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A cross section of the Pastor and Congregation

A cross section of Church members front view
A cross section of members back view
The Founder and vision bearer of the New Divine Demonstrate Ministries (NDDM) worldwide Kolo, Pastor Justice Aggo who went to the mountains to meet with God  three weeks ago 9has returned.
According to information reaching Golden Pen news desk Saturday, 1st July, the Kolo born Pastor arrived the Kolo community and drove straight to his abode in  the Church compound unannounced.
It would be recalled that, before his departure, to the holy mountains in Lagos, the man of God consistently informed the congregation during Sunday services for weeks about the journey and urged the members not to relent, but to pray for him and the Church, while assuring them that he himself was going to intercede for members in the mountains.
And before his departure, he commissioned his Resident Pastor, Sunday Onyiteaziba to hold brief for him after presenting him to God for spiritual empowerment.
At a Sunday Service, 2nd July 2017, Pastor Justice who titled his sermon, THE FEAST OF THE LORD
First of all thanked the Church for their prayers and cash gifts to support the Ministry, especially for his journey to be with the LORD in the mountains. He said he used the money he received to sow seeds to attract the blessing of God for the members according to their individual needs, making it clear that in the Christian Ministry, sowing of seeds and giving is key.
The man of God who said he had a lot to say and also a lot not to say declared that the set time was come for the manifestation of the 'Creative anointing', which he likened to a covenant of Glory between the LORD and himself, to heal the sick, raise the dead, deliver those under demonic oppression, to turn native doctors, occult men, witches and wizards to God and to make the poor rich, and above all to preach salvation to all nations.
In that Service, his first from the mountains, he said he had returned from the mountains to manifest the Glory of the Lord at his location, the Church, because no one who go to the mountains manifests there, but at their locations.
He then announced that, Jesus has declared a feast and should be waiting in the altar of the Church as Chief Host, while the Holy Ghost is the Special Guest of honour, with hosts of angels to give packages all that comes.
He therefore called on the members of the Church to invite relations or friends, and all those who have various challenges: to be brought to the Church to meet ' Dr. Jesus' for miracles, that will serve as everlasting testimonies, Pastor Justice reassured.

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