Friday, 12 May 2017


Chief Chris Adokeme
The Chief Executive Officer of Chris Del Group of companies based in Bayelsa State has identified failure to implementing the Yenagoa Capital City Master Plan as a cog in development of the fledgling state.
He stated this while interfacing with golden pen on line in his office in Yenagoa.
Chief Adokeme who served two Military Administrators as a Speechwriter stated that the Bayelsa State government engaged the services of a renowned Architectural firm of  Chief Harcourt Aduke to draw a master plan and wondered why the plan had been ignored in the development process.
Chief Adokeme attributes the ghetto like outlook of the Bayelsa state capital, Yenagoa as the failure by succesive governments to implementing that master plan aimed at transforming the state capital to a modern city.
Fielding questions, the business guru said the Ijaw man could be a successful business man if only he would stop the mentality of depending on government for contracts. Here him:
"We must purge ourselves on this reliance on governments, how much contract will the government be able to give, how soon will the government be able to pay it's contractors? Once you get tied to the apron strings of the government; many people will the government be able to assist? he posited.
Chief Adokeme who is also the National President of ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS IN NIGERIA also identified petition writing in Bayelsa State  as a cankerworm that had eaten deep into the society which had frightened the successful indigenous investors from plowing  back their resources within the state to enhance the desired development. He explained as follows:-
"Some Bayelsans who became rich through politics and who would have built  great infrastructures  would not plow back their resources  in the state, they preferred investing outside for fear of petitions, and the consequences thereof, and that also had adversely affected the speed of development in the state"
Chief Chris Adokeme used the medium to announce that, the National Association of ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS under his able leadership had a lot of projects to be executed this year and called on members to continue to pay their dues so as to achieve desired goals.

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