Thursday, 20 July 2017


Sir C.T Ikelemote
Chairman Public Service Training Institute
It is now clear that the Bayelsa State Institute of Public Service Training will soon go into organizing series of training programmes in line with the government commitment to excellent service delivery in the state.
This was handed down to the public, by the Director General of the Public Service Training Institute, Sir C. T. Ikelemote, while exchanging views with the Golden Pen Newspaper in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa.
He said the Restoration Government under the able leadership of Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson has a commitment to equip the public service to enhance it's productivity through training and retraining by the Public Service Training Institute.
The Director General observed that whereas, the governor had at different occasions expressed his willingness to approve the procurement of desired equipment to fast track the immediate take-off of the programme, that had been greatly challenged because of the economic situation.
Speaking on the prospects of training and retraining, the highly experienced government official has this to say:
"The function of the institute is to train all public officers as well as newly recruited officers. Training is done in three categories: we need the junior staff, we have the senior staff and we have the management staff. We have not done anything yet, because we have not been properly set up, not properly set in the sense that, we haven't bought the equipment needed in training."
Ikelemote, also talked about some of the areas that needed to be tidied up according to the vision of the government. Hear him:-
"There is no light, no water and the equipment we need is not yet there, but we have taken up our matter with His Excellency, the Governor who had made this place a reality and promised to make the Institute a legacy this administration will bequeath to the Civil Service.
" Every office needs furniture, there are some furniture that are specified for certain offices. In this place what we need most as equipment are computers, projectors, radio, televisions, to build a computerized system. That is a special programme that will be centrally done" the DG emphasized.
He used the medium to inform that the Bayelsa State Public Service Training Institute, when fully operational, will not only train Civil Servants but also those in the Local Government system, hold training programmes for the Police and others that may need the services of the institute.
Ikelemote explained further that:-
"Government work is like every other private work. There is planning, there is estimate, as the word implies, the hope of what you aim at getting, you may not get all of it because this is a general period of recession.
"But the emphasis the governor always place on this Institue, we are very hopeful that in the near future the vision of His Excellency for embarking on this project will be realised."

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