Thursday, 4 May 2017


Prophet T.B.Joshua

  • The world renowned televangelist of Nigeria, Prophet Timitope Balogun Joshua, popularly called T.B.Joshua for short is under pressure to rescind his plan to relocate his Church to Israel. Many Nigerians have bared their minds, calling on the Prophet not to pull out of Nigeria, where the Lord God had placed him. Speaking on the issue at Opu Nembe, in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, in the Niger Delta Region, South/South Nigeria, Chief O.G.Evans Tubonah had joined many Nigerians to beg the Prophet not to relocate to anywhere leaving Nigeria behind.
  • The Prophet was quoted to have announced to his global audience in his Church of plans to leave Nigeria for Israel to the Galilee area of the Holy Land, where he had concluded talks with three Mayors.
  • Nigerians have since lost sleep following the unwelcome news, that the Prophet may leave and keep Nigeria fallow, which is posing right now, a serious concern to many in the African largest nation.
  • Chief Evans Tubonah who is the publisher of Golden Pen Newspaper spoke on behalf of the millions of Nigerians, especially those who are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters mothers and fathers to the prophet, remarked that relocation of the Synagogue Church of All Nations to anywhere in the world, out of Nigeria may lead to heart breaks of many in the country, which may lead to circumstances of dangerous and unfathomable consequences.
  • The Chief noted that the calls or appeals by countless Nigerians on the Prophet not to leave the Nigerian nation was timely at the time they needed him and his Church most, and cried out to him not to ignore these voices of reason, because, "the voice of the people is the voice of God" he reminded. Speaking on the wrongs against the Prophet, Chief Evans Tubonah has this to say:-
  • "The Prophet knows more than the rest of us, the opinion of God on this matter, that not minding the persecutions he had suffered from the Nigerian government and her people for many years, he should not discountenance the tears in the eyes of the masses and not leave us behind by relocation. May the Lord in the heart of the Prophet  have mercy on us.
  • Chief O.G.Evans Tubonah

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