity, said that it so sad that the Brass Senatorial District is in shambles and noted that if things were not put right on time the political future of the district will be sad.

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