Saturday, 8 April 2017


Alazia Tonbra
It was on Friday, the 7th of April 2017 that Golden Pen Newspaper went ahead to see the level of compliance by civil servants of the state, to the directive by the governor, Hon. Henry Dickson that workers should go to their offices with Ijaw traditional attire.
Whereas some offices visited by Golden Pen in some Ministries in the state secretariat complex, in the Bayelsa State capital, Yenagoa, no longer remembered whether there was such a directive by the governor or not.
But when our crew visited the State Senior Secondary Schools Board at the Secretariat annex 4, this beautiful woman, who gave her name, simply as Alazia Tonbra was caught by our camera in the precinct of the complex.
In a brief interview with this medium, Alazia has this to say:
"All I have to say is to thank the governor, for coming out with such a good idea of promoting our traditional culture. The measure had largely encouraged me to put on the traditional attire every Friday as he directed, and every man and every woman need to do so."
Tonbra who said before the governor's directive, she had no interest in dressing traditional, but today, wherever she appeared with native dress, she feels great, because as she puts it, 'It added more value as a mother to her life and called on her fellow women in the civil service not to  shy away from it.
As a mother of five children, Alazigha Tonbara used the medium call on parents to teach their children noting   that her children have started liking the idea of going cultural, anticipating that they would get used to  the trend by practicing it.

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