Monday, 3 July 2017


Chief Emmanuel Reginald Dufegha
This world is indeed a classroom or a school in which one has to continuously learn from one another.
That is to explain the fact that there are some human beings who are pace setters or way showers, no matter how you look at it, such persons excel wherever they find themselves. Such are the likes of some Biblical characters such as Joseph, Daniel, and David just to mention a few.
That there a people who live like those great names even today is not an exaggeration. The aforementioned were all persons who served in governments and left a legacy as pace setters and or way showers in the records of the world.
What informed this view is not unconnected with the way and manner a worker in the Office of the Directorate Of Project Monitoring and Evaluation in Bayelsa State had given true meaning to works ethics in the State.
He is Chief Emmanuel Reginald Dufegha, the Director of Media and Publicity in the Directorate. Not at all that there may not be found some of his likes in the offices, but Golden Pen Newspaper found him extraordinarily industrious, highly committed to result orientation in service at his duty posts and in his office.
When Golden Pen met, Chief Emmanuel Dufegha some months ago in his office, he displayed an uncommon commitment to those who needed his attention to do his bid on the job at his table.
This attitude he had consistently maintained whenever our medium paid a visit to the Directorate of Project Monitoring and Evaluation, which endeared him to the camera man of our medium to give a shot in his honour and as acknowledgement of him as a pace setter and or way shower in this part of the world, from whom others need to learn from.

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