Wednesday, 5 April 2017


From left,
 Chief Victor E. Dokubo and Chief O.G. Evans Tubonah
Nembe is the name of one of the ethnic nationalities in the All Ijaw state called Bayelsa in the Niger Delta, South South Nigeria, in the Coast of West Africa
It will interest you to note the Western colonization of Africa, particularly Nigeria, you find that the Nembe people were the producers of palm oil, palm, carnel, and coconut. At that time, the Eastern region was burbling with trade. It was a worthwhile venture which led to the promotion of bilateral ties between the two parties.The Portuguese apart from being trade champions were deep in their own culture, and dressed so admirably that, the Nembe people of the Ijaw tribe were so fascinated with their dress patterns so much so that, the Chiefs began to appear like their trade partners, the Portuguese in public functions.
This culture was not common, but peculiar only to coastal communities in the Niger Delta, namely, Nembe, Kalabari, Okrika, Bille, Bonny and Opobo. All these ethnic nationalities share this same culture of wearing Don for important or very special occasions. Though they were used to coming out colourfully at other occasions in their Don, the situation changes at burials of a Monarch or a titled Chief, when they all appear in black Don.
At this particular occasion, it was the burial of  Chief Kari of the Kalabo group of Chieftaincy  Houses of the Opu Nembe Council of Chiefs in Opu Nembe, 31st March 2017 


  1. It reminds us of the gains of colonialism in Nigeria.

  2. It reminds us of the gains of colonialism in Nigeria.