Friday, 14 July 2017


 The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu and his blind followers have been told that they have no link whatsoever with the Bight of Biafra that is not in the inter land but in the Niger Delta.
A Human Rights Activist and Anti- Corruption Campaigner in the Niger Delta, Dr. John Idumange made this know while exchanging views with the Golden Pen Newspaper in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa.
He noted that the Igbo people have no basis to claim being Biafra which runs through the Niger Delta waterways and is not in the inter land where the Igbo people are divinely located, he described the act of Kanu and his middle class followers calling themselves as of Biafra, shows lack of knowledge or an act of usurpation against rightful people of Biafra of the Niger Delta.
Dr. Idumange stated further that that the colonialist marked the Right of Benin and the Bight of Biafra, both of which have nothing to do with the Igbo people who are in the inter land and not at all in the waterways through which the bights exit.
Reflecting on the the Secessionist move by the Igbo people who were led into a civil war by Odumegwu Ojukwu using the Name Biafra, as their intended Republic was a calculated plan by Ojukwu to hijack the Oloibiri and other Niger Delta Oil wells to prosecute that war of Ojukwu's obnoxious ambition. And they did not succeed because the true people of the bight of Biafra namely the Niger Delta people were not part of the maneuvering agitations.
"Ideally, it is we the Niger Delta's that should claim to be Biafrans. Have you looked at the map of Nigeria? Where is the Bight of Ibarra? The  Bight of Biafra is in the Niger Delta Area.
Those people in the inter land are not Biafrans. The Bight of Benin is from Benin to Lagos, that is the Bight of Benin. Benin was a very massive empire spreading all across Cotounu, Republic of Bene and so on.
So, if we are to go by that name, we are actually the people to answer the name, Biafra. And Biafra itself is a corruption of "Biafulo" (Soup that is done).  It's like when they came to Brass and our people said "Barasin, Barasin" and they called it Brass So, it is the people in the Niger Delta own rightfully what we call the Bight of Biafra."
Dr. Idumange who traced the origin of Biafra to colonialism in Nigeria by the British went further to say as follows:-
"During the colonial era they called this place, the Bight of Biafra and from Edo State, the Bight of Benin. So, if there is any move like Biafra we should be the ones to actually take that name.
"They should go and answer any other names: Ohaneze Republic, Maduemre  Republic or whatever, but real Biafra belong to the Niger Delta.
"To attest to that fact, look at the map of Nigeria and see where the Bight of Biafra belongs.We are not the people agitating. The Ibos, during the war Ojukwu had a perception that the oil wells of Oloibiri and the Niger Delta is what he would use to fund the state of Biafra, that was why he called the name, Republic of Biafra, the Ibos do not really belong to Biafra."
"The Ibos are in the inter land and remember...Harold Dapa Biriye and others did it for Gowon. On th 27th of May 1967, three days to the war he created 12 states. And in these 12 states Rivers State was big . All the Ibos with their population rapt into the South Eastern state and they were helpless."
Dr. John Idumange who repeatedly harped on the economic interest by the Ibo people in their dream to a Biafran state, spoke on the era of Odumgwu Ojukwu in these words.
"...Ojukwu had an eye for the crude oil of the Niger Delta. And that is why till today, some of those not too decent academics will regard their area as part of Biafra
"This Ibos are actually not Biafrans, going by the etymology of the word  and the geography that is spread in Biafra, Ibos are not Biafrans.
"We are the ones who have the right to choose Niger Delta Republic or Republic of Biafra, because we are actually the Biafrans. Looking at the map of Nigeria, it's a misnomer  whether some of our persons join Biafra or whatever..., I want to emphasize that the Ibos are usurping what does not belong to them." Idumange concluded.

Nnamdi Keanu

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