Friday, 19 May 2017


Worried by the disintegration of the Nembe  ethnic nationality, caused by disunity, a concerned citizen, Dr. Solomon Sagbe has called on the people to sink their differences and come together for peace and developent. "Nembe people are not faring well because of disunity. Our disunity is Ogbolomabiri and Bassambiri, Twon and Okpoama..."
 He reasoned that the Nembe nation will fare better if such divisions were nipped in the bud.
 He stated this in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, while exchanging views with Golden Pen Newspaper Dr. Sagbe critically observed and noted that the people of Nembe lost everything to internal squabbles the moment they came over with their Ijaw brothers to Bayelsa, and had disintegrated in the past 21 years, he painfuly explained .
Going through memory lane, he said, while Nembe was in Rivers State, the people were more united than after the creation of Bayelsa, and subsequent bifurcation to date. Hear him:-
 "When we were in Rivers State, we were united, and Nembe was  one of the highly respected entities; like the people of Kalabari, Okrika, Bonny in that state, but when we came over here with our fellow Ijaws we became so divided that we now fall victim to  internal dichotomy of core Ijaw and non core Ijaw in our state.
Dr. Sagbe described the backwardness of Nembe as alarming especially now that the youth are no longer interested in education, which means that the future is seriously challenged, because those who will succeed the present generation needed to be sufficiently educated so as to be worthy ambassadors of the Nembe nation.
He called on the Youth not to shy away from education because of fears of joblessness or non availability of employment opportunities, which misleads many to militancy, political thuggery and other anti-social activities for money, instead of pursing their education.
He used the medium to call on the elites of Nembe to partner the traditional institutions, and all sons and daughters across the Nembe ethnic nationality to build a new united and prosperous Nembe societies.

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